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---{Thursday Madness proved ot be a very eventful card. 'The Hitman Gary Brown made his return to the FWF and once again crossed path with a scared yet still amused Justin Goldman. Nevertheless, Gary Brown left the event witha serious headache and a bad case of amnesia. Slick Sharp managed to once agin sheat his way to a victory, but seems to have lost his spot in The Big Mouth Tourney. Brock Williams and JJJ had a little spat during Brock's match with Deuce Deamon which caused him to lose. And not to mention, Joey Goldman's match with Dave Dexter turend into a no contest. But the two high points of the night, were Sazuka becoming Hardcore and Intercontinental Champ and the biggest spot was early in the card, when Justin Sane absolutely demolished Live. So, Dave Dexter remained champ, disproving Justin Goldman and Cyberslam is beginning to take shape. And if you thought this was enough, tedh card for Wednesday Wreakage was announced. First we have, Brak versus Ringo Roberts in Big Mouth Tourney match, followed by a match whose purpose has yet to be determined. 'The Franchise' Justin Sane must once again face the pitiful and utterly useless blob of mass known as Live. The newly de-crowned Jeremy Riley will face off against Mark Vanderloo and Sazuka defends one of his two titles, the Hardcore Title, against Joey Goldman. Deuce Deamon will face off against Jagged Jeff Jackson, and in the main event Dave Dexter will face off against the newly returned Gary Brown and a mystery partner in a handicap match. Not tom mention, this announcer has been informed that some kind of Union will be formed between two unlikely wrestlers during WREAKAGE. All in all Wednesday should turn out be a very eventful evening...}---

---{The camera fades in to show the inside of a very framiliar aircraft. It starts off in the cockpit. The camera pans around and sees nothing but buttons and levers and control panels from wall to wall. The only break are two seats in which The Pilot and Co-Pilot sit. The cameraman turns around sees a curtain pulled closed. So he walks until the curtain and pans left. He sees a small, very small area with two microwaves and storage places. To the right he notices a huge refrigerator and a flight attendant bending over reaching into it. The camera quickly focuses on the nice tight ass of the attendant. As it shakes back and forth the camera goes with it. The flight attendt suddenly turns around and gasps. She immeadiately smacks the camereaman and he turns away. He walks to the curtain and opens it. On the right is Justin Sane in his usual seat looking out the window. Lil Person is across from him. Lil Person is reading a book entitled, "The Rock Says" by The Rock.}---

[Lil Person]- Ya know, this really is crap. How the hell did this guy get ot be a best seller. Hell, he probably didn't even write this. He probably payed someone. I mean he keeps switching personalities, it gets really annoying.

[Justin]- Huh? What? O.

[Lil Person]- Justin? You ok? You don't seem well. You are all...well...down and out. I figured you would be downing the champagne right now.

[Justin]- Well, vitctroy ain't all that sweet when you gotta do it again, against THE SAME DAMN PERSON!

[Lil Person]- I know, I know. I saw that too, but think f it this way, he just seens to want more. He hasn't had enough and you have to show him the way.

[Justin]- The way? You been messing with that Self Esteem shit again?

[Lil Person]- No...why? What did you see?

[Justin]- Nothing, I was just wondering.

[Lil Person]- O...ok. Where are we going anyway?

[Justin]- You know. I told you in the limo.

[Lil Person]- O yea. Why?

[Justin]- Becuase we were invited to visit.

[Lil Person]- That part, I get. But what I don't understand is why in the world are we actually going? It's probably not even spnsored by...

[Justin]- WILL YOU SHUTUP! We aren't even supposed to bring a cameraman along, but I felt it was necessary, besides, Doomsday and Brak are really starting to get on my nerves.

[Lil Person]- Ok...I guess.

[Justin]- You guess? You know.

[Lil Person]- Yea...anyways...shouldn't we be there by now? I mean this plane ride is kinda taking forever.

[Justin]- Yea, you're right. We should.

---{Just then the stuardess comes in. She stares evily at the cameraman as she tells Justin that they are preparing to land. Justin sighs in relief and tells the cameraman to shut down for now. Justin and Lil Person put their things away and buckle up as the camera fades.

When it fades back in, the camera pans around to find a rather desolate place. A few cacti here and there, and a few rough and dry hills. Then it turns to this huge air hangar that seems to be extremely old. It is right in front of a huge mountain. The cameraman guesses its from around the 1980s. THe camera looks around to see Justin and Lil Person being led to the inside of the complex by a scientist and a man in a suit. The cameraman runs up and follows. As they walk inside, the cameraman notices that the dimensions of the hangar are immense. They walk towards the back of the hangar and then stop. The scientist presses on the com button and slowly, very slowly a door in the back of the hangar. They slowly walk down a slant into a huge white room with a bunch of scientists. As they walk, they talk.}---

[Justin]- Ok, Doc. Now why exactly did you invite us here.

