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---{The Fans Wrestling Federation is getting back on it's feet slowly but surely. The main event for Cyberslam has been officially announced and DESPITE SERIOUS ADVISEMENT...Justin Sane's name was left off the Main Event. And for all you losers that have no sense of choice and actually want to know the main event...TOO FUCKING BAD! Just Kidding. It is a four way dance for th World Title, obviously. Almost as obvious as the four men in the match. 'The Young Gunz' Jagged Jeff Jackson and Brock Williams, 'Your Current and Future Entertainer' Deuce Deamon, and The Current Champion Dave 'Da Bomb' Dexter. Moving on to closer arrangements...Friday Night Lightning was announced today. The matches include Brock Williams against Live, Jeremy Riley against Deuce Deamon, Slick Sharp against 'The Former Master' Dee, Sazuka against 'The Barnum and Bailey Reject' Ringo, and finally the headliner...the one all have been waiting for...Justin Sane's return match against...DOOMSDAY?! Yes it's true...The Franchise must face off against a hapless follower such as Doomsday...but o well. Justin Will once again prove he is the Main Eveneter, The Future of All Wrestling, and The Overall FRANCHISE!}---

---{The camera fades in to show a busy city. People are bussling about on the streets and the cars are speeding by. Citzens are cursing at each other and drivers are honking their gorns. The smog is unbelievably thick. Tourists walk around staring at their maps and bumping into other people. People are walking around with their cellphones in one hand and their briefcases in the other. All of a sudden a the front of a limo comes into view. It is rolling over a nearby hill. It is the same as before, a stretch black Mercedes Benz limousine. The car comes into full view and it has a black licsense plate with the words, "FRANCHISE" in gold. The camera focuses above the limo on a green hill with a sign on it. The sign read, "HOLLYWOOD" in big, capital, block white letters. The limo then pulls back to the sreet where the limo pull up to Studio 107 where "FWF: THE MOVIE" is being filmed. The driver rolls down the window and hands the gaurd a piece of paper. The gaurd walks back to his booth and comes back a few minutes later with the same piece of paper. He hands the driver the paper and walks back to the booth. He presses a button and the gate opens. The limo drives on and the gaurd goes back to his booth to watch Soaps and eat doughnuts as the camera fades...

When the camera fades back in it shows the limo pulling up to an the outside of an indoor set with the words FWF painted on the door in red. The comes to a halt and the driver's door opens. He walks to the rear door and holds it open. First the same cameraman from a couple days ago gets out, followed by two beautiful ladies and then by 'The Franchise' Justin Sane. He steps out wearing a black striped Armain suit and gucchi pattened leather shoes. He looks around and then motions back into the limo. Out comes a "little person" dressed exactly like Justin. He looks exactly like him right down to the cut above the eye. They both look around and then two "little women" follow the little guy out. The women, both biug and small wrap themselves around each arm of the two men. The limo driver closes the door and goes back to the driver's seat and drives off. Justin and company walk to the stage door and enter the building with the cameraman close behind. They walk in to see the set of the FWF Coporate headquarters. Stage hands are running around like animals in a feeding frenzy.}---

[Justin]- Boy is Hollywood in for a shock. Lil Person, you are gonna wreck them up. When these people see the talent you have, they will snatch you up and immeadiately make you 'The Franchise' in "FWF: THE MOVIE."

[Lil Person]- You damn right. I will blow that Lil Rex away. What a loser. He can't even talk. That guy should be dragged out into the street and beaten with a tree or something.

[Justin]- A Tree? I don't think anyone can pick up a tree. Not even you. But anyways. What do you think ladies? You think that Lil Person is gonna blow them away?

[Big Girl #1]- Well all I know is that you blew me away at that cabin. 'The Young Sexy Gun' Brock Williams? More like Crock Williams.

[Big Girls #2]- Yea, I agree. But honey when can we go back to your hotel. I have been itching to.. ya'know ever since the plane ride.

[Justin]- Patience Girls. Patience. We'll get there. right now we gotta take care of buisness.

---{Justin sees a young lady wearing a suit and carrying a notebook and stops to ask her a question}---

[Justin]- Excuse me where can I find the director.

[Lady]- {Sarcastically} Over there, in the big chair marked Director. Geez, people just get dumber everyday.

