No...Please No...

Anything But That!

~~~When we last left Justin, he was in trouble. He was in deep, deep trouble. He was...In ENEMNY TERRITORY! Yes, that's right. Justin was in...dun, dun, DUN...MEXICO! Why was he there? Well those bastards, otherwise known as The Twelve Angry Commie-Mexicans kidnapped Lil Person and took him to Mexico. Justin knew he needed help. He called...Tyrone! Unfortunately, Tyrone was more of a burden than a help. He and Justin lit one up and quickly forgot about Lil Person...Or Did they?~~~

~~~The camera fades in to show the same desolate area as before. The shops are mostly gone and the sun is slowly going down. There are only a few left, yet many people still roam the unpaved streets. The camera pans around to show Justin and Tyrone sitting on the somewhat of a trance. Joey is smacking them around to get them up.~~~

Joey- Ey yous...Mamalukes, get your asses up...***No Response*** Damnit, I didn't wanna do this to yous...

~~~Joey gets right in Justin's face and SLAPS HIM RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE! Justin quickly comes to and shakes Tyrone just before Joey is about to hit him. Joey stops and Justin feels his cheek. He's pissed.~~~

Justin- You better have had a good reason for doing that grease ball!


Justin- I'll call you whatever I want Guinea.

Joey- Damnit! I said...***Yelling Right In Justin's Ear***DON'T CALL ME THAT!

Justin- Is he getting loud?

Tyrone- I tink he is yo.

Justin- Yo, listen the hell up Guinea...***Standing Up***...I got news for you...***Getting In Joey's Face***...No one, and I mean NO ONE tells me what to do! You got that WOP?!


Justin- What?! Excuse me? Ok..that's it. Me, you, right now.

~~~Justin rolls up his sleeves and Joey does the same. Justin gives his sunglasses to Tyrone asd Joey throws his on the floor. Justin is about to hit Joey when Tyrone...Stops Them?!~~~

Tyrone- Ok...ok...Now as much as I would like to see you two tricks kick da living shit outta each each other, ain't we down here for a reason?

Justin- Uh...

Joey- Uh...

Tyrone- O wait...I got it...TEQUILA! We came down here to get Tequila!

Justin- Yea...that's it. Let's go to the bar.

~~~Justin gets his sunglasses from Tyrone as they leave the alleyway. They are in the middle of the street when Joey calls out.~~~

Justin- ***Yelling*** Wait!...Aren't we supposed to rescue someone?!

Justin- Um...

Tyrone- Yea son...He's right. The WOP is right.

Joey- Don't call me that Tyrone!

Tyrone- Yea..whatever...Anyways. I remember. That midget dude.

Justin- O YEA! Lil Person. Those Commie bastards have him hostage. Where was the last place they had him?

Joey- A Deli Promo.

Justin- WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! There's nothing more horrible than a Deli promo! What torture...what agony...what PAIN!

Joey- Uhh...Justin?

Justin- Yea?

Joey- He was kinda beatin the god damn hell out of everyone.

Justin- Really?

Joey- Yea. He was kicking their asses. Especially their leader.

Justin- THAT'S MA BOY!

Tyrone- Yo...dis family moment over wit yet? I wanna go find some ho, some tequila, and some weed.

Justin- I thought you were going to help us.

Tyrone- Prior-i-ties.

Justin- Priorities? Saving someone's life isn't a high priority?

Tyrone- Not as high as gettin drunk, high, and grabbin dat ass.

Justin- O well. See ya round Tyrone.

Tyrone- Aiight.

~~~Tyrone begins to walk away into the distance as Justin pulls out a piece of paper.~~~

Justin- Well according to this...the place is right around that corner...***Points***...

Joey- Ok. let's go.

Justin- ***Looking At Watch*** Na...we got time.

Joey- No we don't man. Who knows what they could be doing to him. They could be making him watch HOWLER INTERVIEWS!

Justin- Or even worse...Frums Interviews!

Joey- Isn't he your opponent?

Justin- Yea. The guy thinks he is a god. He thinks he is..."Insanity At Its Finest". Well he must be insane if he thinks that he can beat me at my game. Hardcore is my territory. Hardcore is where i made my living. This is where I lived and died. How do you think I won the FWF Hardcore Belt? By showing up? No, by working my ass off and then kicking the crap out of everyone that told me I couldn't do it. And now people like Frums are gonna tell me that I can't win The Ironman Title, The Hardcore Title, and The World Title?! Well, I don't see anyone out there to stop me. This time, it's personal!

Joey- We really should get going.

~~~Justin and Joey begin to walk down the street.~~~

Justin- Man, I have had enough of this. Joe Jobber thinks he can go out and hire some actor to play me and than beat on me? Well that's enough. Joe Jobber, I am making it my personal buisness to take you out at the rumble. And then I am gonna take out one, by one until it is just me standing in the ring. Alone.

~~~Justin and Joey finally reach the corner. They turn and what?!...IT'S LIL PERSON! He is being held by all the Mexicans against a wall. They are all laughing at him. Justin and Joey stand back behind the wall and plan.~~~

Justin- Shit man.

Joey- We need a plan.

Justin- No shit sherlock.

Joey- How many were there? 21?

Justin- No you idiot! 12! The 12 Angry Communist Mexicans!

Joey- I knew that.

Justin- Yea, sure you did.

Joey- I did! I really did!

Justin- O...shut the hell up. I gotta think of a plan. Hmmm....

Joey- How about we run in there and beat the hell out of em?!

Justin- No. Ther's 12 of them and 2 of us, Genius.

Joey- How about I whack ems?

Justin- No.

Joey- How about yous let me whack ems?

Justin- I thought I said no.

Joey- I should let me whack ems.

Justin- Ok...that's enough out of you. Be quiet while I think...***Thinking Outloud***...We could...Na...Or we could...And then...nope...How about we could...and then...but they...

Joey- Aww...screw your thinking. I'm going in there.

Justin- No!...You're an idiot!

~~~Joey charges around the corner and yells. The 12 turn towards him. Justin emrges from behind the wall and stands next to Joey.~~~

Leader- Aye papi. I see you found us.

Justin- Yea shithead. No turn over the midget before I kick your dirty asses.

Leader- Not so fast...***Grabs Lil Person***

Justin- Woah there. Hands off the midget sparky.

Leader- Attack!

~~~The mexicans begin to run towards them when Justin pulls up his hand.~~~

Justin- Ok, I've had enough...Joey...whack em.

Joey- Really?

Justin- Yes.

Joey- Really?

Justin- Yes!

Joey- Really?

Justin- Just shoot em!

Joey- COOL!


Joey- Wow that was cool.

Justin- Whatever. Grab Lil Person. Let's get out of here.

~~~Justin looks around at the bloody and dissheveled bodies. Joey picks up Lil Person, who passed out, and throws him over his shoulder. Justin and Joey walk away as the leader starts to squirm.~~~

Leader- ***Clutching Bleeding Privates*** Sounabeech that hurt maaaaaann!



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