[Doc]- Well it really is quite simple. But you will have to wait until later to find out.

[Lil Person]- I don't like the looks of this place Justin.

[Doc]- O, don't worry. We here at Area 51 and 1/2 Pride ourselves on looking sneaky. That way when people come to investigate, they just leave.

[Justin]- What? That just made no sense. If reporters come, the more sneaky it looks, the more they want the story.

[Lil Person]- Yea man. What exactly do you do here anyways?

[Doc]- Well, we study wrestlers, both old and young, in an effort to...

[Suit]- Doctor, remember.

[Justin]- Remember what? What is he talking about Doc?

[Doc]- O, nothing. Don't worry about a thing. If you follow me, I will lead you to your room.

[Lil Person]- Rooms? We gotta stay here?

[Justin]- Yea, hold up. I thought this was an in and out thing.

[Doc]- It is an extrememly quick thing, but you will need to wait until tomorrow. SO until then, we have arranged living quarters for you for the night. So if you will...Please follow me.

[Justin]- Ok...I guess. Let's go Lil Person.

---{Justin and Lil Person look at each other and cringe. They definately have a wierd feeling about this place. Justin looks around and finally shrugs and catches up to the Doc. They reach another door at the end of the hall and Doc uses his security card to opent he door. Justin walks in first and looks around. He sees two long hallways, one to his right, and one to his left. The doc turns left and Justin follows him. The cameraman jumps in front of the group and begins to tape while walking backwards. Justin whispers something to Lil Person, who seems to be amused by the comment. The doc reaches a door and pulls a keycard out of his pocket and then opens the door. It is a small room with one TV, a small conventional bathroom, and two twin beds. Justin walks in first sits down on one bed and says, "Comfy." The Doc tosses Justin the card as Lil Person joins Justin. Lil Person sits down on the other bed and grabs the remote. He flicks on the TV and starts to channel surf.}---

[Justin]- At least they can keep you happy.

[Lil Person]- Huh? What?

[Justin]- Exactly. I mean you think the FWF would realize that once is enough. I nearly killed this guy and they have him fighting me again! This is pure bullshit. Don't you agree?!

[Lil Person]- O yea. Definately Justin. Whatever you say.

[Justin]- You don't even know who I am talking about. Do you?

[Lil Person]- Of course I do. You are talking about that guy with the mouth and they two eyes and the nose and ears.

[Justin]- Yea, that's it. His name is LIve. And I gotta fight him again, on Wreakage.

[Lil Person]- O yea, I knew that. Really I did.

[Justin]- Man, the least you could do is pay attention.

[Lil Person]- I am. Really.

[Justin]- Damnit, I just can't get through to you. O well, I certainly got through to Live the other night. In fact, I got to him so much, and he lost so many brain cells that he was dumb enough to go to the front office and demand another match with me. What a fool. This proves my point. The FWF Needs to waste your contract, but they don't want to lose ratings doing it. So, they put you in a match with the biggest ratings drawer in all of FWF history, 'The Franchise' Justin Sane. Now you want to come back for more, that's fine with me. The way I look at it, it is just another ass to kick, and another 20 minutes of my precious time wasted. But for you, its more lik another 5 minutes of my precious time wasted. Let's break it down shall we? I think we shall. 2 minutes for the greatest entrance in the world, mine. 2 minutes for the fans to quiet down, 30 minutes for you to bring your ass to the ring, 20 seconds to realize you shouldn't being doing this, and then the 10 second countout that results when you run into the back. That's right. I am calling you a coward. A chicken, a yellow bellied freak, with a work visa. A freak, who in many people's minds shouldn't be wrestling. A freak, who should be...picking his ass, scratching his head, and watching tapes of Jerry Springer in your trailer park in Alabama. You, Live are ntohign but a pathetic weasle. You weasle your way into things, and then when you finally get them, you can't get out, even thought you try. Live, I think you need to check yourself, before you get hurt.

[Lil Person]- Well man, i think it's time to hit the hay. It's late.

[Justin]- *Looks at watch* Yea, you're right. Just one more thing. Live, I leave you with this...


[Justin]- Not to mention, I got the biggest mouth in FWF! And I Don't Need A Damn Dentist To Tell Me!

---{Justin yawns and pulls the ocvers away. He tells the cameraman that he has to sleep in the bathroom. The cameraman frowns and starts to whimper but Justin ignores him. Justin begins to get ready for bed as the camera fades...}---

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