Hey Hey...

It's Your Neighborhood Friendly Justin Sane!

~~~Isn't revenge a great thing? I mean, it does drive you to do some pretty dirty things. It drives you to commit acts you wouldn't even think of in your worst nightmare. But then again, those things can cause great things. This Thursdsay, Justin gets revenge. He gets revenge for all the tings Lost Soul has said and done to him. This thursday is payback time. And you know what they say...Payback's a bitch....

....Last time we saw Justin he was in the woods with Sazuka. They had a map and a latern and some sense of direction. But then Sazuka set the map on fire and put out the lantern. Then Sazuka called Stacy and told him what happened. Of course, Stacy, being the bitch that she is, left Justin to freeze as Sazuka got out. O Justin got out of the woods and he made it to Showdown, only an hour after it was over.

....The camera fades in to show Justin sitting in the corner of a room. He has his head down and what seems to be...long hair? Yes, it looks as if Justin has long hair. The lights are out and only half of his face is lit up. He does not raise his head yet sounds are coming from him.~~~

Justin- Lost Soul thinks he's so great. He thinks he's the best damn thing to ever happen to FWF. Well, I'll teach his ass. I have never heard of such a joke of a champion. Soul walks around like he's a god. I'M A GOD! Destroyer, my ass. I have had enough of his scronny ass walking around telling people what to do. Lost Soul must be de-railed. He must be destroyed.

~~~Suddenly Joey walks into the room.~~~

Joey- Damnit Justin. Wake the hell up.

Justin- ***Waking Up*** Huh? What?

Joey- And turn on a damn light.

Justin- ***Mumbling*** Argh, Lost Soul, sucks.

Joey- And for christ sakes, talk to someone about that talking in your sleep thing. You sound like freaking Lost Soul.

~~~Joey walks over and pulls up the shade on the window and the mid days sun shines through. Justin finally gets up. He squints and stretches.~~~

Justin- Ya know, I WAS sleeping. You usually don't wake someone up.

Joey- You were caring me man. You looked like a Raven Rip-Off.

Justin- Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you that much. I was just tired and the corner looked comfortable.

Joey- Well then go and see someone about that talking in your sleep thing.

Justin- Yea, yea. I know.

Joey- Anyways, let's go. The car is outside waiting. We got a long day ahead of us.

Justin- I'm comin. I'm comin.

~~~Joey walks out of the room and out of sight. Justin looks around picks up a jacket and walks out of the room. He turns right and out a door. He is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. Justin walks down a walkway to the curb where the limo is waiting. Justin jumps in and the limo speeds off. Joey and Lil Person are sitting in their usual spots.~~~

Justin- So what's the big deal about today?

Joey- You'll see.

Justin- You'll see? What the hell kind of answer is that?

Joey- It's an answer. Now go away. I'm thinking.

Justin- Uhh...Joey. What a fool. But not as big of a fool as you Lost Soul. Lost Soul, you think you really hurt me last time we met. You think you really injured me. Well granted you lit me on fire. But unfortunately, for you, Soul I can walk. And I can run. And one thing that I sure as hell can do is kick your fukcing ass. Because Soul, that's exactly what I did last time we met. You got lucky. That's all. Please Soul, I am The One Icon, The One Hero, The One AND ONLY Franchise. While you on the otherhand are The One Nutcase, The One Idiot, The One AND ONLY FOOL, who would mess with me. You see Soul, last time you had the upper hand b/c I was coming off an injury. And do you know how I got that injury Soul? By defending the title that you know call a joke. Soul, there are no PERKS as you call it in being a hardcore champion. The only thing there is is pain Soul. And pain is one thing I enjoy. Maybe not as much as your sick ass but none the less, it feuls me. It drives me to kick people's ass and to do thing that I have never done before. And Soul you inflicted pain on me last time we met, and that gives me all the more reason to kick your ass Soul. But now, it's different Soul. Because now, I will dish out the pain, I will hurt people. Specifically you Soul. If you are so great then how come you haven't shown your face around here for the past week Soul? I ask you that. Do you have an answer? You say you have been laughing at me. Well, go ahead. Yuck it up Soul, because when the dust settles Thursday and I am standing in the ring with the title once again raised high over my head in victory, I will be the one laughing. I will be the on cracking up. But not at your pain. But at the fact tha it is you who has been destroyed.

Joey- Justin...

Justin- O, so you can speak now.

Joey- Very funny.

Justin- I thought it was funny. Didn't you Lil Person?

Lil Person- That was hillarious.

Justin- See Lil Person agrees.

Joey- Ahhh...what does he know.

Justin- More than you. Because he knows the joke was funny.

Joey- AHH! I can't win with you! You...you...ahh screw it...leave me alone...I'm thinking.

Justin- Thinking...again? Wow that's a lot of thinking for you in one day. But anways back to Soul. Ya know Soul, you were right. You are pathetic. And you definately are a fool. But you were wrong about one thing. I AM YOUR DAMN SAVIOR! I am everyone's savior. And since you don't seem to understand that Soul, it looks as if I am going to have to make you understand that. And on Thursday that is exactly what I am going to do. Soul, I am going to make you understand the fact that there is no one in this business better than me. And nobody, especially you is going to tell me other wise. Soul, you called me the freak. But who the hell is the one lighting people on fire? Who the hell is the one sitting in the corner like a certain...***Cough***Raven***Cough***... Who said that? Must have been someone with common sense. Because as everyone can see Soul, You are nothing more than what you pretend to be. You say you have power. Well I have yet to see it. You say you have guts. Well where the hell have you been for a week? You see Soul, you cannot escape it. And you cannot deny it. You cannot get rid of the fact that I am the better wrestler. The better man. Hell, I don't even know if you are human. You stupid freak. C'mon Soul. Bring it on Thursday. Bring it all to the ring. See what happens when you feel The Intro To Insainity!

~~~Justin reaches over and turns on the TV in the corner. Justin flips through the channels until he finds The Yankee Game. Justin gets a bottle of water and sits back to enjoy.~~~

Justin- Ahh...now this is relaxing.

Joey- Yea, yea.

Justin- O, so the great Joey has decided to grace us with his presence by opening his mouth.

Joey- I'll talk when I wanna talk. SO THERE!

Justin- Tell me when you grow out of diapers.

Joey- You know that's a med...o wait...HEY!

Justin- Ha ha! I just got you to say it...on camera!

Joey- That was wrong Justin. Just plain wrong.

Justin- Tel it to someone who cares.

Joey- Well you had better care because if it wasn't for me then...

Justin- Then what?

Joey- Nothing, forget it.

Justin- No Joey. Tell me. Then What?!

Joey- Then none of this wuld never had happened.

Justin- None of what Joey?!

Joey- Nothing Justin. Forget it.

Justin- Forget it. Hell No! Where are you taking me?

Joey- No where. Just to a place.

Justin- A place is somewhere. So it can't be no where!

Joey- Justin, I told you. Calm down. There is nothing to worry about.

Justin- Nothing to worry about? You are taking me somewhere mysterious when almost everyone in FWF wants a piece of my head!No tell me, where the hell is it?

Joey- It's a surprise. You'll see.

~~~Justin gets a new bottle of water and sits back to enjoy the ballgame.~~~



Now wasn't that uplifitng?

I thought so.
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