Hey Hey...

It's Your Neighborhood Friendly Justin Sane!

~~~Anger is a weird thing. It can be used to help or harm. In this case it helps Justin to channel his emotions. And it harms Lost Soul because with every insult Justin gets angrier and angrier. And when Justin sees him in the rin tonight, he's going to want to kick his ass that much more....

....Last time we saw Justin he was still driving with Joey and Lil Person in the limo. They were on their way to find out what the surprise was. The limo part of the journey ended though and now they move on to the airborne leg....

....The camera fades in to show the inside of Justin Sane's private jet. Justin is sitting on the right side of the aircraft in a leather bucket seat. Joey is sitting next to him and Lil Person is sitting across from them. Joey and Justin are weareing jeans and t-shirts. Lil Person is wearing a suit...Again? Again.~~~

Justin- Ok Joey. It's almost time for the FWF Event. I want to know what the damn surprise.

Joey- It's not time yet.

Justin- Time? Time for what?

Joey- Time for you to find out.

Justin- Find out? Damnit Joey! Tell me.

Joey- Calm down Justin. I told you already. You will find out when you find out.

Justin- You stupid SOB. I'll kick your ass if you don't tell me.

Joey- Justin, Justin, Justin. Why so angry?

Justin- I'm angry because you won't tell me what the fuck this surprise is.

Joey- You'll find out when you find out.

Justin- Ok, that's it. I'm kicking your ass.

Joey- No you're not.

Justin- O really? Watch me.

~~~Justin turns slowly and grabs Joey by the neck and starts to choke him. Joey tells Justin to stop and he does.~~~

Justin- Now will you tell me?

Joey- Ummm...No.

