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---{The Fans Wrestling Federation is recuperating. Many wrestlers have left including The Counterfeit Tag Team Champion, Kenny Rock.But the true and faithful have stayed. Those include JJJ, Brock Williams, Dave 'Da Bomb' Dexter, and yes even 'The Barnum and Bailey Rejct' Ringo The Clown. But the real question is who remains. Whose heart is still in the buisness. Who wants that Gold. With Canadaian Invasion cancelled, Cyberslam looks all FWF wrestlers straight in the face. And many must wonder...Who will Main Event? Who will lead the FWF into a new era? That question is very clear to some, but others are blind to the answer. As it stands right now, One of the afore mentioned three men will be involved and yes maybe even two, hell we could even see a triple threat match...but only Justin Goldman knows. Only...the Suits know...But Justin Sane knows...Justin Sane knows the right thing to do would be to hand over the belt to The Franchise and let him pick an opponent worthy of Cyberslam 2000. But no! Justin Goldman will choose his match...Be warned Justin...Justin Sane will be at Cyberslam...Justin Sane will dismantle all in his path to the main event at Cyberslam 2000...Be Warned...}---

---{The camera fades in to show the battered and ravaged streets of a neigborhood somewhere in downtown Detroit. A bum comes into the picture with a whiskey bottle in his hand. He looks around. Then walks over to a stoop...sits down...and passes out. Then, the camera focuses on the horizon. A black stretch limo is driving towards the cameraman. The cameraman looks around and shivers. He is worried that he will get jumped and beaten. Just then the blakc limo gets closer and begins to slow down. It is a Merceded Benz limo. He can tell by the symbol on the front. It has a liscense plate that reads...FRANCHISE. The limo slows down to a halt, right next to the cameraman. The cameraman is shaking. He is scared for his life. The gleam off the the limo hurts the cameraman's eyes. He steps back and covers his eyes. Slowly the window begins to roll down. The cameraman picks up his equipment bag and looks into the window. A face hidden by the darkness tells him to get in. Suddenly the trunk pops open. The cameraman slowly walks to the back struggles with the equipment and places it in the trunk. Before closing the trunk, the cameraman opens the bag full of stuff and pulls out a camera and a remote battery pack. He slaps the battery onto the camera and shuts the trunk. He walks over to the door. He stands around for about four ot five minutes, when finally th door swings open. The cameraman places the camera in first and then steps in himself. The interior is all black leather. There is a miniature TV and VCR set in the corner and a minibar filled with soda and alcohol. The cameraman sits on the far side with his back facing the driver. Across from the cameraman is 'The Franchise' Justin Sane and two beautiful ladies wearing short black and red skirts with matching tank tops. Justin is sipping on some Champagne when the cameraman props the camera up.}---

[Justin]- Well once again, The Franchise has come back to the Fans Wrestlign Federation. I had to take a little break there to deal with some personal issues, but now I am back and with a vengence. But now the Franchise has buisness to take care of. It seems that as soon as I took a leave of absence, The Fans Wrestling Federation crumbled. I knew it was doomed, but I had things to take care of. Then one fatefull day, Justin Goldman approached me. He knew that Justin Sane as the Future of The FWF, the Future of all of Wrestling in fact, and that is why he begged me to come back. We had intense negotiations day after day after day. They seemed to drag on for weeks. But then one fateful day, I saw something that forced me to come back. I saw men, or should i say children prancing around the FWF Corporate Offices like they were king. I knew right then that something had to be done. A great wrong had been done and I was here to right it. So...The Franchise walked to his limo...grabbed his cell phoine and phoned his agent. His agent speeded over and they marched into Justin's office demanding a contract. We sat there for hours until finally pounding out an ironclad contractthat would keep Justin wrestling here for many a year.

[Girl #1]- Baby...When we gonna get there? I wanna be alone wit' you.

[Girl #2]- Yea...c'mon, you sed that it wouldn't take long. We have been in here for over an hour.

[Girl #1]- And did you really have to do this interview? I thought you said it would be just us three. Now we have to take this guy along?

