Hey Look, I Made It...

O Wait...This Isn't The Shady Town Bar?...

---{Three Days removed from IWF's Pay Per View Spectacular and it still has yet to recover. All the wrestlers and the fans are still in shock over the appearance that will never be forgotten. Last Sunday at Malevolence, a man came out and spoke words that will never be forgotten. "The Hero", "The Icon", "The Franchise" Justin Sane made his IWF debut at Malevolence, IWF's biggest PPV of the year. The Franchise showed everyone who he was and why he was here. And what happens? They don't even book him in a match? There's gonna be hell to pay...}---

---{The camera fades in to show an urban area. The camera pans around to show Fenway Park and the famous Big Green Monster It pans around again to show a beautiful 7 story brick faced building. The camera pans up to show a sign. It reads..."The Big Green Palce". It is obviously a hotel. The camera begins to pan down and fade back to the entranceway. The door opens and out walks Justin Sane. He has Lil Person and Joey at his side. They are both wearing suits. Justin is wearing Nike warmup pants and Nike Air Jordans. He has on a loose white T-shirt. Justin has a bandage around his forehead and stitches above his eye. Justin is obviously limping. He walks to the curb where a limo is waiting. Joey and Lil Person pile in. Justin gets in and holds his chest. The camera fades to the inside. Justin gives directions to the driver as he gets settled. He speaks.}---

Justin- Man, this is BS.

Joey- ***Sarcastically***What Justin? What are you mad about now?

Justin- Hey you dirty Italian. Don't get loud with me.

Joey- Yea, yea, whatever.

Lil Person- What's wrong Justin?

Justin- I do this federation a favor, and how do they repay me? By not even booking me? This is a joke.

Joey- ***Heavy Italian Accent*** Ey, Mamaluke, what favor did they do you?

Justin- Listen WOP, you keep your comments to yourself before you find yourself eating your own foot.

Joey- You never answered my question.

Justin- Listen greaseball, I'll answer your question when and whereever i feel like it. It just so happens I feel like it now.

Joey- So then answer already.

Justin- Keep quiet you. The favor I did was signing up with these dirtbags. I mean c'mon. Why should I join here?

Joey- Because it's the only place that would sign you dumbass.

Justin- Ok, that's it. One more smart remark out of you and you're going to back to the Brooklyn PD.

Joey- Ok, ok. ***Under Breath*** One call and you're dead anyways.

Justin- What was that Joey?

Joey- Nothing ***Under Breath Again*** Hairy monkey.

Justin- Hmm...Joey that seems to have escaped me. What did you say?!

Joey- Nothing.

Justin- Ya know the I haven't called the Sarge in a long time. Hmmm...wonder what he's up to. ***Reaches To Phone***

Joey- Ok, ok. I called you a hairy monkey.

Justin- Hmmm...sounds like a punishment is needed.

---{Justin sits back and rubs his goatee. He wonders. Hmmm...Lets wonder with him...Na...Thats pretty gay. Anyways. He finally comes to a conclusion as a lightbulb pps up over his head. No...a lightbulb didn't actually pop over his head. It's figure of speak. Damn Deli-A-Holics!}---

Justin- Joey, since the plane need wasging, and you won't be busy this friday and staurday nights, you will wash it for me.

Joey- No, c'mon man.

Justin- Yep, not my fault.

Joey- Please. I had plans.

Justin- Nope. You had to go and be a WOP.

Joey- See, that's what I am talking about.

Justin- What?!

Joey- You are so mean to me because I am Italian. You're a racist!

Justin- Shut the hell up your dirty greaseball.

Joey- O...Go Away and talk about IWF!

Justin- OK. I can do that. You just go sit in the corner. IWF, wow. Not the biggest name in the buissness, but not the smallest. Home to Joe Jobber, Johny Box, Dave "Is Shit" Dexter, and Tha Authority. Hmmm...sounds pretty easy to me. I mean c'mon. You have some teenager holding the World Title, a pimp with the International, a guys who have no authority with the Tag Titles and the biggest story is Joe Jobber coming back. Please. The biggest story should be Justin Sane coming at all. Let's see Jobber v. Franchise. Tha Icon vs. well...a jobber. The Hero vs. well...yet again...jobber. Anyone else see a pattern here? Next, Dave Dexter vs. Franchise. I'm not even gonna bother with that one. The fact is, IWF is in need of some help and I am the one to bring it to you.

Lil Person- Justin...

Justin- Wha? I'm busy.

Lil Person- Just thought that I would let you know there is some mexican hanging on to the back of the limo.

Justin- WHAT?!

---{Justin looks back and sure enough there is a mexican hanging from thr antenna. Justin tells the driver to screech to a hault. He does and the mexican hits the window...hard. The limo then pulls over to the curb as Justin steps out. He grabs the mexican and throws him on the ground.}---

Mexican- Ey maaaaaan, what was dat for?

Justin- You were hanging onto my car!

Mexican- So maaaaan. Aye Carumba, senors so rude in this country.

Justin- Shut the hell up you dirty rat. What the hell were you doing on the back of my car?!

Mexican- You can't talk to me like that. I have rights!

Justin- That's only if you are a citizen.

Mexican- I am a citizen.

Justin- Yea...riiiigghhht.

Mexican- I AM! Deli told me himself.

Justin- Deli?...

Mexican- Ya maaaaan. Deli, as in IWF World Champ.

Justin- O...The IWF World Chump, the teenager? Tha Delinquent?

Mexican- Ey maaaan, he ain't no chimp!

Justin- What? I think you just called Deli a chimp.

Mexican- No, now your saying stuff I didn't maaaan.

Justin- Whatever. You're Chuchi right?

Mexican- Aye.

Justin- Aye? What the fuck? Anyways, you still haven't answered my damn question. Why the hell were you hanging onto the back of my limo?

Chuchi- Just doing my job maaaan.

Justin- Job...what job? Deli send you to kill me or something?

Chuchi- Actaully, Deli don't know I here. Please no tape.

Justin- What the hell? No tape? What the hell happened to your grammar skills?

Chuchi- I dunno maaaan.

Justin- Whatever. Why the hell are you here? What is this mission that you are here to complete?

Chuchi- ......

Justin- Answer.

Chuchi- ......

Justin- ANSWER!

Chuchi- ......


Chuchi- Don't talk to me like dat. I have Deli kick your ass.

Justin- Yea...maybe not. That teenage punk couldn't beat puberty. How they hell is he going to beat me?

Chuchi- Shut the hell up...you...you...AMERICAN DOG!

Justin- That's a communist quote dumbass.

Chuchi- I am communist!

Justin- ***Sighs***So now you're the communist mexican?

Chuchi- Aye maaaan. DOWN WITH FACSISM!

Justin- Facism? I ain't facsist. And neither is the American Government. Well maybe the Republicans. But that's it.

Chuchi- Your puny 13 colonies are nothing compared to mother Mexico!

Justin- 13 Colonies? Mother Mexico?...***Sighs Again*** Get away from me.

Chuchi- Wait...could you possibly let me kick the crap out of you? And possibly let me drag you back to Deli as a trophy. It would make look good.

Justin- Arg...Incompetence.

---{Justin picks up Chuchi and throws him into the trash on the side of the street. Justin gets back in the limo and drives away as the camera fades...}---

Chuchi- ***In Distance***So is that a YES or a NO?

Can I Still Get Beer?...

What?!...No...Ahhh...You Suck!
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