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---{One word can describe it all. Robbery. Grand Theft Matchery. Nothing but pure bull. Doomsday, a lowly maggot in the ranks, now has one more win than 'The Franchise' himself. There has never been such utter disappointment in one city. Vancouver is hanging low with their heads down, knowing that Justin Sane was robbed, plain and simply robbed, of a victory. Now, Justin Sane must move on though. Though the grass is thinning and the ground is not fertile, Justin must move on to find better pastures. No not in another Federation, he must simply find a new opponent. Justin must march on and not let this slow him down on his road to Cyberslam. Cyberslam 2000 will be an event for sure. Justin will be there, whether in a match or not. He will be a huge part of Cyberslam whether Justin Goldman likes it or not. For you see, Justin will not just fold up and leave. O no, he will merely get stronger, wiser, quicker. Justin will now train harder and longer, until he finally convinces Justin Goldman that he is THE CHOSEN ONE! And he will do whatever it takes to reach that goal of The FWF Heavyweight Championship Belt. 'The Franchise' will prevail...You will all see...}---


---{The camera fades in to show the arena exit from the GM Place in Vacouver, British Columbia, Canada. Hundreds of fans are wailing pens and papers and t-shirts in front of the wrestlers as they leave from the earlier completed Lightning. Finally, a depressed Justin Sane carrying a black duffel bag slung over his shoulder emerges from the exit. The fans wave papers in his face, but Justin merely shrugs them off. He is downtrodden and angry. One fan goes as far as to hit Justin in the head with a pen. Justin slams the Duffel bag on the ground. He whips his head up and looks around with a angry face. The place suddenly quiets as all the wrestlers and fans stare at Justin. Justin is looking for the fan that hit him. He sopts him. He is a man, about Doomsday's height. Built better and wider. Justin stares right at him as the fan stares back. Justin walks right up to him and stares him directly in the eyes. He then calms down shrugs it off and exclaims that hes not worth it. The whole place breathes a sigh of relief. Justin then walks over to his duffel bag and opens it up. Grabs a t-shirt and pen from the bag, and signs the shirt. He then tosses it to the fan, saying next time, he gets it. Justin slowly puts the bag back up on his shoulder and walks away. The crowd parts, not wanting to get in his way, and the same limo is there. Lil Person, his two women, and Justin's two women are leaning on the car waiting for Justin. The driver is talking to another driver. He hurries over, takes Justin's bag, pops the trnk, and places it in there carefully. He then shuts the trunk and walks over to open the door. He opens it, but this time Justin gets in first followed by the enterouge. The driver closes the door and walks to the driver's seat. He opens it, sits down and drives off into the horizon as the camera fades.

When the camera fades back, an airport is shown. It is a small airport in a small country town. Mostly short distance planes and charter planes. No gates or anything. Just a lock on the metal door in the chain link fence a couple runways and a small control tower. All of a sudden 'The Franchise's Limo' comes up from the country road. It turns at the gate and stops. The driver gets out and takes out his keys. He picks a key out and opens the lock ont he metal chain on the gate. He opens the doors, and goes back to the limo, and drives through. When he clears the gates, he gets out again and shuts the gates, making sure to lock them. He walks back, gets in and drives to a special hangar. The Hangar is marked blank, with no words on the opening door. The driver gets out and walks up to the door of the small hangar and begins to pull it open. He gets it opne enough for the camera to spot a generally small aircraft with the word 'FRANCHISE' written on the right side, above the few windows, in gold. The driver goes back to open the door of the limo, it has already been opened. Justin is the first to step out, followed byt the rest of the group. They all walk to the airplane except for Justin. Justin takes out his cell phone and places a call to the pilots. They are in the control tower and will be right there. The flight attendants quickly show up and open the plan door. Justin and his ladies climb in and they all take thier seats. The inside is nice and cosy. Plush, leather seats with their own TV monitor, cup holder, and food tray. Justin walks to the cockpit while the others settle in. He tells them to keep it quiet becuase they have all had an exhausting day. The plane begins to start up its engines and roll out onto the runway. The rest of the group is already fast asleep. Justin settles in as the plane gets the ok to take off. Justin drifts off pondering his next move...


