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~~~Last time we saw Justin he was in NEw York with some a very special guest. Kenny Rock was there to joi him. And of course Joey, and Lil Person were there too. They were eating Pizza...until Kenny had a misfortunate incident with some Teltubbies....or so he thought. Where could they be now?~~~

~~~The camera fades in to show a huge building. It looks to be a hotel...yep...Marriot Marquis. The camera fades from the fron of the buidling to the inside. It shows a room. The room is nicely decorated and seems to be somewhat of a high quality room. But then again, would Justin stay in anything else? If Joey booked it, maybe. But anyways, the camera pans around to show Joey and Lil Person sitting across from each other with a glass table seperating them. They are both wearing suits and suglasses. Inside? Yes. Inside. The camera fades to show Kenny Rock sitting on a couch, crunched uprocking back an forth. He looks worried. Justin walks out of the bathroom dressed in the same old jeans and t-shirt.~~~

Justin- Kenny, I'm telling you man. They are gone.

Kenny- N..n..n..no. I can feel them around me. HELP!

Justin- Whoah there Kenny. They aren't here. Calm down.

Kenny- ***Nervously*** They are all around me, surrounding me. Planning.


Kenny- ***Not Paying Attention***Surrounding, Planning...

Joey- I think Kenny has officially lost his mind.

Justin- Shutup monkey.

Joey- Must you call me a monkey?

Justin- Yes.

Joey- Why? What is the reasoning behind calling me a monkey?

Justin- Because you are an italian. You are a greasy, hairy Italian. Therfore you are a monkey.

Joey- So therefore, you are a monkey.

Justin- What?! What the hell are you talking about?!

Joey- Deli...he said you were an Italian.

Justin- Italian? I'd shoot myself if I was Italian.

Joey- Heeeyyyy.

Justin- I would.

~~~Kenny begins to rock faster and faster, becoming more paranoid. He stops and sits still. It is dead silent. He gets up. Kenny looks around and starts to move around the room. He looks under the table, the bed, and the sheets. He begins to move faster and faster and then he turns and runs right into...THE WALL.~~~

Joey- ***Flinching***Damn...thats got to hurt.

Justin- Show some damn compassion for once.

Joey- Ahhh...go to hell.

~~~Joey gives one of those "I Don't Care" motions towards Justin as Justin begins to walk over to the door. All of a sudden, the doorbell rings.~~~

Justin- Who the hell could that be?

Voice- ***Manly Voice*** Hello? Maid Service.

Justin- Maid service? Go away. Wed don't need any.

Voice- Umm...Maid Service.

Justin- Go Away!

Voice- Just open the door. I know it's you.

Justin- Who the hell are you?

Voice- If you don't open this door right now, I'll knock it down!

Justin- Yea, sure you will.

~~~All of a sudden Justin begins to hear some pounding on the door. It begins to get harder and harder...ok, ok, get your hand out of your pants...NOW!...anyways, suddenly, the door comes crashing down and standing there is none other than...BIG AMOS!~~~

Joey- What the fuck?!

Amos- Ok, where is Perfecto. I know he's here.

Justin- Prefecto? What the hel...oooo....El Perfecto. Uh...I think he's staying in the Penthouse.

Amos- GOOD! My baby isn't going to get away from me that easily.

Justin- Ooooo....kkkk.

~~~Amos turns and runs out of the room. Kenny begins to stir and Justin picks him up.~~~

Justin- You ok Kenny?

Kenny- Who's Kenny? I'm Tinky Winky!

Justin- No...you are Kenny Rock. IWF Superstar and #1 Contender for the World Title.

Kenny- Nooo...I'm Tinky Winky. I love everyone's asses.

Justin- Whoah there Kenny. You...ARE...KEN-NY RO-CK!

Kenny- NO...I AM...TIN-KY WIN-KY!

Justin- Argh! This is gonna be harder than I thought.

Joey- No it won't. Watch.

