Look At What He's Become...

IWF's Soon To Be Triple Champ!

~~~Last time we saw Justin he was dealing with a world wide crisis: The supposed spread of Polio. Thankfully, for him, it was just some bad mexican food. I mean...what would the world be without Justin Sane? It would be a world full of Walking Dead Men and Testicles. Then to make things worse, when Justin was relaxing on the steps of the FWF headquarters, The 12 Angry Commie-Mexicans jumped him. I mean...Justin was forced to run for the border. But which border was it?~~~

~~~The camera fades in to show a highway running through a patch of deserted land. The camera fades towards the ground to show the same limo as before speeding by. The camera quickly switches back to the inside of the limo. Inside are Justin Sane and Joey. Justin is extrememly depressed. It is absolutely silent. Justin breaks the silence.~~~

Justin- Damnit Joey. Why didn't you tell me about Lil Person before we left?!

Joey- Don't look at me. He ain't my responsibility.

Justin- If you hadn't walked outside and left him on the floor than we wouldn't be in this mess!

Joey- If I hadn't left him? What the hell are you talking about? You are the one who forced him to eat the food.

Justin- He was too thin. If he wants to rival Chuchi he has to build up.

Joey- I can fix that. I can just whack Chuchi. That way, yous don't have to deal with him.

Justin- ***Sighing*** How many times to do I have to tell your greasy ass that there will be NO killing...OF ANYONE!

Joey- Ey...don't get mad at me because you lost your midget. Why don't we just go back?

Justin- Go back? You idiot. Those dirty mexicans will waste us. And besides it has been a day. He's probably found his way home by now.

~~~Suddenly, the phone rings. Justin and Joey look at each other. Joey picks it up.~~~

Joey- What the hell do you want!?

Voice On Phone- We have...YOU MIDGET!

Justin- WHAT?! GIVE ME THAT! ***Grabs Phone*** Hello? Who are you?! Where are you?! What have you done to Lil Person?!

Voice- Calm down Mr. Franchise. All in due time. But now, I want you to look out window.

Justin- Ok...

~~~Justin reaches over and lowers window. He looks outside and sees a huge green sign...WELCOME TO MEXICO!...Justin jumps off his seat. He presses another button and lowers the window between him and the driver. He looks at him and...IT'S A DAMN MEXICAN!~~~

Justin- What the fuck?! What the hell are we doing in Mexico!? How the hell did you do this?

Voice On Phone- Don't worry. You will not be harmed ***Under Breath***...Too Much...

Justin- What was that?

Voice on Phone- Nothing Mr. Sane. Calm down. You want to see your midget? Well then follow the instructions to the tee.

Justin- Instructions? What Instructions?

Voice On Phone- You'll see.

Justin- No...WAIT!

~~~Click. The voice on the other side hangs up. Justin is worried. Just then, the driver hands a piece of paper to the back. Justin looks at it. He picks up the phone again and dials.~~~

Joey- Who the hell are you calling?

Justin- You'll see.

Mystery Man- Yo...

Justin- Hey man. This is Justin.

Mystery Man- Sup ma nigga?

Justin- I need your help. They got Lil Person.

Mystery Man- Damn. Shit son, tell me what we gotsta do.

Justin- Ok. Here's what we got to do.

~~~Justin begins to give directions as the camera fades...

When the camera fades back in we see the inside of the same limo. Justin is is now conversin with Joey.~~~

Joey- Are you sure you can pull this off?

Justin- Yea. I'm sure.

Joey- I dunno. I mean..

Justin- Listen WOP, don't doubt me. I can and will do this.

Joey- I thought I told you not to call me that?!

Justin- What WOP? You don't want me to call you WOP? I don't think so WOP. Maybe if you weren't a WOP. But you are a WOP. So I'm going to call you a WOP.

Joey- Awww....Shaaaadddddduuuuuup.

~~~The limo pulls to a sudden stop. Justin takes a deep breath. Him and Joey both put on their sunglasses and Joey opens the door. Justin steps out into the open followed by Joey. The area is extremely desolate. The street is not paved and is lined with carts trying to cheapen the citizens out of their hard earned money. Justin looks around. He still doesn't see anyone.~~~

Joey- Where is he Justin? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Justin- Damnit. He's supposed to be here.

Joey- This figures. Just like...

Justin- Wait...that's him.

~~~Justin turns and there is a man standing there in a white t-shirt, baggy pants and a gold necklace. Wait...this person is framiliar...it's...~~~

Justin- Yo Tyrone waaaaaazzzzuuuuuupppp!

Tyrone- Yo B, let's find dese Mexican tricks and kick dey ass yo. I got some bitch waiting.

Justin- Aiight.

Joey- Wha?! What the hell did you two just say?

Justin- Shutup Grease Ball.

Tryone- Yo foo, is dis hairball gonna be a prob all day?

Justin- Na...don't worry bout it Tyrone.

Joey- Yous want me to whack these Mexicans when we find em?


Tyrone- Yo Justin, ain't you got some foo named Frys or Freaks or sometin on Tursday?

Justin- Yea son. I gotsta fight some fuckin crackhead names Frums.

Tyrone- Don't be dissing the crack heads man.

Justin- Mah bad.

Tyrone- It's Ok B.

Justin- Anyways, this fuckin trick named Frums thinks he can compete with The Franchise. The guy also thinks he's good, so we can see how off his judgement is. He continues to babble on about this and that. I mean c'mon, does anyone really wanna hear him and the bunch of monkeys known as Devolution X speak? Nope...didn't think so. Dose foos are gonna get a taste of a good old fashioned ass whooping.

Tyrone- Da foo don't even know yo name.

Justin- Really?

Justin- Yea. He be callin you like "The Forklift" and shit like dat.

Justin- What the fuck?! The guy makes fun of my name? Look at his. Frums. What the fuck?! Is that like the lost smurf or something? Fucking slapnuts* thinks he's da shit. Well, I'll show him shit when he is sitting in it come Thursday.

Tyrone- Yo B, I'm gettin an itch to light it up.

Justin- Aiight. Over dere, in da back street.

Tyrone- Aiight. I be right back.

Justin- Yea...sure you will.

~~~Tyrone looks around and walks over to sides street. He pulls a blunt out of his pocket and lights it up.~~~

Justin- Let's see. Thursday. Ahh yes. The World Title Rumble. Please, this shit is a piece of cake. No one is gonna hold me down...wait...didn't someone use that already? Ahhh...who gives a crap. This thursday I am gonna take down all who stand in my way. Becuase you see, I have a destiny here in IWF. That destiny is simple. Become Champion. And look at my oppurtunity, I have a chance to win THREE...yes...three belts at the PPV. Hardcore, Ironman, which is a lock, and World, the only real challenge. Hardcore...ha...these punks don't know hardcore...Ironman...I can last more than all dese punks put together. Did I forget anything? O yea, World. Ya see, I am World Class, why else would I be EVERYONE'S F'N ROLEMODEL?!

Tyrone- ***High As a Motherfucker*** Yo man, Justin, you gotsta hit dis shit.


~~~Justin and Joey walk over and Tyrone hands Justin the blunt. Justin takes a few long drags. Before you know it...90 minutes have passed.~~~

Justin- ***High As Hell*** Weren't we supposed to do something?

Tyrone- ***High As Hell*** I dunno.


Aren't You Happy For Him?

No?!...GO TO HELL!
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