Scene Opens: A lone interviewer wanders back into Ultimate Impactís private gym hoping to get a word with Ultimate Impact about his loss. The interviewer stands around 5í9Ē and is kinda lanky. He is wearing a pair of light brown Khakis because of the fact that he isnít scheduled for this and he expects his interview to be swift. He loosens his white dress shirt as he makes it to the door. He turns around and looks back at the camera. Do I look alright? The camera shakes up and down to say yes. The small interviewer brushes his short brown hair to the side as much as possible. He turns his attention back to the Red door surrounded by the red brick. He grabs ahold of the handle and pulls the door open. As he walks in he gasps at the sight of the trashed gym. He looks all around and black paint has been thrown all over the walls. The interviewer steps in to notice a slight musty smell. He looks around and notices that the lights are broken. The old merchandise that was hanging from the ceiling is ripped to shreds and hanging all over the place as well as laying on the ground in black piles. The old posters have been slashed. The interviewer has a confused look on his face. And turns back to the camera. Looks like this place has been severely trashed. Look at the cabinet that was once full of belts. The interviewer points towards a glass cabinet that seems to have itís windows bashed out. The once treasured belts are strung out all over the floor as well as the glass from the windows. The once golden and shiny belts have black paint poured all over them. The interviewer once again gasps at the frightful sight. There is a dim but noticeable light hanging from the ceiling it shines a light aura like glow over the gym. The weight equipment is knocked over and the cushions are ripped up. There is no sign of Ultimate Impact in the room. The interviewer wipes his forehead from all the heat. He walks over to the posters to see exactly what has been done. He moves to a wall and then slowly scans the posters. The first one he sees on the North wall is of when Ultimate Impact was a rookie in NEWA. The poster reads Fastest rising rookie at the bottom. In the picture Ultimate Impact is wearing his old ring attire of black pants and is pinning an opponent. There is a gold knife stuck into the forehead of Ultimate Impact as well as the etchings ďFuture JobberĒ on the body of Ultimate Impact. The interviewer moves quickly to the next poster with a face of shock. Parts of this poster of Ultimate Impact holding up the US Heavyweight Title in glory as he has just earned his first title in his first federation. The NEWA. It is labeled at the bottom the Ultimate One strikes gold. An X is cut onto the body of Ultimate Impact as he wears the same black tights and smiles. The bottom parts of the X hang as black paint seems to be splashed on the belt. The interviewer begins to examine the next picture which is now a painting from the looks of it. The eyes have been painted shut and swollen of Ultimate Impact as he holds the NEWA World Heavyweight Belt and looks down at the knocked out body of the past champion who has sweat all in his hair and is bleeding out of the forehead. The face of Ultimate Impact is also punched in with a large dent. The label at the bottom of this picture says ďUltimate Impact shows that he is truly the Ultimate One.Ē The interviewer keeps his attention on the poster but speaks to the camera in a shocked and skipping voice as if he was going through puberty all over again. Either someone broke in and destroyed all his stuff or we have a sadistic Ultimate Impact on our hands. The cameraman speaks back. Hopefully the first one. Itís a shame that this madness is running into the blood of this great athlete. Damn right. Do you think we should get out of here incase he is here and pissed off? No lets hope that he is calm at the moment. Or not here. Either way could be a step in the right direction for us. The interviewer moves towards the next poster and trips. He looks back and there is laying a battered NEWA World Champ. There is blood on it. The interviewer picks it up to examine it more closely. He throws it down as he notices that some of the blood looks fresh. The belt isnít shiny anymore. There are many scrapes all over it. The interviewer scrambles to get back up as he figures out he landed in fresh paint on the ground. It is the same black paint that is used all around. He finally gets to his feet and begins to move a little quicker skipping the many other posters. He goes straight towards the cabinet that once held the respected belts that were shined as if they had a royal meaning. The windows are no longer intact. The wood of the cabinet has been beaten with some sort of object. The interviewer looks at the cabinet which isnít even hanging sturdily anymore. It is leaning forewards. The interviewer steps back and the cabinet falls and busts. The wood spreads in pieces all over the red floor. The interviewer looks down at all the beaten up belts. Not a single one of them is shiny anymore. They have all lost their luster as well as some gold has chipped off of them. The interviewer looks up for no particular reason and falls to the ground at what he has seen. He begins to try to crawl towards the door but is quickly stopped by shards of glass. The cameraman looks straight up and notices a new banner hanging from the ceiling. It is black and red and reads. ďNo More Gentle GiantĒ the camera looks towards a door that leads to the restroom and notices that it has been torn from itís hinges. He shouts to the interviewer which is sitting on the floor staring around stunned. Pray to god right now. Cause I think the answer the that is the second one. The Big Giant has gone psychotic. The interviewer looks at the door they came in through and