Justin- Ok, that's it. Here comes another ass whooping.

~~~Justin goes to grab Joey again. But Joey avades him and switches on Justin's TV monitor. Lost Soul's interview begins to play.

Time passes.......

Justin looks mad. Really mad. He shuts off the monitor and then looks directly at the camera.~~~

Justin- Oh Soul, now you've gone and done it! You dumb ass. Who the hell do you think you are? O Yea, that's right. You think you are The God Of Death. Well Soul, with every insult. With every derogattory comment, you do kill one thing. But it isn't me. It's your own career. Because Soul, with every single word you say towards me, I get angrier. And Angrier. And now Soul, I am more pissed at you than I I have ever been at anyone in my entre god damn life. And tonight is my chance to take it out on you. Soul, tonight is going to be the worst god damn night of your life. Tonight I am going to twiust your body in ways you could have never imagined in your worst nightmare. Tonight Soul, I am going to do things to you that noe one ever imagined could be done. Tonight, I am going to hurt you. And after I am done hurting you. I think I will throw you off the stage. THen the loading dock. Then when I deliver my Into to Insanity through the table, you will know what I mean when I say pain. You will know what I mean when I say hurt. You will know what I mean when I say I will kill you!

Soul, you are right. There is hope for people. Unfortunately, you lost your guiging light when you gave me mine. When you lit me on fire Soul. I knew what had to be done. I knew that revenge had to be taken on you no matter what. I knew that I had to get MY belt back. I knew that I had to hurt you. TO make you feel the pain I felt when you lit me on fire. Soul, I am egotistical and arrogantg because I have earned it. I have been through everything. I have worked my way to the top Soul. I have done everything and beaten everyone that I had to to get here. To get to where I am today. The FWF. The pinnacle of Sports Entertainment. This is the place where Stars belong Soul. This is place where Superstars make their living. This isn't the place where little snot nosed punks like you show up and just demand everything to be put on your lap. Soul, you want some damn respect well then earn. Just like everyone else has. Once again Soul, I repeat. This isn't bWo. If you love it so much then take that Amy back there where people care.

Soul, go ahead. Start your god damn revolution. See if anyone actually follows you Soul. Maybe you will get Ringo and Doomsday on your side. But its not like they will help much. Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and Slick Sharp will join you! Ha HA! Don't you see Soul? You can't lead a revolution when everyone wants to tear your head off. What idiot makes fun of some of the most powerful men in this business? Only you Soul and the afore mentioned idiots. Fil is one of the most deserving men in this business. And Dex has helped me to carry this company. And you need to respect that Soul. You just show up a few weeks before Cyberslam and now you're a champ? That's BS. And you know what's worse Soul? You think that you deserve that title. Which you don't I thin that you have been sniffing a little too much of that belt polish. I mean, I hope you are polishing it Soul. When I get my belt back tonight Soul, I want it in good shape. I definately don't want it to be in the same condition as your mind, which you obviously lost a long time ago.

Joey- Justin...

Justin- Not now. I'm busy.

Joey- But...

Justin- But what?

Joey- Forget it. You're too busy to talk to me.

Justin- Ahhh, Joey. What is it?

Joey- Nothing. Forget it. Nevermind.

Justin- FIne be like that...

Joey- Wait...

Justin- What?

Joey- Nope, still don't want to talk to you.

Justin- Ahhh, you're so annoying Joey. And so are you Soul. Destroyer? Why do you insist that you are something that you are not Soul? Why do you lie to your own hoe? Why do you lie to me and to the fans? You are not the Destroyer. Maybe you were when you were fighting the Doomsdays and Slick Sharps and Frostbites of the world. But this is the big boys Soul. Something that I know you can't handle. You beat me last time when I was in jured and you know that Soul. But now I am 100% and you are about to realize what happens when you cross The Franchise. Doomsday crossed The Franchise. What happened to him? He hangs out with a Clown. Jimmy Harmon-Goldman crossed The Franchise. What happened to him? He had to change his name after I took his belt. Ringo pissed off The Franchise. What happened to him? We still haven't figure out what went wrong. And now you Soul. You have pissed me off. And we all know how this is going to end. You are going to be lying in the middle of that ring on Madness tonight. And you will not be wearing that belt. Because it belongs to me Soul. And tonight I will beat that into your thick skull.

Soul, you stand on a pillar now. I will admit that. You are champion. That automatically puts you on a pillar. But I am just the man to take you down off it. Soul I am going to take you and not just knock you off that pole. But I will send you flying off it to an early grave. Soul, I don't run. See, unlike you I stay and fight. I stay and kick people's ass. I don;t win and then not show up for a week. O no Soul. I stay and defend titles. I demand defenses. I injure myself just to keep the honor of that belt that you spit on. Well Soul, if you spit on that belt you spit on FWF. And when you spit on the place where I make my living then you have already gone too far. THere is a time and place for fighting and tonight is the time and the The United Center in Chicago, Illinois is the place. Tongith Soul, in that very ring every will find out who the true champion really is.

Soul, everyone knows who I am. Everyone knows that I am the Icon. Everyone knows that I am the true champion. Yet you contend that fact? Why? Is it because you jealous? Is it because you are too ignorant to realize that a true champion must make sense? Which you definately do not Soul. Is it because you realize that you cannot cause pain and will not cause pain because you do not have the god damn ability to? I think all three fall into the category named answer. Soul, you go to the back. You ask around. You ask people who they think should be champion. You know they will say me Soul. You are the only who disputes that fact. And that's because you are a fool Soul. And tonight, in front of thousands of poeple, I will prove that point to you. I will show you that you are nothing but a gutter rat. Nothing but bWo trash Soul. And after tonight, you will do nothing but agree.

Joey- Think that you are mad enough at him yet?

Justin- O no. I bet...no wait...I Guar-An-Damn-Tee that I will be even more pissed at him by the match.

Joey- Damn Justin. The guy is only human.

Justin- We haven't confirmed that yet. The DNA is still being tested.

~~~They have a good laugh. Justin sits back and the stuardess brings him a soda. Justin takes a sip.~~~

Justin- So you wanna tell me what the surprise is?

Joey- No.

Justin- Why not?

Joey- Because I don't feel like it. I thought we went over this already.

Justin- Yes, but you didn't tell me and I beat you up. I want to know...NOW!

Joey- Na...

Justin- God Damn Joey. Time to beat you again.

Joey- Ahhh...C'mon...

Pilot- ***Over Loud Speaker*** Uhhh...Justin...We are beginning our desecent. Please prepare for landing.

Justin- You lucky bastard.

Joey- Ha HA!

~~~Justin and Joey pull their seats up and buckle their steabelts. They prepare for landing as one question looms in the air...WHAT THE HELL IS THE SURPRISE?~~~


Now wasn't that uplifitng?

I thought so.
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