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---{The Fans Wrestling Federation is once again in shambles. No, not the way you think. There are people like Brak runnning around thinking they are the greatest. Brak seems to not like a very good friend of Justin Sane's. He doesn't seem to like Sazuka, the soon to be Hardcore and Intercontinental Champion. He calls him Sazuki. Very big mistake, becuase you see, Not only will Sazuka whoop your ass, but Justin will whoops your ass as well. He has the balls to call Justin Sane unoriginal? Well I have some news for him, Black and Orange cat...named Brak...Hmmm....Cartoon Network and Space Ghost ring a bell? Just stating my feelings though. Moving on, Justin has a match this Thursday in the Big Mouth Title Tourney. Live. He still has decided not to speak, hell I wonder if he will ever show up. Only he knows. I mean when you don't even to show up to speak on your own behalf, there is basically no point in showing up. Becuase, if this federation has any sense, the winner has already been decided. But will have to wait until Thursday to find out...}---

---{The camera fades in to show a hotel room. The place is neatly organized. The camera pans around to show a few nice plants and a plush black leather couch. There is a home entertainment system with a DVD player, VCR player, CD player, Cassette Player, Radio, and 35 Inch Sony Trinitron TV, not ot mention the hug spekers that hang in the back of the room on the wall. The cameraman notices two sets of suitcases. One black leather and the other just plain, hardcased, black suticases. There are two of each and a black duffell bag. The camera roams around and sees a connecting door. He turns around and walks into the bedroom. The door is open and he walks in. The bed is unmade, and basically a mess. The sheets are all over along with the pillows. The blanket is on the floor. There are towels on the bed. The cameraman looks around and Justin Sane steps out of the bathroom. He looks around and smiels in conetent and then yells for the other party to HURRY UP. He takes a towel wipes off his face and grabs his leather jacket off the chair in the corner next to the table on the terrace. He walks to the living room and looks around. He opens the door to the other sweet and yells once again. All of a sudden...Lil Person appears in the doorway. He is decked out in a minature version of what Justin is wearing. A black striped Armani suit, personally fit, and a pair of pattened leather shoes, also personally fit. Justin waves his hand to hurry up as the doorbell rings. Justin opens the door to reveal a bell boy with a luggage carrier. He places Justin and Lil Person's luggage on the carrier, but Justin takes the black duffell bag himself. He slings it over hsi shoulder as the belly boy and Lil Person hurry out of the door. Justin closes the door as they walk to the elevator. Justin stands there tapping his foot as the elevator finally gets to the penthouse level. The bell boy gets on first followed by Lil Person and Justin. The belly boy presses a number as the cameramn hurries in and the doors close. The elevator goes down and down and won until it finally reaches the ground floor. Justin walks out and sees Tino Martinez waiting at the desk. He is paying for Justin's tab. They hig and say goodbye and then Justin walks to the outside. 'The Franchise's Limo' is waiting for them. A driver gets out and opens the door for Justin. Justin and Lil Person get in and he shut the door. The cameraman knocks but the door doesn't open. The bell boy and the driver throw the luggage in the trunk and close it. Fianlly, the door opens. The driver gets in and starts to drive off. The cameraman jumps in and the camera fades...

The camera fades in to show a similar airport as was seen the other day after the Vancouver show. It is small, not too much security, and only a gate with a padlock to keep it closed. The limo comes into view and pulls up to the gate. A security gaurd opens it and then waves as the limo drives through. The gaurd closes the door as the limo drives to the runway. The 'Franchise's Plane' is already warmed up and ready to go. The pilots and stuardesses are on the plane and wait for the group to arrive. Justin opens the door himself once again as the driver and the stuardesses load the luggage onto the plane. He steps out as Lil Person follows. Justin looks around puts on his shades and throws his leather jacket over his shoulder. Justin smiles at the sturadesses and tells the camerman to hurry up. Justin walks up the steps and into the plane. He seats himself in the same seat as earlier. Lil Person sits on the opposite row as Justin tells the cameraman to sit opposite him. Justin tells him to roll. But just as he is about to turn it on, the pilot informs him that he will have to wait until they are in the air. The camera fades...

As the camera fades back in, Justin is getting a 7Up from the Stuardess. The cameraman gets a scotch and soda, and Lil Person asks for a Heineken. The stuardess cards him. Justin and the cameraman crack up as Lil Person whips out his ID. The sturadess looks as then apoligizes as she gives him his beer. Justin continues to laugh.}---

[Lil Person]- Can you fucking believe that? Carding me. God, just becuase I am not as tall as "normal" people. Its prejudice man, I am telling you.

[Justin]- Yea right...Ok, whatever you say. I wouldn't believe you either.

[Lil Person]- Man...not even my best friend stands up for me. This is whack. What the hell we on this flight for anyways? We should be goign to the event.

[Justin]- I told you...I have some things to pick up in LA. I have to pick up some of my shit for the match. Plus...I have to make some calls so just calm down.

[Lil Person]- O...iight. That hotel was sweet man.

[Justin]- Yea, I know. It was so nice of Tino to pick up the tab.

[Lil Person]- You won, he had to. It was part of the bet.

[Justin]- I knwo, but it's still fun to pretend. That lobster and steak was good. I wish Tino could have had some. I mean he was paying.

