Shut The Hell Up

And Respect Me!

~~~How lucky FWF is. How lucky FWF is to have a champion who respects his fans and fellow wrestlers. How lucky FWF is to have a man who knows what the fans want. How lucky the FWF is to have Justin Sane. But, unfortunately, all that Justin has worked for, has been completely disregarded by the man known as Lost Soul. Who the hell does this guy think he is? He has been here for barely a month and has barely wrestled any matches and he comes in and immediately becomes a title contender? It doesn't make sense....

....The last time we saw Justin, he was in a hospital bed, crippled by a blow from behind by Blood. He managed to fight though in hsi first main event and lasted long, but was injured in that match and sent back to the hospital. Now, after just being released, Justin has been forced to defend his title against a neglegent Lost Soul....

....The camera fades in to show a country road. The dirt road is lined with rocks on each side and trees behind them. The camera pans around to show nothing but farmland and trees. A limo begins to come into view. It is white and had a gold license plate with black lettering…CHAMP. The limo blows by the camera and the view quickly switches to inside the limo. Justin Sane, FWF Hardcore Champ is sitting with Joey and Lil Person and a special guest…SAZUKA! Justin is wearing a striped black Armani suit with hi sunglasses tucked into his left outside pocket. Sazuka is wearing jeans and a TRUE ICONS T-shirt. Justin speaks.~~~

Justin- Damnit. Stupid driver. Joey…

Joey- Yes?

Justin- You are never allowed to book limos ever again. They gave me a white limo and the driver is moron.

Joey- That’s not my fault.

Sazuka- It’s always your fault.

Joey- No it’s not.

Justin- Trust me, it is.

Joey- Is it too much to ask for you guys to…

Justin- Yes.

Joey- You didn’t even let me finish.

Justin-It doesn’t matter.

Joey- ***Screaming and Making Motions With His Hands*** GOD DAMNIT! IT DOES MATTER! I MATTER!

Justin- ***Calmy*** No…you don’t.

Lil Person-Anyways…

Joey- Shut the hell up midget.

Justin- Don’t get mad with Lil Person because he is cooler than you.


Justin- No he’s not. He’s probably one of the coolest guys I know. But if you want to know about being a loser, then go to Lost Soul. I hear he teaches classes on it. I mean, he knows about it. He lost to Jason “The Epitome of Idiocy” Starr. And before that…when was the last time he had a match?! Hmmm…Cyberslam? O yea…but no matter…he seems to like on people that were sitting in the hospital b/c they were jumped from BEHIND. Although, Soul probably likes that. But ya know…that’s none of my business. Soul, you seem to like picking on people that cab barely stand. You continued to pick on me, and pick on me, well you got your chance. Me and you. This is out match. No one else. Now, I know I can trust Sazuka not to run down, but you…well hell you’ve probably already arranged for someone to come running down during this match to save your scronny ass after I beat it this way, that way and back again.

Soul, you want to talk about weapons? You want to talk about pain? Well then you are talking to the right one. Remember Soul I was the one who jumped off the loading dock and almost killed myself. I was the one who jumped off the stage nearly crippling me and Ringo. I don’t see you doing any of that. In fact…this is your first hardcore match in FWF. Soul, bring your fire and your barbed wire, and your tables, because I will put you into or through all of them. And do you know why? Because I am the Hardcore Champ. Not you. I have earned my way, I have beaten ass after ass to get here and I don’t plan on giving up this belt tonight. I DARE YOU TO BRING SOMEONE TO RINGSIDE! I’ll kick their ass too. Soul, this Tuesday will be momentus. This Teusday will be the last time FWF EVER sees your face again.

~~~The limo suddenly comes to a stop. Justin is flung forward and he looks mad. Joey opens the door and steps out. Lil Person and Sazuka follow. Justin gets out last.~~~


Sazuka- I have no idea. Stupid driver probably saw a field mouse and got scared.

Justin-I wouldn’t be surprised. Joey…this is all your fault.

Joey- What?! How am I getting blamed for this?! I’m not driving!

Justin- Yea…well give me a minute and I’ll figure it out.

Joey- You are an idiot Justin.

Justin- What did you just call me WOP?!

Joey- An idiot.

Justin- I’d beat you…but I don’t want to mess up my suit.

Joey- That’s what I thought pussie.

Justin- However…Lil Person can fight you.

Joey- That runt couldn’t hurt me.

Justin- O really? Lil Person…take care of him.

~~~Joey laughs but then he feels a sharp paint in his lower extremities. HA HA HA HA! O MY GOD! Lil Person JUST BIT INTO JOEY’S ummm….Privates! Holy Shit! This is hillarious. Joey has him by the head and is trying to throw him off of him. Lil Person is just biting harder. Sazuka and Justin can’t stop laughing. The driver steps out of the car and walks over to Justin.~~~

Justin- ***Calming Down What do you want?!

Driver- I came to tell you what happened with the car.

Sazuka- Well spit it out jerky.

Justin- Yea…what the hell happened.

Driver- Well…you see…it all started when I was 5…

Justin- We didn’t ask for your fucking life story…just tell us what happened with the fucking car.

Driver- O…well…that’s simple…we’re lost.

Sazuka- Lost?! What do you mean lost?!

Driver- I mean that I have no idea where we are.


Driver- I mean…

Justin-It’s a goddamn rhetorical question…you’re not supposed to answer…


Justin- Joey…this is not a time to joke around. This is serious. But that is getting sickening…Down boy.

~~~Lil Person drops off of Joey’s umm…privates and walks back over to Justin. Joey drops to the ground like a bowling ball in 100G. Ok…so that was corny…shoot me…***Sound Of a Gun Cocking***…not literally. Damn people are so serious.~~~

Justin- Soul, looks like I got some time. Soul…the hunter…becomes THE HUNTED tonight. You say I am a victim. Yes, I agree. I am victim of being the best god damn wrestling phenom of all time. I am victim of being the only person besides Sazuka to bring pride and honor to the hardcore belt. Do you know what you bring to it?! Nothing…because you don’t have it…and you never will. You say something stinks…well…I think you need a shower. Destroyer…my ass…the only thing you destroy is your career. Ever since stepping into the ring with me, many a wrestler are not the same. Joey err…Jimmy Goldman…had to change his damn identity because he got beaten so badly, Ringo…hasn’t wrestled a match since Cyberslam…Blood…hasn’t even been seen in an FWF arena…and now you. Soul, after tonight…you lose your dignity, your honor and your ability to stand on your own power.

Soul…I live my life of extravagance because that’s what I am. Soul, I am high class. I do not stoop to your level. I bring you up to mine and then throw you back down. It’s plain and simple Soul, I’m the only one that matters, I’m the only one that deserves gold, I’m…THE HERO...THE ICON...THE FRANCHISE...JUSTIN SANE...YOU'RE F'N ROLEMODEL!

> ~~~Justin walks over and grabs Joey and throws him in the limo. Justin, Lil Person, and Sazuka get in following him...Will they make it?~~~



FWF Hardcore Champ!

And You Better Recognize That!
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