It is now 5:30 AM Los Angeles Time. We fade in to catch the inside of the plane. They are just landing on an air strip just out side of Los Angeles. The group is beginning to wake up from their slumbers. They all yawn and stretch as the plane touches down. Justin unbuckles his eat belt and stands up as the plane moves to its hangar. Justin opens one of the two overhead bins and pulls out his black duffel bag. He reaches down, pulls out an alotiods box, opens it and pops two in his mouth. He then grabs a new shirt and places it next to him. Justin is merely in jeans and a white undershirt. Justin takes off the undershirt and places on his signature black 'Franchise' shirt. They all get up and stretch as the plane comes to a halt. Steps are rolled to the door and the door is opened. Justin and the crew step down from the plane and into their limo. The camera fades once again.

The camera picks up inside yet another Studio. Yet this one is errily framiliar. Yes, this is it...This is NBC studios. Justin and the group come into view out of the corner of the view. They are walking. Right now it is about 9:45 AM Pacific. Justin looks around and points out Jay Leno's car and then past his studio. Lil Person finally breaks the silence.}---

[Lil Person]- Justin you have to undertand man. It wasn't your fault. Shit happens man. You gotta deal with it. You will get him back, don't worry about it. And this Wednesday you can redeem yourself. Hey maybe you will even get Dee. Ya never know. What I do know is that you gotta stop feeling sorry fo ryourself and start getting ready for your next match.

[Justin]- Yea, I guess you are right. I mean it is just one loss. I meand, Doomsday was due. He hadn't won in a long time. Skill was on my side, but luck was on his. O well, he deserves it.

[Lil Person]- That's it man. Move on. Forget last night. Last night was a joke. Pure robbery and you know that. It shouldn't even go in the record books. But it will, and soon you will one day too, as the best DAMN FWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of all time.

[Justin]- Yea, I guess you are right. But...

[Lil Person]- But? But? There is no buts involved. Maybe the girl's but that's besides the point ok. Trust me I know.

[Justin]- Ok, I am trusting you here.

[Lil Person]- That's better. Now what do you want to do before we go and visit Jay and the gang?

[Justin]- Doesn't really matter to me. Too bad Conan ain't out here, we could have seen him. That would have been fun. We could have talked about old times and cracked on you some more. But he's not, so we won't.

[Lil Person]- Yea, wish we could get together with him. He needs to take more time off and visit us.

[Justin]- Good point. O well. Anyways, I am still pissed about fucking Doomsday. I mean if that wasn't robbery I don't know what is. Doomsday?! Pinning me?! I don't know where my mind was. At least Ringo lost. That was the high point of the evening.

[Lil Person]- What about when Slick Sharp betrayed FTE and Justin Goldman announced, well actually guaranteed, that Dex would lose his title this wednesday. Those were two very interesting moments.

[Justin]- Yea, kinda. I guess they were. But all the true Franchise fans know who will take that title from Dexter on Wednesday. Well, that is if Justin is smart. If Justin Goldman is smart, we all know he will put 'The Franchise' up against 'Da Bomb'. That my friends is a guarantee.

[Lil Person]- A guarantee? I don't know about that. A good match, definately, but a guarantee, that's in question.

[Justin]- Ahh, what do you know.

---{The groups then walks down a little more where they find the set of "Friends." It is the particular set of "CENTRAL PERK," the coffee shop. The set is vacant due to it being Sunday. The group walks over to the door of the shop and open it. It is suprisingly, unlocked. Justin walks in first and sits down in the chair with its back facing the chair. The girls sit on the couch and Lil Person sits down in a chair and turns it around to face the group. Justin puts his feet up on the wooden table and puts his hands behind his head.}---

[Justin]- Now this is cool. This is so relaxing. I could do this for a living.

