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It's Your Neighborhood Friendly Justin Sane!

~~~Why is it that people always stick their nose where it doesn't belong? I mean, people always get involved in matters that don't concern them. And then when you tell them to go away, they get mad. People like Shawn Samson and Brain Trust. Samson gets in Justin's face when it doesn't even concern him and the Reynolds boys wont stay away. God, this is annoying....

....Last time we saw Justin he was thrown out of the Retirement Home where Tha Delinquent, Johny Box, and Kenny Rock were staying. And to make matters worse theyt ook Joey hostage, and poor Joey, he had only gotten up to the number 7. Damn, will the cruel treatment never cease....

....The camera fades in to show Justin, Johny, Kenny, and Deli walking along the sidewalk. Johny has been forced to ditch the chair, due to the fact it was too heavy and too annoying to lug around. Justin is wearing jeans a t-shirt like he was before. Kenny and Johny are still wearing Hospital gowns. Kenny is still somewhat drowsed from the syrum from earlier. Johny is looking down every alley for an un-used box. Deli, as the only sane one, is wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.~~~

Justin- Deli, are you sure about this?

Deli- Yea man. This guy is good. I've known him for a while.

Justin- That's not always a good thing Deli.

Deli- Don't worry man, I gotcha.

Johny- ***Looking Down Alleyway*** Damnit. Why can't these bums ever leave their box.

Justin- Because they have no other place to go.

Johny- Well I want their box!

Justin- Johny, for the last damn time, we're not stopping to get you a box. We have an agenda.

Johny- What agenda?

Deli- You know, rescue that fat Italian Guy.

Johny- Fat Italian guy? Danny DeVito?

Justin- No you moron. Joey.

Johny- Was he the one who stole my box? Because if he did I'll kill him!

Justin- Are you really that dense?

Deli- Yes. He is.

Justin- Ugh, you're an idiot Johny.

~~~All of a sudden Kenny begins to wake up. He jerks his head up and looks around. He then wipes the drool off of his cheek and stops.~~~

Kenny- What? Where am I? Where's Angel, Where's Special K? Where is Vacant?

Deli- Calmdown Kenny. Remember. You retired. Vacant works for that Hick Promotion, Special K is an olympic athelete, and Angel is a slut who sleeps with your old boss.

Kenny- Ummm...

Justin- Is he always like this?

Deli- Ya, every time he coems out of it, he actually becomes sane.

Justin- Thank God he isn't blabbering about TW.

Kenny- TW?! Who is TW?!

Justin- Don't worry about it Kenny. No one you need to know.

Kenny- Yes, I DO! I want to know now! TELL ME, TELL ME, TEEELLLLL MEEEEEE!

Justin- Stop whining like a baby.

Johny- Yea, or we'll get Tinky...

Justin and Deli- DON'T SAY IT!

Johny- Why shouldn't I say Tinky Winky?


~~~At the mention of the name Kenny looks up. He scrambles around frantically looking for teletubbies.~~~

Justin- Now you did it!


Justin- O no.

Kenny- They are coming from everywhere. And I, I alone...

Deli- Not again...

Justin- What?

Deli- You will see...

Kenny- I have to stop them. I must put an end to their reign of tyranny and oppression. I must fulfill my purpose. I must...DESTROY ALL TELETUBBIES!

~~~Kenny begins to run ahead of the group screaming jibberish. He runs into a store and they follow quickly.~~~

Deli- Waddya know, this is the place.

Justin- Place?

~~~Justin looks up at the sign which reads...Herman's Hardware...They walk in to a man standing there with a cigarette in his mouth and no right arm.~~~

Man- Welcome to Herman's Hardware, how can I help you?

Deli- Herman...it's me. Your best customer. Deli.

Herman- Deli? Is you? It is! How ya been? Still up to your old tricks?

Deli- You could say that. We need to see the stock.

Herman- Yea, sure, no problem.

~~~Herman urges them on with one hand as he leads them to the back. He pushes a curtain inside and they all walk into a room filled with guns, hand grenades, sandbags, barbed wire, mines, and any ting else you can think of that can hurt someone.~~~

Deli- This place hasn't changed a bit.

Justin- Damn Deli. What the hell did you do when you were a kid?

Deli- I was a normal kid.

Justin- I'd like to know your definition of "normal".

Herman- So what'll it be today?

Justin- Well we need enough equipment to take out the Old Folks Home downtown.

Herman- Them? That's not going to be easy. That nurse is a real bitch.

Justin- No kidding. She took my friend Joey hostage.

Herman- I've been trying to take her out for years. And now, we just might do it.

Deli- So what do you suggest for this type of opperation?

Herman- Well first off we are going to need a sniper gun with a stand and a few hundred rounds. Next, some AK47s and a couple 9mm should work. We'll need to set up a base camp so we will need the barbed wire, sand bags, and land mines.

Justin- Why do we need land mines?

Herman- It's more fun that way.

Justin- Of course.

Johny- And don't forget about me, I need a box.

Justin- Oh god Johny.

Herman- A box?

Justin- It's a long story.

Herman- O...K...Well, that should about do it.

Kenny- WAIT!

Justin- O no.

Herman- Waddya need?

Kenny- I need something to take out the entire Teletubby race.

Herman- What the fuck?!

Justin- Just ignore him.

Herman- That shouldn't be hard.

Justin- Let's get this stuff so we can get Joey back.

~~~Justin, Deli and Herman grab unmarked boxes and walk to a truck in the front. They begin to dump crate after crate and box after box in the back until it's full. Justin, Kenny, Deli, and Herman get in and drive off as Johny stands on the sidewalk.~~~

Johny- Wait...WHAT ABOUT MY BOX?!


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