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---{Well, well, well...Once again we come upon the night before Lightning. And less than 24 hours away Justin Sane will strut down the aisle and climb into the ring with a man called Doomsday?! Yes i is true, 'The Franchise' must once again risk his reputation, well actually not risk but merely...Hell!...Doomsday couldn't beat the air out of a paper bag! Justin's reputation isn't at stake here, but rather Doomsday's life...When we last left 'THE FUTURE' as they like to call themselves, they were leaving the FWF Studios and heading for better things. Where will they wind up today? Let's find out...}---

---{The camera fades in to show once again busy streets. However, outside of the busy city is cold. It is winter and snow covers the mountaintops which are seen over the view of the tall buildings. The camera fades back down the the street where we see snow on the sidewalks and slush in the street. The temperature is extremely cold, and all are wearing winter coats. All of a sudden the same limo from the last two interviews comes into view from around the corner. The black Mercedees Benz limousine cruises for two or three blocks until it reaches the cameraman. The car pulls to s stop right in front of the limo. The driver hops out and hurries over to the door. He opens it and pushes the cameraman back. The two "taller" ladies from before get out first, followed by the "smaller" two. Then Lil Person gets out and then finally, 'The Franchise' Justin Sane. Justin pulls out his wallet and tips the driver a ten. The ladies yawn and wrap their fur coats tighter around themselves. Justin and Lil Person are wearing the same thing as the day before. The driver hops back in and Justin tells him that he'll phone him. The group walks over to a appliance store window.}---

[Lil Person]- YO man, no more red-eye flights. Those thing are crazy, i am so fucking tired. Damn you andyour superstitions. Just becuase you took a red eye flight before your first match and won a title that same night doesn't mean you have to do it every time.

[Justin]- Hey, you don't tell me what to do. Remmeber I am like 10 times bigger than you. And besides Red Eyes are cool, you get to see the cities all lit up.

[Lil Person]- Justin, we are so high up and it's so late i cant see the cities becuase i am usually asleep or can't reach the window.

[Justin]- O Yea! HA HA! Sucks for you.

[Lil Person]- Hey, you shutup, or I'll do to you what I did to Lil Rex...That little bitch can't do a damn thing abou it either cuz he can't talk!

[Girl #1]- Hey, it you two would stop; your incessent bickering, then you would see that there is a preview for Lightning on the TV.

---{Justin and Lil Person turn towards the window to see the biggest TV showing a preview for FWF: Friday Lightning. The announcer is promoting the matches.}---

[ANNOUNCER]- Friday, March 03, 2000, FWF: Friday Lightning comes right here to Vacnouver, British Columbia, Canada. Featuring...Sazuka vs Ringo, Jeremy Riley vs Deuce Deamon, Brock Williams vs Live, and special appearences by Joey and Justin Goldman, and also one of the biggest matches of the night...'THE FRANCHISE' JUSTIN SANE vs. Doomsday! Be sure to tune in and watch...Becuase tickets are already sold out!}---

[Justin]- Well would you look at that. Even these damn Canadians know talent. Too bad I gotta fight Doomsday, that's the only reson this isn't the main event. Stupid bitch!

[Lil Person]- Don't worry Justin. This match is gonna be funny. Besides we always got...well ya know...if things get rough. I doubt it though.

[Justin]- DAMNIT! We are supposed to keep that quiet. There is a camera right there! YOu fucking moron. He's gonna kill you now!

[Lil Person]- No he's not. Calm down. I know the camera guy's there. I am just letting Doomsday know to not bring any of his gay FTE friends with him.

[Lil Person]- Fine, Just dont let it happen again. Or else...

---{Justin and the group turn away fro the window. A clod gust of wind blows by and all of them blows into the ir hands and pulls their jackets ighter. Justin stops all of a sudden and all of them do with him. Justin looks up and sees a huge park covered in snow. Justin tears, but then quickly wipes it up. He continues walking and tells the group to hurry up.The cameraman gets in front as the small talk continues.}---

[Justin]- So, guys, we got a few hours to kill before we have to be at the hotel. What do you guys wanna do?

[Lil Person]- Let's get something to eat. I am starving. I haven't eaten since...well...the airport, and that still hasn;t gone down.

[Justin]- How about Pizza? There is one right over there.

[Lil Person]- Fine with me. Let's go.

---{The group walks to the curb and presses the button for the light. They wait, while Justin wistles. The light switches, and the group heads across. Suddenly, a car speeds around the cvorner and barely misses Lil Person. He speeds away without even stopping. Justin curses as Lil Person stands still, in shock. Lil Person wakes out of shock and immeadiately starts cursing using every single word he knows. They then shake it off, and walk over to the pizza place. Justin and Lil Person sit down in a big booth fit for 6 as the girls go and order a large pie.}---

[Justin]- Yo man, ar eyou ok? That guy was fucking crazy!

[Lil Person]- Yea, yea, i am fine. Stop worrying about me and worry about your match with Doomsday.

[Justin]- Ok, ok. Let's just eat first. Ok?

[Lil Person]- I see no objections.

---{Just as that line is uttered, the girls carry over a steaming hot cheese pie. The "little" girls sit next to Lil Person, opposite Justin and the "big" girls. Each take a plate and a napkin and slice. And chow down}---

[Justin]- Mmmm...This is good pizza. Vancouver sure knows its stuff. It knows how to celebrate winter, how to celebrate such Intenational Sports stars such as us, and it has great pizza. The only drawback is the damn drivers.

[Lil Person]- Yes, damn FRIDAY DRIVERS!

[Justin]- Ha! That's funny. But not as funny as tonight is going to be. Did you guys see that last Doomsday interview? A Carnival? What the fuck is that. I think he missed the ground and hit himself with the lightning.




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