Shut The Hell Up

And Respect Me!

~~~Burned...Charred...Well Done. They all have something in common...words to describe Justin Sane after Teusday. What the hell did Lost Soul think he was doing? Did he think he was funny? The crowd certainly didn't and neither did Justin...his credit card bill shot through the roof...and now he doesn't even have a match?...What the hell is this world coming to....

....The last time we saw Justin, he was with Sazuka in Canada of all places, trying to find some women...too bad none of them shave or groom...Justin told Sazuka it wouldn't work...but did he listen...nooo...Saz is always right...well looks like he was wrong that time...o well. I guess we have to deal with it....

....The camera fades in to show a woody area. It is late and dark and the owl are hooting. All of a sudden you hear rustling in the bushes. Suddenly Sazuka comes bumbling through followed closely by Justin Sane. Sazuka is holding a map and Justin has a lantern...yes a deal with it. Sazuka is looking down at the map when he suddenly runs into a tree.~~~

Justin- You are an idiot.

Sazuka- ***Scratching Head*** Owww...that tree came out of no where.

Justin- just have no sense of...ANYTHING!

Sazuka- Shut the hell up...I held the Hardcore Title longer than you did...

Justin- I was robbed.

Sazuka- got abused by a guy who doesn't make any damn sense.

Justin- If you could read a map half as well as you could crack jokes, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Sazuka- Yea, well if you hadn't gotten us kicked out of the bar we wouldn't have even had to try to find our way home.

Justin- Hey...I didn't know she was the owner's wife.

Sazuka- Well you sure found out soon enough.

Justin- ***Rubbing Forehead*** Damn, that guy punched pretty hard. Good thing you were there.

Sazuka- What the hell are you talking about?! He punched me twice as hard.

Justin- Yea, yea...we could have taken him it it wasn't for you insulting Canada.

Sazuka- And of course I am supposed to know that everyone in the bar was Canadian?!


Sazuka- ***Mocking Justin*** are sooooo cool because you know what country we are in...

Justin- I wish you could tell us what freaking town we're in...we kinda have to get to Showdown!

Sazuka- Yea, yea...don't worry, we'll get's not like you have a match or anything...

Justin- Shut the hell up. You and I both know that that is bullshit. How can you not give me...The Franchise...a match? How soon Justin forgets that I not...JJJ, not...Brock, not...Dex who saved FWF. I was the one that single handedly brought the ratings back to a respectable level. And yet I am treated like shit around here! I was injured and recouperating at home, yet Justin Goldman decides it would be funny to see an already injured man almost have his career ended because of an ignoramus like Lost Soul. And then when I told him I couldn't fight...I was ordered to or else my title would be given to Lost Soul...and it still is...MY TITLE! He thinks he is so awesome because he won the Hardcore Title. Well where has he been since he won? Probably hiding in the corner of the rat hole that he lives in. Scared of me. He realizes that WHEN I find him, I'm going to tear him limb from limb...and then I'm going to tak back my title and shove it so far us his ass...I'LL QUENCH HIS FUCKING THIRST!

~~~Sazuka looks at the map again as Justin hands him the lantern. Justin leans against the tree and yawns. The owl hoots again.~~~

Justin- Goddamn owls...SHUT THE HELL UP!

Sazuka- What did the owl ever do to you?

Justin- The damn thing has been hooting all night!

Sazuka- So, that's no reason to be mad at the owl.

Justin- O shut up and read the damn map. Justin thinks he's funny. He's probably laughing it up right now with his "Legends". Well enjoy it now Justin, because it will be shortlived. You may think that you have dodged a bullet, but the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around and this time it's coming back to haunt you. I'm coming back to haunt you. Tomorrow, at Showdown, if WE EVER GET THERE, I am going to make it a point to find you and hurt you as The Dead Retard would say. Justin, I have enough of you bossing US, the wrestlers, around. It's time for this to end. You and your little "crew" have met their match. You already have Ringo ROberts with you, it's only a matter of time before Soul joins officially, so righ there that makes two enemies. And we all know that Sazuka hates YOUR guts. And no one really likes The added up...that makes o yea...ur entire squad. Looks like me and Sazuka have pleny of reason to kick your stupid group's ass. And I would glady oblidge.

Sazuka- Hey Justin, I think I found a way out of here.

~~~Sazuka calls over Justin and he calmly walks over to Sazuka. He points out a spot.~~~

Sazuka- That's the way...WOOHOO! We are out of here!

Justin- Look closer you idiot....that's a blood stain. NOT A ROAD!

Sazuka- ***Looking Closer*** Are you sure?


Sazuka- ***Touching Forehead, Drawing Blood*** O damn, you're right, but I want to look closer anyways. Give me the lantern.

~~~Sazuka grabs the lantern and holds it DANGEROUSLY close to the map...notice the exaggeration on dangerously...anways...the flame begins to get close to the's one of those old ass ones with the actual candle...all of a sudden, the flame JUMPS TO THE MAP...SETTING IT ON FIRE...Sazuka finally notices, but it's too late, the map has already been destroyed.~~~


Sazuka- That was cold man...Nobody deserves to be called Ringo...


Sazuka- It could be worse.

Justin- Please tell me how.

Sazuka- We could be at Ringo's house being forced to watch home movies and interviews.

Justin- Ok, ok. Good point. But still...What the fuck are we supposed to do now?

Sazuka- O this is great. You really are an idiot. You know that?

Justin- It...***Phone Rings***...Hold Up...

~~~Sazuka pulls his phone out from his jean pocket. He answers his phone. He talks for about a minute and then hangs up.~~~

Justin- Who was that?

Sazuka- Just my stockbrocker.

Justin- Your broker?...Your Broker?...YOU'RE BROKER!?

Sazuka- Why are you getting so mad?

Justin- O...I don't know...Could it have something to do with the fact that you have had a phone on you this entire time and din't tell me?!

Sazuka- I forgot.

Justin- Your forgot?! How the hell could you forget?!

Sazuka- I don't know.

Justin- What the hell kind of reason is that?

Sazuka- My reason.

Justin- Well it makes no damn sense.

Sazuka- Yea, well...I got a match tomorrow and yooouuuu doooonn'ttt...NaNaNaNaPooPoo!

Justin- Stop being a baby and do something useful.

Sazuka- And what would that be Mr. Smarty Pants?

Justin- O..I don't know...maybe...GET ON THE DAMN PHONE AND CALL STACY!

Sazuka- Stop yelling, my headache is bad enough as it is.

Justin- Yea, yea. Just call the bitch.

Sazuka- SHE ISN'T A BITCH!...And what the hell am I supposed to say once I call her?

Justin- Just a guess but how about...SEND A GOD DAMN SEARCH PARTY TO LOOK FOR US!

Sazuka- Fine...but I'm only doing it because I'm hungry.

Justin- Yea...sure you are.

Sazuka- I am.

Justin- O just shut up and call her.

~~~Sazuka presses a speed dial button and carrys on a conversation with Stacy for what seems like forever. Justin finally gets him to hang up.~~~

Justin- So?

Sazuka- She says she'll send out a search party.

Justin- Great...

Sazuka- There's just one problem.

Justin- What?

Sazuka- You gotta find your own way home...

Justin- Wha...

~~~Sazuka walks off into the distance.~~~

Justin- ***Sarcastically***THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!


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