Hey Hey...

It's Your Neighborhood Friendly Justin Sane!

~~~There are certain advantages to KNOWING that something is going to happen. Like everyone, except the victim, knows Justin Sane will kick the living shit out of Lost Soul. But then again, the fan enjoy surprises. They love to see things that no one expects to happen. The fans love to see SURPRISES. Too bad Jusin doesn't....

....Last time we saw Justin he was riding comfortably with Joey and Lil Person in their limo. Joey apparently has a surprise planned for Justin. He refused to reveal it and when asked just kept quiet. Who or what is this surprise? Who knows....

....The camera fades in to show the limo once again. Justin Sane is sitting in his side. He looks angry. He looks more pissed than ever before. He looks like he could tear apart anyone or anything. Joey and Lil Person look scared. Justin sits bhack and throws his bottle of water on the ground. It explodes all over the floor.~~~

Joey- Uhh...Justin.

Justin- SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is my time not yours. You will listen. And you will listen good. Just like you will listen Soul. Because you are the one that doesn't get it Soul. YOu are the one who is the fool. YOU SOUL...ARE ONE DEAD SON OF A BITCH! Because you know what...you just pissed me off Soul! You preach? Become a minister. You wanna have a career in wrestling, well then stay the fucking hell out of my god damn way! You are nothing but shit Soul. You hear that? SHIT! The kind I wipe off my boot when i come home at the end of the day after whooping your ass. Soul, WHAT FUCKING BOND?! I hate your ass and I know you don't like mine. Hell, I would rather run your ass over with an 18 wheeler and go to jail for cruel and unusual punishment than shake hands with you. I would rather have Justin Goldman as a father than you as a friend. And come Thursday the only thing I am going to be applying pressure to is your fucking skull Soul. I am going to take your head and squeeze and squeeze some more. And when you finally wake your own ass up and realize what the hell is going on, it'll be too late Soul. Because this isn't just a wrestling match anymore Soul. THis a fucking War! Your the asshole, I'm Good Guy. And the Good Guys always win Soul. ALWAYS!

Soul, what the fuck are you talking about? My pitiful life come to an end? Fall of? FUCK THAT! Soul, these fucking carpets are worth more than you existance. The world without me is like basketball with no Michael Jordan. And that ain't no fucking Joke Soul. That's serious. This isn't a joke Soul. And I ain't no fucking commedian. YOu want to see jokes, go to a comedy club. You want drugs well then visit Harlem bitch. Because I aint no drug addict. I don't get my kicks through Boos and Drugs. I get them by beating the shit out of punks like you Soul! The only path I;m walking down now Soul is the one that leads right to your ass. ANd my foot is leading the way. Soul, I don't know who the fuck you think you are, and frankly, I don't give a rats ass. But what I do care about is you bragging about beating an injured man Soul. You just waltz in here and after what...your third, maybe fourth match you get a fucking title shot. Well I got a question for ya, does Justin have an zits on his ass? Because you sure as hell got a good enough view when you were kissing it! Soul, this may be a joke to you, but it isn't to me. You see respect means something to me and all the other NOTABLE wrestlers in this fucking business Soul. And unlike your ass we care about our careers. And on Thursday I get mine back on track after I kick your ass from one turnbuckle to the next.

Sazuka left Soul! He left under his own power. I had nothing to do with it. And ya know what, let him leave. I don't give a shit. Because now I am going to beat your ass and there isn't any worry of anyone coming down that aisle. Soul, NO ONE FUCKS WITH THE MIDGET! You got that? When you dissed my manhood...I let it slide. When you dissed Joey...I left it slide. But when you dissed Lil Person, you jumped way over THE FUCKING LINE! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY MIDGET! Especially since he can kick your ass any day of the fucking week Soul. Soul, I care about other people. It's just you I don't give a shit about. And i know a lot of people in the back that would lover to get their hands on you. SO go ahead Soul, piss some more people off. Put yourself in an even better position. Because right now, it's just me and a couple people Soul. But sooner or later your big mouth is gonna open too wide. You are gonna let too many words slide and before you know it, you'll be lying in the gutter where you belong!

~~~Joey reaches down with a paper towel and begins to clean the mess. As he moves around his elbow hits the TV and Lost Soul's interview begins to play on tape. It is more than halfway through. Justin, after calming down, becomes enraged again.~~~


Joey- Sorry.

