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It's Your Neighborhood Friendly Justin Sane!

~~~Persistance. That is really the key to life. As a great philosopher once said, "If at First You Don't Succeed, Beat The Shit Out Of Them Some More!" Who said that? Well..I DID! You got a problem? Kiss My Narratin Ass! If you never give up, you will eventually succeed. Do you think Dexter gave up after he got his ass kicked all over the ring? Hell no. And now look at him. He thinks he's good, and his narrator seems to think that he is the only person with an IQ in double digits. If only he knew that with each sentence the listeners are dumbed down. Oh well....

....Last time we saw Justin he was attempting to help his good friend Lost Soul. He was trying to find a place for Lost Soul to retire to after his illustrious career. Can you sense the sarcasm? If you can't you are in the same category as Jimmy. But anyway, the institution was just that. A mental institution. Unfortunately, Lost Soul had already visited that facility and almost burned it to the ground....

....The camera fades in to show our Rolemodel Justin Sane with his friend Lil Person, and the village dunce, Joey. The scene mixes into several consecutive scenes of Justin, Joey and Lil Person getting thrown out on their ass. The camera then fades to show Justin, Joey, and Lil Person sitting on the sidewalk. Justin is drinking a soda and Joey and Lil Person both have their head between THEIR OWN legs...AND NO...they aren't...so take you hand out of your pants HABIB!.~~~

Joey- Well Justin, looks like we finally failed.

Justin- Says who?

Joey- Umm...let me think ME!

Justin- What the hell gives you the right to say we failed?

Joey- Ok, this is a tough one. Ugh, maybe its because we have been thrown out on our ass ONCE AGAIN and we still haven't found a home for this so called "friend".

Justin- He is a friend. Who else would have retired graciously like he did? And saved me the trouble? No One. As a great philosopher once said..."If At First You Don't Succeed, Kick Their Ass Again!" (Isn't That My Line?) It's just too bad Lost Soul retired. I mean, he was really nice to save me all that work, but, I was really looking forward to earning that belt back. Oh well, looks like I will have to take what is rightfully mine. It's ok though. No biggie. I mean it's not like the FWF has anyone in the back that actually has the balls to challenge me. Let alone fight me. So once again, I shall walk away with my belt and watch all of your stupid little monkeys in the back glare at what greatness truly looks like.

Joey- Why would they look at Dave Dexter during your match?

Justin- What?!

Joey- I said...

Justin- I know what you said dumbass. Why the hell did you say it?

Joey- Because it's true.

Justin- Dex isn't great. He couldn't hold his own against me if his life depended on it!

Joey- Hmmm...he's been here for two more months than you have and he has the World Title...TWICE...I believe. I could be wrong though. I could have been three.

Justin- Argh...TITLES DON'T MATTER! It's all about heart.

Joey- Then why do you want this title so much? HYPOCRITE!

Justin- I am not!

Joey- Are Too!

Justin- Am Not!

Joey- Are Too!

Justin- I AM NOT!

~~~Suddenly, Lil Person pokes his lil head up and glares at Joey and Justin.~~~

Lil Person- Think you guys could keep it down...JUST A BIT! I'm trying to sleep here!

Justin- Sleep?

Joey- What the?

~~~Lil Person ducks his head down again and he dozes off. Justin and Joey calm down.~~~

Joey- When did he become so powerful?

Justin- I think it was after he kicked your scron...err fat white ass.

Joey- He never kicked my ass!

Justin- Yea he did. Well he would have, if you hadn't sat on him. He hasn't been the same since.

Joey- It's not my fault.

Justin- How is it not your fault? Did your parents force food down your throat until you were that fat?

Joey- No. I was skinny when I was young.

~~~Joey pulls his wallet out and takes out a picture. He hands it to Justin. He is in disbelief.~~~

Justin- HOLY SHIT!

Joey- See, I told you.


Joey- I dunno. It kinda just...happened.

Justin- What? You woke up one morning and suddenly you were 150 pounds overweight?

Joey- No. It happened when I joined "them".

Justin- Them? What the Mafia?

Joey- SSHHHHH! Don't say it!

Justin- Say what? Mafia? Mob? Hitmen?

Joey- You are in trouble now.

Justin- Oh, excuse me.

Joey- I'm telling you Justin. You aren't supposed to reveal "them".

Justin- God damnit! Will you stop saying them! Just say it.

Joey- No.

Justin- Say It!

Joey- NO!

Justin- What the hell is so bad about saying it?

Joey- You really want to know?

Justin- Yes. I want to know what is so bad about saying MOB!

Joey- I don’t think you are ready.

Justin- If you don't tell me, I'm going to kick your ass. Whether YOU are READY or NOT!

Joey- Since you put it that way. It's because they are...THE MAFIA!

Justin- That's it?

Joey- Yea. But I have to be careful.

Justin- What now?

Joey- ***Scared***They are going to come and get me now.

Justin- If they were, they would have come and got you a long time ago. And why haven't they gotten me yet? I must have said MOB at least 10 times so far.

Joey- Good point.

Justin- So say it again.

Joey- It did feel kind of good.

Justin- ***Laughing*** Yea.


~~~A eerie long echo comes into effect. Kind of like those New York Lotto ones from 98. What ever happened to them? They were cool. I liked them.~~~

Justin- See...nothing.

~~~Suddenly a black Cadillac screeches up to the curb. A man opens the door and a hand grabs Joey as they drive off. Justin looks shocked, but then relaxes and calmly wakes up Lil Person.~~~

Lil Person- What?

Justin- ***Shrugging It Off*** Just thought you might want to know that Joey just got taken away by the mob.

Lil Person- And?

Justin- He's probably not going to be back.

Lil Person- The day just got a whole lot better.

~~~Justin and Lil Person get up and dust themselves off. They look around and walk down the sidewalk into the sunset with their hands in their pocket.~~~


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