[Justin]- EXCUSE ME?! Wow, must be that time of the month. Do us a favor, go to the bathroom and pull your panies out of your ass!


---{The lady storms off as the group has a good laugh. They settle down and beginto walk towards the director, Brock Williams.}---

[Justin]- Now down to buisness. Let's go see this so called Director, Brock Williams.

---{They all begin to walk over to the director's chair when they are suddenly cut off by a group of buisnessmen and "yes" men and women. Justin looks disgusted and Lil Person shares his disgust. They begin to throw people out of the way. They finally clear a path to Brock.}---

[Justin]- Yo, Crock Williams! Listen Up!

[Brock]- Crock Williams? No one talks to me that way. You better watch your mouth before I throw you out of here!

[Lil Person]- Hey Chump, you listen up! Do you know who you are talking to? This is 'The Franchise' Justin Sane. The man that will single handedly pick apart Doomsday, whichever one he fights. This man is the epitimy of greatness. You should bow at his feet and lick his shoes!

---{Brock looks around to hear where the vioce is coming from. He can't see anyone until he looks down and sees Lil Person with his hands on his hips, tapping his foot. Brock chuckles a little then responds}---

[Brock]- Are you talking to me? Ha! Well, you did diss me and call me Crock Williams, seem to hate FTE as much as I do so you can stay. What the hell do you want anyways?

[Justin]- What do you think we want. We want you to give Lil Person a role in the movie.

[Brock]- And who may I ask is going to play?

[Justin]- Me of course. The Franchise. Ok, well I got the perfect role for him.

[Brock]- Ok, well I got the perfect role for him. Why don't you go have some refreshments and I'll take care of him.

[Lil Person]- Now that's more like it. Justin, you go and take the cameraman with you. There will be plenty of cmareas on me while I am on the set.

[Justin]- Ok, if you say so. I'll see you later.

---{Brock takes Lil Person in and tells him where to go. He hands him a script and sends him to s apot. Just then, Pimp Midge, Lil Rex, and Lil Country come into view with thier scripts. Justin walks away smiling. He walks over the refreshment table. Justin takes a can of Sprite and takes a sip. He lets out a satisfactory, AHHH, out and then put s it down. He takes a powdered doughnut and takes a bite, then wipes his mouth with a napkin. Justin takes another sip of soda and then takes a two pieces of paper out.}---

[Justin]- Do you know what I hold here. One is a memo issuing the main evevnt for Cyberslam. The other, is the memo announcing Friday's lineup. One, the Cyberslam memo, was a crushing blow. Both to me and the FWF. For you see, once this was released the ratings were doomed. When my name was not announced as a Main Eventer, there was no chance of this Pay Per View succeeding. The other,however, gave teh FWF a ratings boost through the roof. Before the show even started. Once The Franchise was announced on the card, tickets were sold out in an hour. But let's review shall we. First we have Sazuka, The Hardcore Champion, Sazuka against 'The Barnum and Bailey Reject' in Ringo the Clown. Now if this isn't a joke I don't know what is. Sazuka will hand Ringo his ass in less that two minutes. Next, we have Dee versus Slick Sharp. This match is too sad to comment on. Then, continuing on, Jeremy Riley will fight Deuce Deamon. This should be a ghard fought battle, but Deuce will come out on top. Continuing, we have Brock Williams against noen other than 'The Missing Man' Live, with a Main Event to BE Announced. Finally, we have the REAL Main Event of the vening. Justin Sane versus Doomsday. HA HA HA! Doomsday?! What a joke. What were they thinking. Ya know thanks to Doomsday, this major ratings draw is disguised as a low card matchup. But thanks to the Franchise, this match will have the biggest draw of all.