[Lil Person]- do do this for a living. You get your food, airfare, and hotel expenses paid for, and you get to do something that you love, not to mention, use your verbal assets to abuse your helpless opponents.

[Justin]- O yea. You're right. O well. Sticking to FWF, let's review Friday Lightning. To kick off the evening we had a very interesting interview by Justin Goldman announcing that Dexter would fight a mystery opponent to be announced at a latter date on Wednesday. Then we had Dave Dexter with an unexpected interview basically promoting himself again, and basically guaranteeing he will come out victorious at Cyberlsam 2000. Following this we had the thrashing of Ringo the clown by none other than Sazuka.

[Lil Person]- Seeing Slick and Dooms come down was interesting. Not even Sazuka knew what they were doing there.

[Justin]- Yea, but then came the down point of the entire evening. The theft of the evening, the joke of the evening. Doomsday, defeated your very own, 'The Franchise', Justin Sane. A short and quick intervew by Brock Williams followed. And Slick Sharp took on Dee in the next match and turned his back on FTE by going to the Young Gunz. Now we move on to Joey Goldman's inetview. He was, however, thankfully inetrrupted by JJJ, and challeneg to a Hair for Hair match later on in the Main Event. We then move to two quick matches where Deuce Deamon picked up the win by DQ and Brock Williams won mysteriously. Finally we moved on to the main event. Joey and JJJ went back an forth throughout the match until recieving a Double Countout. JJJ had failed to reveal the truth behind Joey Goldman. But, all of a sudden GARY BROWN hit the ring! And just as he was about to tell us who Joey Goldman really is, the show went off the air.

[Lil Person]- Man, it was just gettign intersting too. I have a feeling that all will be revealed at Cyberslam.

[Justin]- O well, we will have to wait. But no moving on, although the official card for Wednesday hasn't been anounced yet, here is what we have so far. Dave 'Da Bomb' Dexter facind a Mystery Opponent for World Title and the First Round of The Big Mouth Title Tourney.

[Lil Person]- Hey, wait a minute you are in that aren't you?

[Justin]- Yea, I signed up this morning. Unfortunately there is only four people involved so far. First off we have Live. The man who claims he was next in line for a shot. Now I don't know much about this guy except that he has been here for quite a while 7 months I think. Yea, that's it. But ya know this guy can be here seven years, and he still can't measure up to the Franchise. Cuz this, right here, is PERFECTION!

---{Justin gets up and wlks to the door. The rest of the group reluctantly gets up and follows him. They begin the long walk back towards Jay Leno's studio. Justin looks around and sees a soda machine. He stops over, pops in 5 quarters and out pops a Diet Grape Slice.}---

[Justin]- What the fuck is this? Some kind of bullshit soda? It's kinda like Slick Sharp, the bullshit wrestler. How the hell is this guy ranked 13. We all know that I should be ranked Number 1 and hold all belts, but that time will come. He calls himself "The Technician, but all the technichal crap won't do shit when he faces someone of pure skill like me. Slick you should have jumped off that building. it would have done the world a favor. With you dead, the FWF and the world would not have to deal with another loser such as yourself. You are associated with the likes of Doomsday. You need to die, and come Wednesday, your career will meets its end, or its death so to speak. Becuase after I am done with you, there won't be enough pieces to pick up.

[Lil Person]- Who's the fourth guy?

[Justin]- Some guy named Mark Vanderloo. That last name sounds like some kind of car oil. He ain't worth it. When he says something to me, I'll think about responding. The bottom line is, that Big Mouth Title is mine. And do you want to know why?

[Lil Person]- Why?

[Justin]- Because...


[Justin]- Not to mention, I got the biggest mouth in FWF!

---{Justin and the group finally get back to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" studio. Justin walks through the stage door and the rest follow. He walks in to the backstage area. He sees Kevin Eubanks and says hello. He then asks if Jay is in his room and Kevin nods. Justin walks to Jay's room and knocks on the door. Jay opens the door and yells hello as Justin and Jay hug. They all walk in as the door shuts and the camera fades...}---

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