his mouth drops open. Light shines in as Ultimate Impact steps through the door. He is wearing all black and blood is dripping from his fists. His face doesnít have the same happy grin that it used to. He has an evil grin and his big brown eyes are open all the way. He speaks in an evil tone. BOOO. The interviewer begins to run for his life but only finds himself in a nearby corner shivering with fright. The cameraman lowers the camera and slowly backs away. The interviewers mouth still hangs wide open. Ultimate Impact reaches from behind the door and picks up a sledgehammer with his right hand. He tosses it into sight of the interviewer and camera. FeeFI Fo Fum. I smell the shit of the interviewer one. The interviewer looks up with pain in his eyes. Piss begins to run down his inner thighs drenching his Khakis. Ultimate Impacts smile gets even eviler as the piss makes a puddle on the floor. Ultimate Impactís tone goes sarcastic. What are you scared of the Gentle Giant? The interviewer struggles to make out a few words. Wu-Wu-We Only Wa-Wa-Wa-Wanted to t-t-t-talk to you. Ultimate Impacts face goes angry. Then he begins to yell. WELL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PISSIN ABOUT IT FOR!! TALK YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF.. oh wait. I guess you already talked without me cause I still smell shit. The interviewer begins to run towards the exit but is blocked by Ultimate Impact who pushes him back to the ground. Your stupid you know that? Ultimate Impact signals to the camera man to come closer. The cameraman slowly makes his way over to Ultimate Impact. Are you new at the job? What? Ultimate Impacts face maddens as he screams the sentence back to the cameraman. ARE YOU FUCKING NEW AT THE JOB? The Cameraman slowly answers back. No sir. Good. Then you know how to work the camera. Yeah. WELL SET THE FUCKING CAMERA UP DUMBASS IíM GONNA DO YOUR INTERVIEW! The cameraman begins setting up the camera as Ultimate Impact picks up the interviewer. Go to the bathroom over there and clean yourself up. The interviewer begins to move towards the bathroom door and squeezes past the door that was ripped off of itís hinges. He moves out of view. Ultimate Impact moves towards a small table and looks down at it. There are several sharp knives sitting on it. He picks up a large buck knife with the handle carved out of Antlers. He looks towards a poster on the wall of him and throws it. It sticks into the wall going through the head of himself on the poster. He picks up another and throws it and again sticks it into the head of another picture. He quickly gets bored of that and moves towards a wall and picks up 2 steel chairs which are still in good condition. There are several others by the wall that have dents in them and blood markings. Ultimate Impact moves towards the camera and throws down one of the chairs in front of it. He unfolds another one and sits down in it. He looks around at his artistic works of destruction and sighs. I think the decorator should have thought of this. Kinda sadistic isnít it? Yeah. Ain't it great? Tell me. What was going through your mind as you did all of this? Lots of things. 1 was failing. Another was my future. Lots of stuff. Mostly anger towards myself. The interviewer steps out of the bathroom slowly and moves towards Ultimate Impact cautiously. Ultimate Impact stares straight at him. Sit down. As the interviewer unfolds the seat he looks back at Ultimate Impact as he thinks about using it as a weapon to try to get away. Then he completes unfolding it cause he knows that Ultimate Impact would stop him right when he tried. He sits down and keeps a close Eye on Ultimate Impact. So whatís your name? Joe Ultimate Impact interrupts. JoeDumb? No sir. Johny Johnson. Some people call me Joe for short. Well Joe. Looks like your followed by a common problem. Name Calling. How would you like walking around with everyone calling you Ultimo? I hadnít thought of that sir. Well it pisses me off. Ultimo sounds just as queer as Big Gay Al in my book. I think it was meant to piss you off. I guess they did their job. Only they made one mistake. Whatís that? ME. the cameraman cuts in on the conversation. Itís ready when you are Mr. Impact. Start it. And you. Joe. Start your questioning. This is probably gonna make you famous. Joe gulps real quickly with fright still on his face. Ultimate Impactís bloodshot eyes stare straight at him. His facial expression angers as each second he has to wait passes. Joe looks at the camera to insure that the green light is on. Is it on yet? Yes. Weíre rolling as we speak. Joe looks back over at Ultimate Impact and sees those red eyes staring straight at him as if he were a demon from hell with a fire burning inside of him. Relax damnit. I want this to look good. The interviewer tries to loosen up as Ultimate Impact waits longer. Finally after a minute Joe is able to say something clearly again. .Are you angry about lossing the Tag Team Belts? Damn right. That would be an easy one. Um Yes. I worked my whole life at holding titles and only lost one before. And this one will play out the same exact way. I will win them back. If the James Foundation were here right now, what would you do? Hang them up there with that banner. Ultimate Impact looks up at the large banner and points at it with his huge right hand. As you know I donít take lightly to my loosing. There is a reason I lost. And I Am going to tell you that reason. Whatís the reason? Ultimate Impact looks back at Joe with a disguised look on his face. You truly are stupid arenít you? Joe slowly stoops down in his chair. If you were listening, you would have heard me say I was going to tell you the reason. Anyways. That reason is that I took my eye off the ball. I had victory in my hands and I threw it up in