---{Justin looks at the girl on his right and whispers in her ear. She gets a deveilish smirk on here face and giggles. Justin then turn sot the other girl and whispers to the sam reaction. He then reaches over gets the Champagne bottle and two more glasses. He pours the champagne and fills up the other two glasses and then his. He gives each girl a glass and then sips his own. He smiles and laughs. The cameraman finally sees what Justin has on. He is wearing a pair of casual leather shoes and a pair of black non-wrinkle slacks from some type of designer place, and a slik shirt. It is gold and has the words 'FRANCHISE' written on the top left corner of the shirt below the shoulder. The cameraman then readjusts the camera and Justin speaks again.}---

[Justin]- One Jackass in particular really pissed me off. His name is Dee. I refuse to call him Master. Who the hell is this guy. Some rookie from no wheer? He just walks in here and thinks that we have to all bow to him. The guy is fighting Kenny Rock?! The guy ain't even in the federation any more. It figures as much. Some punk waltzes into MY federation and demands a match with someone that doesn't even work here anymore. top it all off...he has the audacity to interview for this damn thing. I mean c'mon. I don't think you can genetically breed someone as dumb as Dee. Well then again...Dee probably is gentically breeded. Probably a cross between a cow and a rat. The brains fo a cow and the manners of a rat. And the hair of one too. Dee, you couldn't pay me to watch one of your matches...nevertheless your interviews. I have never in my life seen such boring crap as that. And I mean both. What the hell is up with you and your "Crotch Chops?" Now being the gentleman I am I won;t go there in front of these beautiful ladies. But I think you know what I mean you little hairy freak.

---{Just then the limo swerves to the left. The two ladies spill the Champagne all over themselves. The cameramn merely stares in awe. His jaw drops and the camera does as well. Justin grabs two towels and hands one to each of the two girls. He then looks at the cameraman with a little disgust on his face. He then presses a button which opens the window between the driver and the passengers. The driver seems to be of Hindu or some kind of simliar race. Justin rips into him.}---


[Driver]- Sorry Boss. Sorry. I do no know what to do. These are ver busy busy streets. Very busy...

[Justin]- Are you blind? You are on an abandoned road. There is no one or nothign for miles! You really are an idiot. Did Ringo hire you as an assasin to kill me?

[Driver]- Who is this Ringo you speak of? Is he from my native land? His name sounds like a funny name. Like mine...Habish Abudl Wahad Musheesha Aktet Leflooko Tetertot.

[Justin]- I am surrounded by morons. Just shutup and keep driving. And try to get us there in one FUCKING piece.

---{The girls are dried off now and the cameraman is laughing hysterically. Justin pushes the button again and rolls the window up. The girls hand Justin their towels. He offers them more champagne but they decline. He looks at the girls with a little awe himself. They are still wet and their shirts have become see through. Both are wearing bras and Justin looks back towards the cameraman. The cameraman quickly turns on a serious face and is ready to continue. Justin does.}---

[Justin]- I am just sick and tired of you Dee. OOOO...You can make a comeback...who said we even wanted you here in the first place. You are nothing but a piece of used talent...hairy...freak. Thats all you are and will ever be. Don't call yourself inteligence, becuase you are not. You don't call yourself integrity, becuase you are not. You would just as soon stab someone in the back, then befriend them. You take every match as a world title match becuaseyou will never get that. You will never get a shot at a World Title. You will never even get get to mid-card a Pay Per View. Face It Dee, you will be low carding House Shows for the rest of your life. You shouldn't be on television. You should be locked a cage..with Ringo 'The Reject Clown'. You are nothing...and I will prove it to you to. In fact...I CHALLENGE YOU! Me and You in a BARBED WIRE SCAFFOLD MATCH! Anytime, anyplace. You bring it. You just can't beat me, Dee. Becuase...


---{Just then the car slows down. Eventually it pulls to a stop. Justin lets the two ladies out first. He then follows. Outside is a huge cabin on a frozen lake. The ladies walk up to the door and Justin tosses them the keys they open the door and walk inside. They wave for Justin to follow. He says something to the driver and then waves bye to the cameraman. Justin follows into the arms of the hot girls as the camera fades...}---

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