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~~~This is it. This is the day. Tonight is the IWF Pay Per View: Ragression. Justin faces Johny Box and FT for the Ironmsn Title in a Lumberjack Ladder Lunacy match. Wait a minute...Johny Box...how the hell is he in this match?! When did this happen?!...Damnit a guy leaves for a week or so and everything goes to hell. Even Walt Myers camer back...how boring...and lets not forgert "Simply Annoying" WPC. How did the IWF survive without The Franchise? It's a question on everyone's mind...

...The camera fades in to show a hospital room. The camera pans around to show none other than Justin Sane's sidekick Joey lying in the bed with a bandage on his head. The camera then shows Justin and Lil Person sitting at the foot of the bed. They are talking to Joey.~~~

Justin- It's not my fault man.

Joey- It's not yor fault!? Please tell me how it's not your fault. I'm very interested.

Justin- You pissed me off. I had to.

Joey- Pissed you off?! I STOOD UP FOR MYSELF! And how do you re-pay me?! By DDTing me onto the concrete sidewalk?! O yea, that's fair.

Justin- Whoah there. Don't get loud. Remeber what happened last time you tried to fight back.

Joey- Yea, yea.

Justin- Who the hell do you think you are anyways?! Johny Box?! The guy thinks that he can just waltz into my match. Screw him. Who cares if he's champ. He shouldn't be anyways. It should be me vs. FT at Ragression. This a one on one. Not a triangle match. Box thinks that he can de-rail me?! Well I don't think so. Johny, you ask for respect. You ask for everyone to take you seriously. Well how can they if you smell worse than a monkey's ass. How can they repect you if you look dirtier than a hooker's pussie. They can't. I can't. And I won't. This sunday Johny, there is no escaping it. This sunday, me, you, FT are gonna rumble and I'm gonna be the one climbing the ladder.

Joey- Uh...Justin?

Justin- What?

Joey- You never announced who your lumberjacks would be.

Justin- Lumberjacks?!....O yes. This match has lumberjacks also. Three per participant. So right now it looks as if there will be 9 lumberjacks surrounding the ring. We know FT's and we know some of Box's. But mine. Well Kenny Rock is one of them, but who else...hmmm...Guess you will have to wait until Sunday to find out. I will tell you this though...

Joey- Justin...

Justin- WHAT?!

Joey- You said we know Box's. I don't.

Justin- That's because your an idiot. A fool. An absolute moron.

Joey- If I could move, I'd walk over there and kick your ass.

Justin- Just like you did yesterday right?

Joey- You got lucky.

Justin- Yea, sure I did WOP.

Joey- Why I oughta...

~~~Just then a man walks into the room. It is none other than Justin's tag team partner, Kenny Rock. He walks over and shakes hands with Justin. Kenny pulls up a chair and sits down.~~~

Justin- Kenny, what are you doing here?

Kenny- Came to check on the Guinea.


Justin- Damnit greaseball, shut the hell up. You aren't involved in this conversation.

Kenny- Ha ha!

Justin- Anyways, Kenny, don't you have a World Title shot tonight?! I mean, you should be preparing.

Kenny- Preparing?! Please, that bitch ass hoe and her teen-age punk couldn't hurt me.

Justin- Aren't you forgetting someone.

Kenny- Forgetting someone?!

Justin- Yea, this is a Triple Threat Match. With TWO Refs.

Kenny- HOLY SLAPNUTS! I knew it. Tinky Winky got into this match didn't he?!

Justin- No Kenny. Tinky Winky is not in this match.

Kenny- Wellt hen who the hell is?! Is it a teletubby?

Justin- No Kenny. It isn't a teletubby. It's Walt Meyers...


Justin- What?!


Justin- You have a lot more to worry about than that you idiot.

Kenny- Idiot?! I'm no idiot. Shouldn't you be preparing for your match anyways?!

Justin- Aginast FT?! Hell no. The guy hasn't showed his face in days. And do you know why?! Cuz he is scared. Scared out of his little mind. He knows that come tonight, I am going to kick the living shit out of him and climb that ladder to win that Title. Tonight The Franchise shows everyone why he is THE FRANCHISE. FT, we started this a long time ago. And tonight I am going to end it. Ever since that fateful day when you interupted my interview and had the balls to insult me, you signed your own death warrant. Time and time again I have showed you that I am the more powerful man. I have showed that I am the man to beat. It was supposed to be me and you. Just us. Two men enter and only one climbs the ladder. But then you had to go and lose the Title to Jobber making this a triple threat match. No matter. After the lumberjacks beat you. After Box beats you. Then I am going to beat you. I am going to embarass you. Tonight FT, I show you that I am the only true Ironman.

Kenny- Oooo...mr fancy smacy. You can be serious.

Justin- Ugh...Kenny...

Kenny- You think you are so cool because you aren't scared of Teltubbies.

Justin- Kenny...

Kenny- You think you are so special because your girl didn't leave you for a teenager...

Justin- KENNY!

Kenny- What?

Justin- Calm the hell down.

Kenny- O sorry.

Joey- Yo, can you please pay attention to me?!

Justin- Shut the hell up Joey. No one likes you.

Joey- Kenny likes me.

Justin- ***Laughing Hysterically*** Kenny likes Teletubbies more than he likes you.

Kenny- ***Suddenly Aware*** WHAT?! TELETUBBIES?! Where the hell is Tinky Winky?! WHERE DAMNIT! WHERE?!

Justin- There are no teltubbies here Kenny.

Kenny- Yes there are. You just said there are.

Justin- No I didn't you fucking moron. I daid that you like Teletubbies...


Justin- I know...

Kenny- You have no idea what those things can do man.

Justin- I'm sure they are dangerous.

Kenny- Dangerous? These things are fierce. They could bore someone to sleep.

Justin- Whoah. No one is more boring than Rated Gay. No one.

Kenny- Rated Gay?!

Justin- Yea, Samson and some other rookie.

Kenny- O you mean Rated Y The Hell Are They Here.

Justin- Yea, them.

Kenny- O, well, I guess you're right then.

Justin- Of course I am right. Just liek I am right about tonight. Box and Testy, Ragression will be a night to remeber. Heads will fly, bodies will be destroyed. Dreams made, hope broken. But one thing remains constant. I am...THE HERO...THE ICON...THE FRANCHISE...JUSTIN SANE...YOU'RE F'N ROLEMODEL!

~~~Kenny, Lil Person, and Justin get up and walk out of the room.~~~


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