the air attempting to catch it again. But it just hit me on the top of my head and bounced away from me. It is not that Micheal James or Freak James were to much for me. I just momentarily lost focus and they took advantage of me as I slipped off into a dream sleep. I will say this, Good fight. But there will be a next time. And at that next time. I will take back that, that is rightfully mine. Those 2 tag title belts. You both say that if I want to be able to beat any tag team I must have a partner. I beg a difference. I need to take myself to the extreme. I need to forget about trying not to kill my opponent. Even if he may have a family to feed. MJ, FJ. You both will soon learn the true meaning of pain. For I am the one that is going to rip all your dreams of continueing a career out of you. Bash your head until it flies off and spit down your necks. And if you donít think I can do that, think again. Mr Gentle Giant has left this large body. And Mr. Gentle Giant was replaced by pain, torture, and anger. All to the highest level possible. When you look at me now. You will not see me smile. You will not see me happy until I have completely shown myself. The warrior that has a short fuse. The devil in desquise. The one who will set your souls free from those bodies. I am not turning into the devil here. Just your fate. Your future. I will be the one you see when you get up in the mornings. I will be he one that is etched into your minds as you try to defend those tag team titles. For I will not rest until I have ripped you apart. Limb from limb from bloody limb. Claiming you as a carcass for the medical students to discover off of. What happens to someone who steps in the ring and finds his fate in the form of a Giant. Thatís what will happen MJ. Your little splashes or drop toe holds wonít save you. Just delay your doom for a slight minute. You will wish that F.O.D. Had gotten you first. And as you lay there lifeless, you will wonder if it was all worth it. Even your son shall feel the fury or Ultimate Impact. The only true form of pain. Pain in a package. And I am coming for you. Coming for your son. Coming for your last breathe of air. And the sensation I get when I am beating it out of you. Only then will there be sanity in my large body. Only then shall you know that your life isnít going to last much longer. Death is coming. And he has his Reaver shined up just for you. Ultimate Impact rubs his huge right bicep signalling that that was his reaver. So your life will be crazy until you hold those belts? Crazy doesnít explain it. I would more likely use the term Anger. IT is the same sensation that I will have as I am ripping Helter Skelterís worthless body apart. As I show F.O.D. that their true master is going to turn into true roadkill. And the same great sensation I will be feeling as I send 19 bruised and battered superstars home without the World Belt and with a new look at fate. Only when you hold all the gold will you be satisfied? Lossing for the first time showed to me that I hate lossing. I hate the people that I victimize. I hate the people I loose to. There is only 1 or 2 souls on Earth that I donít hate at this moment. And I am going to be showing all my anger soon enough. Now. As I used to kindly put it. It has been a pleasure doing this interview with you. Joe. Learn some people skills. Buy some earpeices so that you might be able to hear better. And when you are big. Remember who gave you that interview that is going to change the future. And be watching. And remember to tell all that one wrong move and I am ready to move in to correct. Ultimate Impact stands up and begins to walk towards a door that wasnít noticed earlier. Joe reaches his hand out thinking he was going to get a handshake. Ultimate Impact is already opening the black door. He turns around and looks back at them as they stare at him. Get a fucking clue. Get the fuck outta here before I send you out through the wall. Ultimate Impact closes the door behind him as the cameraman begins to pack up his supplies as they think about this interview. The making of a psycho. The creation of a beast that could be unstoppable. They begin to talk amongst themselves as they walk out. I hate to think about what he is going to do to Helter Skelter and the James Foundation. Yeah. Heís always been known as crazy in his own way. But now.. Ouch.. I hate to see what happens when he goes for a slaughterhouse with the whole federation. We better get out of here quick man.. This tape is to valuable to take a chance on loosing. I agree, lets get the fuck away from this madman. They open the door to the outside and breath in the fresh air. It never tasted so sweet on their tongues. They had thought that they would never see the outside alive after this interview. They look around at the still decent looking outside of the building. Wondering if Ultimate Impact was going to tear this work down or ruin it all sooner or later. They look at the peaceful birds flying in the sky. Then they begin to walk to their cars. They never look back at the building once thinking that any second the new Ultimate Impact may come out and thrash them as he would have the James Foundation or any member of the FOD. Their picks for the Battle Royal Winner had changed. Think heís going to walk out of the PPV the Champ? Probably. I mean he is ready to tear even his closest friendsí limbs off in order to fufill his dreams. And right now he seems like he wants it more than anyone. They open the doors of a 1999 Red Mustang Convertible and begin to climb in. After we turn this tape in. Wanna go back to the Betting hall and replace our bets? This guy is gonna make us rich. They drive off as the Scene fades out. They can only wonder what is going on in Ultimate Impactís head at this very moment. Scene Closes: