I Got A New Attitude…

And Guess What…I Don’t Give A Shit About You!

~~~Can anyone else say Backstabbing, Lying, Cheating Weasel? I know I can. And I am sure Kenny Rock can too. I mean, that's what he is. Betraying Justin and going to the only thing worse than Rated Gay...No Authority. But that's not my decision, it's not Justin's decision, but the fact is Kenny betrayed Justin and Justin trusted him....

....No matter though, because Justin has a rematch Thursday with Johny Box for Justin's Ironman Title. Because as we know, Justin is the only true Ironman in IWF. Why else would he have taken the belt? I mean he rightfully deserves it…but you people don’t give a shit do you? You like cheering for your homosexual bums. Well go ahead, because Justin has a new attitude and guess what…HE JUST DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT....

….The last time we saw Justin he was kicking some serious ass at Ragression. Beating the god damn hell out of Johny Box and FT, just brutally hurting them beyond belief. He would have won too if it weren’t for that stupid SOB Box. He just had to pull FT out of the way. He cheated his way to a victory and Justin was justified in taking that belt…

….The camera fades in to show the limo. The limo, of course, is Justin Sane’s limo. The camera pans around to show Justin sitting on one side drinking a bottle of water. He is wearing a black striped Armani suit with his sunglasses tucked into one pocket. Justin looks mad and depressed. Joey and Lil Person are sitting opposite him. Joey and Lil Person and both wearing identical blue Gucci suits with sunglasses on. ~~~

Joey- Are you sure want to do this?

Justin- Extremely.

Lil Person- Justin…c’mon. This is serious. These guys don’t play around.

Justin- I know they don’t. That’s why I need them.

Joey- You do realize what could happen if they don’t like what you say?

Justin- Yes. That’s why I have you.

Joey- I remind you Justin, I haven’t seen these guys for a long time. 10 to 15 to be exact. There could be an entire…

Justin- Faith Joey, faith.

Joey- Ok…it’s your death warrant.

~~~The limo comes to a slow stop and Justin places the water down. He gets out of the limo and Joey and Lil Person follow. The camera view switches to outside. In front of the group is a large warehouse. Justin fixes his suit and walks over to the door. Joey knocks and a slot opens with a pair of eyes showing. Joey whispers something and they walk in. There is a table in the middle of the warehouse. Four fat gentleman are sitting facing the door in suits and two other men are behind them. Justin, Joey, and Lil Person walk over.~~~

Man in Middle- JOEY! IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU! How did prison treat you?

Joey- Good, good. The food wasn’t as good as Julie’s but then again, nothing is.

Man in Middle- Yea, she cooks some good spaghetti. But why did you request this meeting with us?

Joey- Well, Tony, my man needs some help.

Tony- What do yous need…a hit?

Justin- No, no, nothing like that. Just some help.

Tony- Ahh…he speaks. So what kind of help do yous need?

Justin- Well, Tony, if I may call you that…I work in a very trying business. Friendships are not always taken seriously. And recently I was betrayed.

Tony- So yous need someone knocked off?

Justin- No, nothing that serious. Just a little, well protection.

Tony- Protection?

Justin- Yea, protection.

Tony- From whom?

Justin- Tha Authority, The Anarchy, DX, The Corporation, Rated Y, James Brooks…the list goes on.

Tony- How many enemies have you made?!

Justin- Well you Tony, I’m in IWF. And…

Tony- The IWF…O that’s the wrestling league…my kid watches yous guys. I’ll have to get an autograph for him. You are that Justin Sane guy right?

Justin- Yea.

Tony- Freakin kid put me out of 35 bucks for that PPV last Sunday…I thought you were with some group…Rolemodels Inc…or something like that.

Justin- Well, I was, until Kenny Rock left for The Authority.

Tony- So then The Authority is the only real threat?

Justin- Unfortunately, no. Rated Gay and The Corporation really haven’t taken a liking to me since I abuse them every chance I get, and The Anarchy kinda hates me because I beat the hell out of Johny Box. And after I win on Monday, I’m going to take Joe Jobber’s IN Title at the PPV.

Tony- So yous aren’t too popular..

Justin- Nope, the fans even hate us. But I really don’t give a shit about them

~~~One of the guys from the back reaches forward and whispers something into Tony’s ear. Tony nods and speaks again..~~~

Tony- My…partner over here that he would be glad to accompany you on your journeys, but first we need a description of the guys we are protecting you from. First these guys from Tha Authority.

Justin- Ok, well first off you have Neal “Polio Boy” Ashton.

Tony- Whoa, Polio…we don’t deal with deadly diseases.

Justin- I assure you Tony, it’s not a problem. So as I was saying. Ashton is about 5’9. Short, not strong at all and seems to think he is everyone’s hero. When we all know that, that, is my job. He also seems to think that he could cripple anyone with a single glance but the only thing he cripple are the ladies, with his looks. Moving on, we have Tha Delinquent ***Hands Him a Picture Of Deli***

Tony- Isn’t that the white rapper guy?

Justin- No…a lot of people say that. Deli, as I was saying. Is the Champion. The Heavyweight Champion. He’s not gonna be easy, but he won’t be difficult. He’s still a teenager. Throw a girl in his face and he’ll be done for the night…case and point: Angle Rock AKA IWF Slut.

Tony- O…Angel…yea…we know her…she’s been by here a few times.

Justin- I wouldn’t be surprised. Moving on though. Finally, we have Kenny Rock. The biggest Turncoat of them all. The Benedict Arnold of Wrestling. I trusted him We were the best damn tag team to ever grace the IWF…now he goes and betrays me, it figures though. I don’t blame him. I was too good for him. He had to leave, or else he would have never been shown as the true piece of shit that he is. Kenny, this time its personal. I have had enough of everyone…especially you…from now on…I just don’t give a fuck.

Tony- I’m guessing you don’t like this guy too much?

Justin- I hate him. I hate him more than anything.

Tony- Ok, ok. But we don’t deal with small groups. So is there anyone else yous need to be taken care of.

Justin- O yea. First off we have the trans-something known as Big Amos. He goes around talking about how he loves EP and shit…well I really don’t give a shit. He can talk all the shit he wants. When it come down to it, he doesn’t have any balls or so I think…I’m not really sure. Moving on, El Perfecto. Big Amos’ umm…lover…I think…once again…I don’t really know…nor do I care…but anyways…EP thinks he is God’s gift to the world. He thinks he’s perfect and no one is going to stop him. Well, I have done more in a month than he has done his entire career. EP thinks he is “The Perfect One”, well unfortunately, I think he has been chuggin a little too much Tequila. He says he has never done anything wrong and everything he does is perfect. Well, I have a tip for him, if you want to be perfect come Monday, lie down, right in the middle of the ring and stay there for three seconds while I cover you and win.

~~~Joey walks up to Justin and whispers something in his ear. Justin nods and laughs.~~~

Tony- What is it that yous find so hilarious?

Justin- Well, we were just thinking about Andrew Davis’ career. It’s pretty damn funny.

Tony- Oh, please continue. We are very interested in your affairs.

Justin- Ok, now we have Neal Ashton, previously mentioned as Polio Boy. Neal is an interesting one. He has talent, but not enough. The only way he has won all these matches is by Tha Delinquent saving his ass every single time. And somehow he gets a shot at the #1 contendership? It’s a question boggling everyone’s minds, we know. But somehow he got one. But it doesn’t matter because after Monday, his ass is going to be too black and blue for him to even show up in an Arena. I’m gonna kick his ass so hard, he’ll be feeling it when he’s lying in his deathbed, sooner or later, preferably sooner. Now we have “Shit” James Brooks. He is the former IN Champion, so he knows what this shit is all about, too bad for him he lost to who…o yeah…”Stupidity At Its Finest” Shawn Samson. But that’s another story. Brooks likes to carry tables around and seems to like to put people through them, well AFTER I WIN the IN Title at the PPV, I will give him a shot at it in a table match. Because we all know that I am the real master of Hardcore and Tables.

Tony- That’s only 4 plus you. Who’s the sixth guy?

Justin- A man I know very well. A man I have fought before and a man who almost beat me. Too bad for him, he got lucky. And right now, he’s title-less and has forever been skill-less. Flying Testicles. The guy is the only one to ever piss me off THAT MUCH, until of course Kenny. Some people say what I have said about him was mean and cold, but I say it was totally fair compared to what he has said and done to me. Anyways, FT, we have met before, at Ragression, and we all know what happened. I had you set up and was about to execute The Intro to Insanity until Box pulled you out of the way, but I’ll get revenge on him next Thursday. FT, we’ve danced this dance before, and we all know how it ends, so just get out of my way before you get hurt.

Tony- Well, I think we can do something about that. I have some boys I can call. They’ll protect you. Only at events though, when you are out of the arena, you are on your own.

Justin- No problem…FT, Kenny, Ashton, Deli, and whoever else…remember…I’m…Awww…screw it…I JUST DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

~~~Tony gets up and hugs Joey. Tony moves around and escorts Justin, Joey, and Lil Person to the exit as the camera fades…~~~


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