[Lil Person]- Ha! So were those 20 or so massages, Tino would have loved those.

[Justin]- Yea, but don't worry about it. it's only like a week's salary to him.

[Lil Person]- I know. But I have to ask...How did you hit El Duque? I mean not even Manny Ramirez and Griffey can do that. But you blasted him!

[Justin]- I can't say. I am Yanks fan, you think i am going to tell everyone how? That'd be nuts. That idiot Brak would probably go and tell the Indians or something.

[Lil Person]- What a fucking clown man. That guy calls you unoriginal?! That was funny.

[Justin]- If you ask me that guy should be draged out into the street and shot.

[Lil Person]- Then run over six times and shot again 30 times in the head!

[Justin]- Do you enjoy killing everyone's jokes?

[Lil Person]- Shut the hell up!

---{Justin laughs as the cameraman laughs and points at Lil Person. Lil Person gets angry and slowly walks over to the cameraman. He gets there and looks his right in the eye. The cameraman asks Justin to hold the camera and he does. All of a sudden Lil person jumps on top of the cameraman and starts to punch him. The cmaeraman merely picks up Lil Person by his jacket and walks over and drops him in his seat. Justin laughs and hands the cameraman the camera as they continue.}---

[Justin]- That was good man.

[Lil Person]- Man...thanks for the help.

[Justin]- No Problem. Antytime.

[Lil Person]- Just shutup and get on with this interview.

[Justin]- O yea, the interview. I completely forgot the purpose of bring you along. Live right? O Yea, tht guy who hasn't had the balls to say a single word. Hmm...Wonder why. I think it has something to do with the fact that he scared. Yea, that seems to be the most reasonable answer. Scared. Definately. But who wouldn't be? I mean going against 'The Franchise' one on one is like going against ten Braks...o wait, not even 100 Hundred Braks could equal me. And Brak...that ain't no fucking joke. That's pure fact. It's nothing but pure truth. Back to Live. How you go here, I don't know. You never interview, you abruptly retired, and you just plain suck. I figure its becuase they just need to get rid of you so they are wasting your conract. But they want to avoid a lawsuit so they put you in a match with 'The Franchise' so that you could finally end your life with some dignity. I want to know what the hell made you get invloved in wrestling in the first place? Was it that fact that maybe if you knock someone over, you would be famous? Well, I bet that's it. Well, guess what, it ain't that easy. It's a hell of a lot harder. In fact, it's harder than Brak's thick skull. Which is saying a lot. I am more concentrated on wrestling now more than anything. I hope you don't think that you are going to get away with a win tomorrow night becuase, you won't. And that's a GUAR-AN-DAMN-TEE!

[Lil Person]- Yo man, what's up with that Brak guy.

[Justin]- Yea, I know. He seems to think that he could beat me. I could whoops his fucking ass any day of the week. He is nothing more than a cheap plug for...SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST on Cartoon Network.

[Lil Person]- Man, I hope that little shit says something about me. I will kick his ass personally. He doesn't even deserve to be alive.

[Justin]- Yea, just like you did earlier...right?

[Lil Person]- Hey man, the cameraman has more talent than that Alien Freak.

[Justin]- Wow, now you are getting abused by my sidekick. That's sad Brak.

---{Justin calls the stuardess. She walks down the aisle as Justin asks for another 7Up. Lil Person asks for a new Heineken and the cameraman asks for a Guinness. Justin looks around and laughs and then speaks.}---

[Justin]- Man, I was just thinking about Live. I was starting to feel bad for him. I mean, he doesn't show up to interview. He probably hasn't worked out, and he probably sits at home eating Hogies and Gyros with his buddy Brak, drinking Pepsi. For his sake, I hope he stays alive. Becuase at his age, at his stage in his career, with the punishment I will dish out, I doubt he can survive. I mean, no one has even seen "The Mental Breakdown" or "The Intro To Insanity". So, you basically don't know what you are dealing with. You could see a sit down powerbomb, or you could see the Frog Splash. I bet you are sitting at home with your friend Brak, eating your hogies and gyros worrying. You are wait...not probably...definately sitting there shaking in your boots, scared of what you have to face in less than 24 hours. Live, the minute you left all the ticket sales went up and the t-shirt sales went way up. And then when 'The Franchise' arrived evrythign hit an all time high. But then Brak showed up. It was sad, really. Everything hit rock botttom. There was nothing. But then Justin Sane was booked for the Madness card and tickets immeadiately sold out. Believe me Lie, no one needs you. Not even those damn Retirement Homes Deuce Deamon spent all that time in. The FWF doesn't need you, I don't need you, Earth doesn't need you. Hey, I got an idea...since Brak seems bent on proving he can wrestle, after i cripple you, you can take his place on Space Ghost. That way no one sees you and you are off The Earth and out of FWF. It works perfectly. You should think about it.

[Lil Person]- Man...we there. That was fast. Got any last words?

[Justin]- Yea. Live, Brak, and to all you other dicks out there who think they can beat me...


[Justin]- Not to mention, I got the biggest mouth in FWF! Yes, even bigger than Brak's!

---{The camera focuses out the window. The "Hollywood Letters" can be seen from where they are. The camera looks down upon all of the beatuiful buidlings and stages for the TV Shows and Movies. The plane begins to descend as the camera fades..."}---

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