---{Justin puts the pieces of paper back in his pocket. He looks around and sees the stage hands setting up the actors. Lil Person smiles and gives a thumbs up towards justin. He then motions towards Lil Rex as if to hit him, but stops and laughs. Justin takes another sip of the Sprite and eats more of the doughnut. Justin wipes his mouth again.}---

[Justin]- Now onto Doomsday. Now could you please do me a favor. Which one am I fighting? he Young bald one or the aging one with hair implants? Cuz I am a little confuse. Well whichever one I am fighting its a simple as 1-2-3. You think that you are so cool be cause you are in FTE, well FTE ain't all thatgreat. You got one good member, one very good member, and the other two, you and slick, couldn't bribe your way to a win. Between you and Slick you guys have what, 1 win all together since December? That's sad. In fact, that's pitiful, yet you are still here. Well I guess everyone needs a stepping stone and in the FWF you are it. You are the bttom of the ladder, the crap that everyone gets rid off and done with they walk through the door. As far as I am concerned you are a piece of trash, a nothing.You do not deserve to be here or in FTE. If they were smart they would dump you two and pick up someone like The Franchise. But back to you. You are the scarecrow of the FWF. You act all tough and pick on things that can't defend themselves, but then when it gets serious, you back down. You are nade of nothing but straw, so to speak. You are a chick-hearted fool. You have no power, no stregnth, no perseverence, the list is endless. Becuase if you did, then you would have at least one win since December. O wait, you do. In a tag match, but then again if I recall Dave Dexter seemed to do all of the work. Doomsday, you need to wake up and smell the coffee, you will never ...EEEEVVVEEEERRRR... be a champion, hell I'll go as far as to say you probably won't win a match until, o...say...December of 2000. In fact you probably won't even have the balls to show up for the match. You will probably sit back in your home, wherever that is, and watch me beat up some loser because FWF needs the ratings.

[Justin]- Do---


---{Justin sighsand places his doughnut down on the table again. He takes another sip of the soda and walks over to the set and Brock.}---

[Justin]- What's going on? Is there a problem?

[Brock]- There isn't a problem. Your friend over here won't do what I tell him. If he wants to be in this movie he better shut up and listen.

[Lil Person]- No problem? Look at what you are telling me to do. This is a fucking joke. It's an insult to The Franchise and Lil Franchise.

[Justin]- What does he have you doing that is so very embrassing.

[Brock]- I'll tell you. He stands over there pours coffee and hands it to the other stars.

[Justin]- WHAT?! That's bullshit. So he is only in this one scene? And all he does is hand out coffee.

[Brock]- No, I am still debating whether to put him in the movie. He just hands out coffee off camera for now.

[Justin]- You listen up bitch. I don't care who you are. You put him in teh movie and you put him in a big role. [Justin pokes Brock in the shoulder]YOU GOT THAT?!

[Brock]- You listen up. You don't tell me what to do. I AM THE DIRECTOR! THIS IS MY F'N MOVIE! YOU GOT THAT?! I will put who I want in the movie, where I want them, when I want them there. And right now, I am in a good move, so i guess your friend will be in the movie.

[Lil Person]- That's better. Now, lets get down to buisness.

[Justin]- Ok, well I got some buisness to finish. So I will be back soon. Just curse if you need a hand.

[Lil Person]- No Problem.

---{Justin walks away with a smile, laughing. He looks around and then walks over to the guest seating area. He sits down next to some framiliar faces. O MY GOD! It's Justin's hero! HULK HOGAN! He is in his traditional red and yellow. Justin is in shock. He can't speak, but then he gets control of himself.}---

[Justin]- You..You...You're Hukan Holg...Hogan Hulk...Hulk Hogan. I can't bellieve it! You are my hero. I got into this buisness becuase of you.

[Hulk Hogan]- Yea Brother! It's me Brother! I am the man brother! Are you a Hulkamaniac Brother?! Cuz The Hulkamania is running wild brother!

[Justin]- Ok, well first off I am not your brother. But yea, I am a Hulkamaniac. Why are you here any way?

[Hulk Hogan]- Well...Brother, I am here becuase all of my other movies failed brother. I am here to get a small part brother. Why are you hear brother?

[Justin]- Ok, lets get one things straight, I have no relation to you. I am here to watch my man Lil Person steal the show from that washed up never-has-been Lil Rex, and to keep Brock from embarrassing the FWF, by screwing up as the Director.

[Hulk Hogan]- Ok, BROTHER! Well, brother, good luck, brother. I got to see the Director about my scene brother. But before i go...WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THE HULKAMANI....[stumbles]....A RUNS WILD ON....[runs out of breath]....YOU BROTHER!

