I Got A New Attitude…

And Guess What…I Don’t Give A Shit About You!

~~~Hmmm...Kenny Rock retired just the same time as Justin vows revenge on him. Strange. Actually makes a lot of sense, Kenny is scared of me. Kenny is scared of Justin. He knows that he can't handle The Franchise. He knows that if he ever was forced to step into the same ring as Justin, he wouldn't survive to tell the story of an ass whooping....

.....But that's old business. This Monday, Justin proves once again why he truly is The Franchise when he overcomes 5 other people to gain the right to fight Joe Jobber at the PPV for the IN Title....

....Last time we saw Justin, it was bad. It was getting really bad. He shook hands with the devil, not literally, of course. Justin made a deal with Tony, a mob boss from Brooklyn. The worst kind. Joey says it was the worst thing he could have done...was he right?...We'll have to see....

....The camera fades in to show the inside of Justin's limo. Justin is sitting next to Joey on once side with his back to the well...back. Tony is sitting opposite him with Lil Person. All four of them are wearing suits. The same suits from earlier. The limo slowly comes to a stop and Joey steps out first followed by Lil Person and then Justin. Tony gets out last. The camera pans up to show that they are walking into a restauarant. It's called Mario and Antonio's. The group walks into a back room. Joey and Tony sit down facing the entrance. Lil Person and Justin sit opposite them.~~~

Justin- Thanks for doing this.

Tony- Eeeyyyy...don't worry bout it.

Justin- No, Tony. I want to pay you back.

Joey- Justin, drop it. Take the gift and be happy.

Tony- Joey, show some respect to our guest. Have you learned nothing? Ahhh...Justin, that's nice of yous to wanna pay me back, but you really don't.

Justin- Ok, if you insist Tony.

Tony- I do.

Lil Person- So how's the food here?

Justin- Lil Person, the food is food. Don't bother Tony with such trivial questions.

Tony- It's ok Justin. The food here is great. Yous can't find a better Itlian resuarant on the East Coast.

Joey- Except at your house Tony, except at your house.

Justin- Your wife is that good of a cook?

Joey- Are you kidding? I have never had a better lasagna than at her house.

Justin- Is this true Tony?

Tony- Well, I don't like to brag. But the wife isn't bad.

Joey- Isn't bad? She's the best.

~~~A man in a suit walks through the curtains that cover the entrance to the room. He walks over to Justin's table carrying a pen and pad.~~~

Man- What'll it be tonight?

Tony- Mario! So good to see you. Where's your brother Antonio?

Mario- Uhh...He's Out.

Justin- Wait a minute...this is Mario? The real Mario who wns this place?

Tony- The one and only. And he just happens to be my son.

Justin- Your son?

Tony- Yes, my son.

Mario- JOEY! IT'S GREAT TO SEE YOU! We've missed you wallet!

Joey- ***Laughing*** You know me. I just can't stay away from good food.

Mario- You never could. Anyways, what would you guys like tonight?

Tony- Give us a bottle of your best wine and keep the pasta coming.

Mario- No problem.

~~~Mario walks back through the curtains as Justin sits back and stretches out.~~~

Justin- We have to make this a quick one.

Tony- Ahh yes, your match tonight.

Joey- Who are you fighting again?

Justin- It's a six way match. For the IN Title shot.

Joey- O yeah.

Justin- It's funny though. All these people like Ashton and Amos say they deserve these shots. Yet when it comes down to it, they don't even show up. It really pisses me off. Ashton, the so called HERO, says he is the best thing in IWF now, well then why the hell doesn't he drag his ass in front of a camera and say something. Or maybe do something in the ring, although that would be a first. Big Amos, well him and EP are probably in a cheap Motel 6 room pleasing each other...ewww...disgusting thoughts. James Brooks, who seems to like to call me Da Shit. More like A Piece of Shit. Tables, please. That's pussy stuff. You want hardcore well then try jumping off loading dock. I doubt you have the balls to even think abou that. Brooks didn't even deserve to hold this title in the first place.

~~~Mario walks in with a bottle of wine. He sets it down and pours some into everyone's glass. He smiles and walks back through the curtains.~~~

Justin- Mmm...Good wine. Ya know what really ticks me off though?

Joey- What?

Justin- God damn FT. He's the cockiest person I know. Even cockier than me. He seems to think that just because he beat Dave Dexter than he is a god. Please, Joey could beat Dave Dexter. Dave isn't shit. FT walks around like he is a god. And then he tricks poor little omish people into thinking his friend is a god. What the fuck is that? It's Bullshit is what it is. You don't go and trick a defenseless group of people that haven't even seen a computer let alone know what one is. But he has a reason. He knows that he can't beat me, so he has to make himself better by making himself feel superior. Its a perfect explanation when you think about it. He hangs around with Frums and Triple X. Now that is a joke. X has to fight Jase Blade! HA HA HA! And Frums, well Frums...actually thinks he's funny. That's why FT has been so successful. He fights people weaker than him and then when he wins, claims he beat a god. Case and Point: Dave Dexter. Well, let him think that. Let him think he is god. Let him think that he can walk away victorious tonight. But remember this FT, I've already beat you before. We all know how this story ends. So why don't you jump off your own bandwagon before it runs into the brick wall, me.

~~~Suddenly, a flock of waiters, actually...only 4, come through the curtains carrying one plate of lasagna each. They set one down in front of each of them and then leave.~~~

Justin- Mmmm...looks good.

Tony- ***Takign a Bite*** It is.

Joey- Just like I remember it. I will have to complement the chef.

Justin- Definately. This is the best lasagna I have ever had.

Tony- It better be. I'm paying this chef a fortune.

Justin- It's well deserved.

Joey- So Tony. It's all taken care of right?

Tony- All taken care of?

Justin- Yea, you know.

Tony- O, o, o yes. My associate was going to contact our boys today. Don't worry Justin. You won't have to worry about a thing.

Justin- Ok.

Joey- Anyways, Tony. When are we going to see that beautiful wife of yours. I'm only in town until about 5.

Justin- Yea, I want to meet this amazing woman.

Tony- Unfortunately, today isn't the best day. But I'm sure next time you guys are in town she would love for yous guys to come see us.

Justin- I'd enjoy that. What do you say Joey?

Joey- That would be great. There's just one problem.

Justin- What?

Joey- When's the next time IWF is going to be in town?

Justin- Ouch, I don't know. Hmmm...I guess it could be a while Tony.

Joey- Sorry Tony.

Tony- It's okay boys. Don't worry about it. We'll keep a place for you.

Justin- Thanks Tony. You know, you really are a class act.

Tony- Thanks.

~~~The waiters come through the curtain and take the plates away and place more pasta in front of them. They chow down as the camera fades.~~~


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