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It's Your Neighborhood Friendly Justin Sane!

~~~Good people get rewarded. It is a fact of life. Take for example, Michael Jordan. He was a great person and a great ball player and he won 6 NBA Titles and some MVPs on the side. Or how about our very own Justin Sane. He worded hard. He did his time. He beat the crap out of countless pathetic excuses and began to climb to the top until some loser named Lost Soul showed up and thought he was the greatest. When all Justin wanted was to get rid of that Hardcore piece of crap. But then Soul went and retired days before Resurrection and his match with Justin Sane. O well, scared is as scared does....

....Last time we saw Justin he was partying with Joey and Lil Person. What was he celebrating? Well the recent announcement of Lost Soul’s retirement. Yes, I know. It’s hard to contain you enthusiasm, but you are going to have to if you wish to continue to listen to this. Yea, I thought you would. After all, he is the Franchise....

....The camera fades in to show Justin Sane walking along a sidewalk in a rural area. Oak trees line the street. Joey flanks him on his right and Lil Person on his left. Justin is wearing a pair of navy blue jeans and a black Justin Sane T-shirt. Yes, kids that’s right. Franchise wear is officially on the market for everyone to buy in fact…

So go and pick one up at your local sportswear supplier. Anyway, Joey and Lil Person are wearing suits. Joey’s gut us hanging out of his as his belt is broken.~~~

Joey- This is nice of you Justin.

Justin- Hey, whatever I can do to help a friend.

Joey- I thought you hated Soul?

Justin- Why would I? After he was nice enough to save me the trouble of kicking his ass by retiring? No way.

Joey- Oh, my bad. I was just thinking…

Justin- What did I tell you about that?

Joey- About what?

Justin- Thinking.

Joey- Ummm…I think…

Justin- There you go again.

Joey- What did I do?

Justin- Don’t think! We don’t want to impair the viewers while they try to assimilate your muddled babble of absurdity.

Joey- Uhh….What did you say?

Lil Person- I think he said that…YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

Joey- HEY! He’s thinking!

Justin- So, he’s allowed to.

Joey- WHAT?! WHY?!

Justin- Because he actually has some common sense, unlike you.

Joey- I have common sense.

Justin- Ok, well if you do then what do you do if a car is coming right at you?

Joey- Umm, you…ummm…Stand there and hope it stops.

Justin- Like I said.

~~~Justin stops as he and Lil Person laugh. Joey looks mad and confused. Justin then turns and walks towards a one story building. It is panted in a dirty yellow with one window on each side of the door. Justin walks up to the door and it opens automatically. Joey and Lil Person follow. Justin walks to the information desk.~~~

Justin- Hello, I’m Justin Sane. I have an appointment.

Attendant- ***Scrolling Down List*** Sane, Sane, Sane…Ah Yes. Here it is. Please wait over there.

Justin- Ok. Thank you.

~~~Justin turns around and walks over to a set of 6 chairs. Justin sits down. Lil Person sits next to him. Joey tried to sit on the other side, but Justin tells him to sit on the other side.~~~

Justin- Don’t sit near me.

Joey- Why? What did I do?

Justin- Nothing. But your are mentally incapable of understanding anything with more than three syllables. And I don’t feel like talking ape to some simpleton like you.

Joey- Damn man. I don’t even know what the hell I did to you.

Justin- Calm down. At least you aren’t Lost Soul. That would be bad. You have the guts to stick around me and not bail out early.

Joey- Yeah, but there was a reason for that.

Justin- And what was that?

Joey- He’s a scared little bitch.

Justin- Ha Ha. You’re alright Joey. You’re alright.

~~~All of a sudden a door opens and a man in a white lab coat appears and invites Justin and friends into his office. Justin walks in as the doctor sits behind his desk. He invites Justin to sit in front of him.~~~

Justin- Thank You.

Doctor- No problem. Now why exactly are you interested in our humble establishment.

Justin- Well for several reasons. Number one, a friend of mine recently retired and I would like to put him up in a nice place.

Doctor- Well that’s fine, but this a place for the mentally unstable.

Justin- I realize this. My friend needs the proper treatment.

Doctor- Oh he does? Does he?

Justin- Yes and I have heard great things from my boss Justin Goldman about this place.

Doctor- You are from FWF?

Justin- Yes. Is there a problem?

Doctor- No, not at all. I was wondering if you are here for the ummm…thing.

Justin- Thing? What thing?

Doctor- You know, the thing, with the guy, who needs taking care of.

Justin- Wait, is this the place where HE is being held?

Doctor- Are you the person?

Justin- Ummm, no.

Doctor- Then I don’t know what you are talking about. Sorry.

Justin- Whatever.

~~~There is an eerie silence as the Doctor sways in his chair. Justin moves around in his chair as the doctor gathers some papers.~~~

Justin- Can we get to business?

Doctor- Yes, we can.

Justin- Good.

Doctor- So what is the name of this patient that you which to admit.

Justin- His name is The Lost Soul.

Doctor- Oh, ok…WHOA!

Justin- What’s wrong?

Doctor- Lost Soul? From FWF?

Justin- Yea.

Doctor- HELL NO! That guy is a psycho.

Justin- Yea, that’s why we ant to put him in here.

Doctor- We have dealt with him before. He almost burnt this place to the ground. Hell no!

Justin- So? What’s wrong with a little fire? I’ve been lit on fir before.

Doctor- Well when you are in a SAFE vocation like I am, you don’t like fire very much. I don’t get paid enough to get lit on fire.

Justin- Are you kidding me? You make ten times what I make!

Doctor- I don’t care. I have one wrestling psycho in here already! I don’t need two!

Justin- So then he is here?

Doctor- I don’t know what you’re talking about. ***Yelling To Outside*** GUARDS!

Justin- Tell me! I know he’s here. Just tell me!


~~~All of a sudden six guards come into the room and grab our three heroes by the arm. They drag them out to the front door and then literally kick them out on their ass.~~~

Justin- Damn, Number One down. Onto Number two.


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