[Justin]- That guy just doesn't get it. I am not his brother. Wow, Hulk Hogan. What surprise. Never thought I would see the day. O well, it's Hollywood, what do you expect. Well, back to buisness. Doomsday. Let's see, the new doomsday. Teh dark Doomsday. OOO, I am scared. You pussie, you actually think that you can dethrone The Franchise off of his throne? That is a laugh. There are MAYBE, and that is a serious maybe who can dethrone The Franchise off of his throne. Dave Dexter and Sazuka, but remember, that's a maybe. But you, no way. You couldn't beat your...Can I say that on TV?[Cameraman shakes his head] O well, but you know what I mean. Actually come to think of it, I want you to show up on Friday. I want you to give your best, and while you are doing that, I'll be holding you off with one hand on your forehead. And do you know why? Becuase you are just too dumb to realize that maybe if you moved to the side you could avoid all of this humiliation. Well, come to think of it, it is too late for that. No wins since December? That's embarassing enough. You see, you lost the 'The Barnum and Bailey Reject' Ringo Roberts. I don't know how this guy is 2 and 0. The only reason that he beat me was becuase I, The Franchise was not concentrating I was focusing on other things from other times. I had personal problems, if you will. And if he would have the balls to step into the ring with me again, I would make sure he didn't survie to fight a fourth match, much less put a one in that loss column. Doomsday, I plan to put a 10 or 11 or whatever number it's up to in your loss column on Firday. You want to talk about how it's my time now? Well you damn right. As far as the my turn to suffer part, i think you got that one mixed up, you are the one that will suffer. It's my time, it's Justin Sane's time, it's The Franchise's time now, and there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop it. I am going to destroy you The Polish French Fry would a 14 course meal, quickfully and painfully, both to watch and to experience.

---{Justin gets up and walks over to the set again. He sees Brock Williams sitting in his chair with the crutches next to him talking to some Suit. The actors have just finished a scene and are taking a short break. But wait, something is wrong. Lil Rex and Lil Person are staring each other down. Both have a mean look on their face. What's this. O MY GOD! LIL REX JUST GAVE LIL PERSON THE FINGER! Lil Person is in shock. Lil Person charges him. He has him on the ground. He is sitting on his chest ounchign like a crazed animal during feeding time. O, whats this? Lil Rex turns him over and now is sitting on Lil Person's chest and punching him. This continues for another five minutes before Justin finally gets bored of it and picks both up by their pants.}---

[Justin]- That's enough you two. Save it for the ring. Ha!

---{Justin walks over to Brock and drops Lil Rex in his lap. The places Lil Person next to him and tells him to stay put.}---

[Justin]- You gonna tell your little punk to stop behaving like a bitch or do we walk?

[Brock]- Go ahead, walk for all I care. You were only gonna get beat by Hulk Hogan anyway.

[Lil Person]- You little bitch, Rex. Why don't you speak huh? Why don't you actually say something? O yea, I forgot, you can't! You pussie. I'm glad we are walking. This movie only would have damaged The Franchise's reputation. Your movie was doomed from the minute it opened filming. SCREW YOU!

---{Lil Person and Justin walk away as Brock holds Lil Rex back. Justin gets on his cellphone and calls the limo driver and tells him to get there. Justin and Lil Person meet the ladies and they grab onto their arms. The cameraman hurries and catches up. They walk outside where the limo driver has not arrived. Justin gets in a few quick last words.}---

[Justin]- Doomsday you can't beat me. Simply becuase...I'M DA MAN!...I'M DA SHIT!...AND I'M DA DA BOMB!...licsensed...O wait that's not it. I GAUR-UN-DAMN... No wait, that's not it either. Wait this one, WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THE JAGGED ONE...NO DAMNIT! That ain't it either. O this is it, this is it. Doomsday, you can't beat me for three simple and clear reasons...


---{The camera comes into view in the distance. It pulls up next to them. The limo driver gets out of the driver's side door and walks over to Justin. He tips his cap as Justin nods. The driver walks over to the rear door and opens it. He holds it open as the four women, big and small hop in. Justin lets Lil Person get in and then he soon follows. The driver closes the door and walks over to his own. He hops in and starts up the car. He drives off into the distance as the cameraman is left alone, stranded. The camera focuses on the FWF sign on the door to the set as the camera fades to black...}---

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