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~~~The Pay Per View is only Days away. And Justin is preparing. He has a match with Flying Testicles for the Ironman Title, in a LAdder Lunacy Lumberjacks match. But at the last Thursday Night event, Justin annouced that instead of Joey Galloway, there would be two other mystery lumberjacks accompanying Justin. Who could they be? Who knows...

~~~The camera fades in to show and jet landing. It has the words FRANCHISE on it's side. The plane comes down the runway and pulls to a stop. It starts up again and begisn to "crawl" along the runway until reaching a hangar. The plane now comes to a complete stop and the engines cool down. Finally the door opens and out comes Joey down the steps followed by Lil Person and then finally Justin. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. They get down on the ground while they wait.~~~

Joey- Where the hell is this limo?

Justin- I dunno. Calm down. We just had a great and QUIET flight and you have go and ruin it by screaming about where the limo is.

Joey- Ahhh...shadddup. I'll say what I want. Why are we here anyways?

Justin- I told you. We came here to find out what makes F.T. F.T.

Joey- And how is being in Canada going to help?

Justin- Because...we are going to go across the country investigating certain things and asking certain questions so we can discover F.T.'s weakness.

Joey- I thought you said that you were so great and you didn't need any help? I am. I am just making sure. I am probably not going to get another Title Shot like this again.

Joey- Yea, you're right. God knows you blew the Tag Titles.

Justin- Shut the hell up!

Joey- Make me.

Justin- You want me to make you?! Well I will.

~~~Justin turns to Joey and takes his hands out of his paocket to grab Joey. He looks at him and then gets a disgusted look on his face.~~~

Joey- What's wrong Justin scared?!

Justin- No. I don't want to touch your dirty Italian ass. I'm afraid I am going to get some fatal disease or something.

Joey- ya know, one of these days, you are gonna say some Italian joke at the wrong time, in the wrong place. And I won't be there to save you.

Justin- When did you ever save me?

Joey- Plenty of times.

Justin- Name one WOP.

Joey- ***Shaking Fist At Justin*** Ona dese days Justin, one of dese days.

Justin- Yea, yea. Get to it.

Joey- Ok, ok. If I recall correctly, if it wasn't for me, Lil Person would still be held by a bunch of commies.

Justin- O please.

Joey- It's true, it's true.

Justin- Who the hell are you? Some american hero?

Joey- Shut the hell up.

Justin- Ya know FT is similar to that Kurt guy. He too has three Is, but since he comes from Canada. They are different. They are... Idiot, Ingrate, and Imbosel.. Yep, I'd say that describes him pretty well. You see FT, this is my chance, and where I come from, we don't take thie things litghtly. Unless of course your name starts with Dave, but that's another story. FT, the only thing that makes you special is the fact that you beat Dave Dexter. Well big reaking deal. You did something I came here to do. The guy was on a pedastol higher than stick up Deli's ass. And because you beat Dexter, you seem to think that you are a god. Well I got new for you. The only thing that you are is a fool. Go ahead, walk into Ragression thinking you rule this place. See what happens. I have had enough of you and your pitiful DX. You tossed out the only good wrestler that you had in Brooks and now you expect to win this match. FT, it's time to rip you off cloud 9 and down to the real world. Down to the my world. Down to the world of...THE FRANCHISE!

~~~Justin looks around and spots a limo. It pulls up to the spot where they are and they all pile in as the camera fades....

....The camera fades back in to show a busy city. The limo comes into view and pulls up to a nearby curb. The door opens and Justin gets out first followed by Joey and Lil Person.~~~

Joey- So this is Toronto.

Justin- Yes Joey. This is Toronto. We know that you've never been outside the burough of Brooklyn until we took you under, but you don't have to act all...

Joey- All what?!

Justin- Forget it.

Joey- NO! Well what?

Justin- FORGET IT!


Justin- Or else what guinea?!


Justin- I'll call you what i want.

Lil Person- Guys, we've had this argument before. let's drop it.

Joey- Shut the hell up runt.

Lil Person- What did you just call me?!

Joey- I called you a RUNT!

Lil Person- O...that's it. I've had enough of your bullshit.

~~~Lil Person runs right at Joey and takes him down with a spear. They begin to brawl right on the street. Justin looks around at the people as they look awkwardly at the three.~~~

Justin- ***Asking a Woman On The Street***Excuse me m'am. I have a question for you,

Woman on Street #1- Yes...

Justin- Do you know who Flying Testicles of IWF is?

Woman on Street #1- Yes I do.

Justin- Ok, well as you probably know he is Canadian and Justin Sane has a match with him at Ragression. Who do you think will win?

Woman on Street #1- FT of course. That Justin Sane guy doesn't stand a chance!

Justin- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Justin Sane is the best damn wrestler in IWF. He is your Hero, Icon, and Franchise. How could you not pick him? I am the master of the ladder match. This is my time. There is no chance for FT. Who the hell does he have backing him?! Frums and Triple X? Please, Kenny could take both of them out on his own. The fact is, that this is my match. I will be the IWF Ironman Champion! And there is nothing you or FT can do about it!

~~~The lady makes a HMPF sound and walks away, Joey and Lil Person are now fighting on the roof of Volvo Station Wagon. Justin stops a second woman.~~~

Justin- Excuse me, excuse me. Do you watch IWF TV?

Woman on Street #2- Yes I do.

Justin- Ok, so obviously you know who FT is. I have a question for you. At IWF:Ragression, who do you think will win, Me, Justin Sane, or FT?

Woman on Street #2- Umm...tough one. I have to go with Justin Sane.

Justin- FINALLY! SOMEONE WITH AN IQ OVER 30! You can't be candaian. You have to be a tourist.

Woman on Street #2- ESCUSE ME?! I am a Canadian born and raised! AND YOU JUST LOST MY SUPPORT!

Justin- Ahhh...screw you. I don't need you anyways because at Ragression, in the ring, right in the damn middle, with Lumberjacks surrounding the ring, I am going to beat FT senseless. I don't need these fucking Canadians. Not a single one has an IQ over 3o...well 31...my fault. Testicles, I don't need anyone to beat you. I don't need any thing to beat you, but my bare hands. You go ahead and laugh it up you stupid punk, but when it comes down to it all, it's gonna be me scaling that 30 foot ladder and grabbing that Ironman Title, not you.

~~~Justin walks over and grabs Joey and Lil Person and seperates them. He places them on opposite sides of each other and they start to walk down the street.~~~

Justin- Now you two cut it out. Or else...I'll make you hold hands!

Joey- Fuck off Justin.

Justin- What?!

Joey- You heard me. FUCK OFF!

Justin- O so now you wanna go?!

Joey- YEA BITCH! Let's go! NOW! I;ve had enough of your racism.

Justin- Ok, you got it WOP!

~~~Uh-oh. This can't be good. Joey is pissed. Justin is pissed. Someone's gonna get hurt. Justin and Joey stare each other down and then Justin grabs Joey by the neck. HE DDTS HIM! O MY GOD! JUSTIN JUST DDTED JOEY ON THE PAVEMENT! Joey isn't moving!~~~

Justin- ***Picking Up Joey And Placing Him On His Shoulders*** Hope he learned his lesson now.


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