~~~Joey gets up and walks behind Kenny who is smiling and jumping up and down. Joey grabs Kenny by his head and throws him face first into the wall.~~~

Justin- What?!...Are you crazy?

Joey- No. I figured if running into the wall made him think he was Tinky Winky, maybe if we hit him again, he would think he was Kenny again.

Justin- There is definately something wrong with you. Throwing someone into a brick wall is dangerous.

Joey- So what?! Who cares.

Justin- I care. I need this guy. I...i mean we have to take care of Tha Authority and The Anarchy this Thursday. It's not like I need any help. I mean you got a teenage brat, who can't even get buy beer, a Canadian with Polio, a guy who even knows that he is a loser, and well...a jobber. This match is locked up. There is no way we are gonna lose this one. If you can name one guy in there who has a chance in hell of beating us please anem him, Well, besides Ashton, becuase he could probably paralize us. But then again, he's probably too stupid to realize he has to pin us to win. The simple fact is that Tha Authority is going to realize that they can't beat us. There is only one way to avoid a beating and that is to join us. And as far as I've seen, no one has made a motion to join us. So right now it looks like we are going to have to beat every single loser in the IWF. Starting Thursday. Everyone takes us as a joke, we have to make a statement. And by winning Tag Titles we will. I have had enough of this bullshit and no oen respecting me becuase I am a rookie. Well listen junior, I have been in this game longer than a lot of people. What can I say, people recognize talent. It's not my fault people like Lenny Phillips has been here forver and will never achieve the kind of sucess that I have achieved in merely a month.

Joey- Uhh...Justin?

Justin- What?!

Joey- You might want to get over here.

Justin- Why?!

Joey- Cuz Kenny is coming to and he doesn't look too good.

Justin- I told you not to throw him into the wall. Didn't I?! Didn't I?!

Joey- Well...ummm...

Justin- But you're an idiot. A hairy, greasy idiot.

Joey- I'm sorry.

Justin- You better be.

Justin- But just one question.

Justin- WHAT?!

Joey- Shouldn't you be worried about Kenny instead of yelling at me?

Justin- Shut the hell up WOP!

~~~Justin turns from the door and walks over to Kenny. He sits up and puts his hand on his head. He shakes his head and looks around.~~~

Justin- You ok Kenny?

Kenny- Huh? What happened?

Justin- You ran into the wall.

Kenny- Shutup Jerky! I would never run into a wall.

Joey- Well you did.

Kenny- Listen up Slapnuts, I didn't run into any wall!

Joey- Yea, you did. We saw you. If you didn't, then what's with the bump on the head? And why have you been knocked out.

Justin- Kenny, calm down. Save that anger for the match.

Kenny- Match? What the hell are you talking about?!


Kenny- Huh?

Justin- Forget it. Jobber you think that you are great because you won the world title here. Well that was P.F. PRE-FRANCHISE And now, it's time for me to teach you some manners. Go ahead, Fuck The World, sorry, but I'm not into that kind of stuff. I am into kicking your ass though. And that is exactly what I am going to do. You think that you are so hot, so great. You think you are the man. Well look at your name Jobber. Nuff said. ANd moving to Phillips. You haven't even gotten laid yet and yout think you are going to take me down? Well I got news for you, it's not going to happen. Me and you, are two different people. I'm THE FRANCHISE, you are THE LOSER. I am A CHAMPION, you are...well...A LOSER! I have had more women in an hour than you have had in your entire life. O yea, I forgot, you haven't had any. This match isn't about respect anymore. It isn't about Authority vs. Rolemodels vs. Anarchy. It is all about me and Kenny kicking all of your asses.

Kenny- Justin...

Justin- What?!


~~~Kenny points at the door where Kenny and SSS and Da Shit are walking by in red and vlue outfits.~~~

Joey- ***Grabs Kenny And Throws Him Into Wall Again*** Argh.

Justin- Did you have to do that?!

Joey- ***Shrugging Shoulders***He deserved it.


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