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~~~Last time we saw Our ROLEMODEL he was beating the god damnhell out of everyone in IWF. Lets, rights, powerbombs, piledrivers, you name...he did it. Then after eliminating that piece of trash, Lance Phillips, the biggest piece of shit, Frums, jumped Justin from behind and somehow managed to get him over the top rope. Yes, I know. What a shock. But none the less the other ROLDEMODEL came away with the win. That's right. Kenny Rock is the number one contender for the world title. But it just gets better from there. Justin and Kenny, Rolemodels Inc, seem to have a three way dance for the Tag Titles against Tha Authority and The Anarchy.~~~

~~~The camera fades in to show busy city streets. The camera pans around to show XXX Shows and other material unsuitable for children. The camera pans around to show some more buildings and then pans up to show a HUGE TV Screen. Wait this place is recognizable. This is...TIMES SQUARE, NYC! The camera fades to the street to show Justin, Joey, Lil Person, and...Kenny Rock.~~~

Justin- Kenny, great job man.

Kenny- Holy SLAPNUTS! I really won?

Justin- Yea Kenny.

Kenny- And it wasn't Vacant who I threw out?

Justin- Nope. You won. You are fighting Deli at PPV.


Joey- Are you going to say that every freakin time?

Kenny- Shutup jerky.

Joey- Don't make me whack you.

Kenny- Woah there slapnuts, stop fantasizing. I got me a bitch.

Joey- I don't think she likes you too much, because Angel was slapping my nuts last night.

Kenny- Listen up you fat greaseball...

Joey- Does everyone have to make fun of my nationality?

Lil Person, Justin, & Kenny- YES!

Joey- ***In Cartman Imitation***I don't have to take this. I'm going...

Kenny- Home jerky? You are kind of in NYC.

Joey- Shut the hell up.

Justin- Whoah there you two. As much as I like seeing you two rip each others head off, I would much rather have fun.

Kenny- Awww...but this IS fun!

Justin- I know, I know. It's always fun to rip on fat and greasy Italians.

Kenny- ***Childish Voice***C'mon...please, pretty please. Pretty Please With Cherries On Top!

Justin- Sorry Kenny. We have a match to concentrate on.

Kenny- Match?

Justin- Yea...jerky.

Kenny- Heeyyy...that's my word!

Justin- Deal with it.

Kenny- Slapnuts!

Justin- Whatever Kenny. Anyways, we kind of have a title match.

Kenny- With who? With who?

Justin- Against...

Kenny- Teletubbies?

Justin- No, no teletubbies. We fight...

Kenny- Teletubbies?

Justin- No! No teletubbies!

Kenny- Whew...so who do we fight?

Justin- We fight The Anarchy and Tha Authority.

Kenny- For what title?

Justin- The...

Kenny- Teletubby Titles?

~~~Ok...Justin is obviously pissed. I think that Big Amos' uhh...facial on Kenny might have done a little damage. Anyways, Justin stops and shakes his head. He turns left and walks into a pizza place. Joey and Lil Person orders as Justin and Kenny go sit down at a booth.~~~

Kenny- You never told me. Is it for The Teletubby Titles?


Kenny- Damn...calm down..not like I am annoying you or anything.

Justin- Argh...Anyways, it's for the Tag Titles.

Kenny- Really?

Justin- Yes.

Kenny- Really?

Justin- Yes.

Kenny- Really? Are you absolutely sure?


Kenny- Just because you aren't BETTER than all of IWF doesn't mean you have to go ape shit. I mean, so you lost to Frums, big deal.

Justin- Kenny...don't go there.

Kenny- So what if you lost to the guy who is as smart as Deli is old. It's no big deal.

Justin- KENNY!

Kenny- What?

Justin- Eat your pizza.

~~~Kenny looks up and Joey has a large cheese pie. Joey puts it down and everyone except Justin grabs a slice.~~~

Lil Person- Justin man...aren't you hungry?

Joey- ***Sarcastically***HE SPEAKS!

Justin- Shut the hell up Joey. You get kidnapped by 12 mexicans and see what it does to your psyche, you greasy ape. Anyways, Lil Person, I am hungry, but I got some shit to take care of.

Lil Person- O, ok.

Justin- Intersting. So, after only being here for two weeks, I get an Ironman Title Shot at PPV against the man with NO Testicles and now I have a Tag Team Title shot staring me in the face. Well I can't say this isn't fair. BUt the fact is, I would have gotten it anyways. I mean, I am YOUR F'N ROLEMODEL. Who else is better suited to hold the gold here in IWF than The Franchise. C'mon...can you really think of anyone better? I didn't think so. Kenny and I are going to show all of you what an ass kicking really means. And who bettet to do it? The soon-to-be World Champ and The soon-to-be Ironman Champ. There is no one more derving of the belts. We are going to prove why we everyone's Idol. Everyone's Hero. Everyone's Champion. This thursday, we'll show you why...WE ARE YOU F'N ROLEMODELS!

~~~Kenny puts down his pizza. He twists his mouth in disgust.~~~

Kenny- This pizza tastes funny.

Justin- ***Looking At Spilled Garlic and Pepper*** That's becuase there you spilled the entire bottle of pepper and garlic on it.

Kenny- No...thats not it. I did that on purpose.

Justin- Ewww.


Justin- You are disgusting. That's just sad. But not as sad as Tha Authority. First they go and jump SSS, lowering themselves to merely two members, and then they go an try to defend these titles agains us? That's just nuts. One guy hasn't even hit puberty, how's he going to hit me? The other is...well..canadian. So sad. So very sad. Not to mention...he's got polio. I really wish I could help him. Maybe if I beat the living hell out of him, the Polio will go away. But that;s a maybe. Let's not forget that horrible thing that happened at Dex's party. If it wasn't for me, Ashton would have infected the entire area with Polio. Think about it, I saved the world.

~~~Justin gets a slice of pizza from the pie. It's small and most of the cheese it gone. It's the only left.~~~

Justin- Ok...who took the damn cheese?

Joey- ***Innocently***I didn't.

Justin- C'mon..who took it?

Kenny & Lil Person- Joey.

Joey- Rats!

Kenny- ***With Mouth Full*** Shutup Slapnuts.

Justin- Ahhh...anyways...this Thursday is our day. Thsi Thursday we get gold. This thursday...


~~~Justin look to the door. Four guys in a row walk in. They are wearing full-body jumpsuits. One is wearing purple, the next red, the next yellow, and then next red.~~~

Justin- You're an idiot Kenny.


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