Justin- Sorry isn't good enough. AHHHH! GOd damnint Soul! You are a fucking idiot! DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?! YOU CAN'T WIN! YOU WON'T WIN SOUL! Because I am better than you. It has nothing to do with an accident. All it has to do with is common fucking sense Soul. Which obviously you cannot posess. Just to let you know Soul, no gives a rats ass about your dead bro and dad. because frankly, no one gives a shit about you! Soul, come Thursday you step into an entire new neighborhood. A neighborhood of hard knocks and pain like never before. Go ahead call me Gary Brown, or Dave Dexter. See THAT is a compliment. Those are two of the greatest wrestlers of all time. But in your mind, you can't understand that. You think being called a 5x champ is a disgrace. You think being called one of the greatest young stars is an abomination. But see Soul, that's the difference between me and you. You, Soul are a worthless piece of trash carrying around a belt you don't deserve. And apparently don't want. Wll then do us all a favor and don't show up on Madness. No one, not even you, will be able to bear this much gore and blood. Because after I beat you senseless and throw your ass off the stage through the guradrail, through the announce table, hell maybe you'll get lucky and I'll bring you back to my domain. The loading dock. Maybe you will get a sudden blast of luck and I will throw you off it. NO wait, that's not luck, that's fate Soul. You will get hurt and I will be the one who delivers the pain.

Soul, this isn't fucking BWO. THis is FWF. This is the big time. Not some secnd rate federation. If all these people are so great, then take your skany ass ho Amy back there and get away from us. Just to let you know Soul, no one HERE cares about your freinds from BwO. No one gives a shit about SoA. Faze, the undead man...ooo I'm scared. Fission, Kidd Reaper, Maelstrom, Eclipse, Hemp, they all mean nothing. If they are so great then what the hell are they still doing in such a disgraceful organaztion like BWO. If they are so great, then why don't you bring your ass to the FWF. We'll see what happens Soul. Because we all know that there is one simple fact in life, Once a Loser, Always Lost Soul!

~~~Joey finishes cleaning up and looks around. He throws the towels in a plastic bag hanging in the corner. Justin calms down and apologizes.~~~

Justin- I'm sorry Joey. It's just Soul gets me so ticked off.

Joey- It' ok Justin. everyone has that one guy.

Justin- Ahhh...i just want to crush his head with my bare hands. He gets me so ticked.

Joey- Calm down. You get to kick his Thursday.

Justin- Yea, yea. Too bad its not sooner.

Joey- Ok, Justin. Get rid of him for now. Can we talk about something else?

Justin- Sure we can. Like where the hell are we going?

Joey- You'll see.

Justin- Enough with this "You'll See" crap. Where the hell are we going.

Joey- I already told you.

Justin- No, you didn't tell me.

Joey- I said, you'll see.

Justin- Fine, if you aren't going to tell me where we are going then tell me what the hell this surprise is!

Joey- A little anxious?

Justin- Tell me. You know I hate surprises.

Joey- I can tell you that it involves FWF.

Justin- It does? What about it?

Joey- Now that would give it away Justin. I can't do that.

Justin- Stop being a god damn wise ass and tell me what the hell is going on.

Joey- I said you will see when it happens.

Justin- ARGH!

~~~Suddenly the car pulls to a stop. Joey gets out followed by Justin and Lil Person. They are at an airfield.~~~

Joey- Ahhh...we're here.

Justin- Here? This is the surprise? Do I own this place or something?

Joey- No, no. This is merely the second leg fo the journey.

Justin- Second leg?

Joey- Yea, the plane ride.

Justin- Plane ride? I don't see...Oooo.

~~~Justin looks up to see his private jet pull up in front of them. The door opens and wheels are rolled to the steps. Justin walks up followed by Joey and Lil Person. Joey, Lil Person, and Justin all sit in their usual seats as the door closes once again.~~~

Justin- So where are we going?

Joey- All in time.

Justin- Does it have something to do with the surprise?

Joey- Ummmm...

Justin- Tell me.

Joey- Hmmmm...


Joey- Whoa there. This isn't an FWF ring and I am not Lost Soul. There is no reason to abuse me.

Justin- Ahhh...TELL ME!

~~~The plane's engines rev up as Justin and Joey go at it. The camera fades.~~~


Now wasn't that uplifitng?

I thought so.
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