Shut The Hell Up

And Respect Me!

~~~You would think that a champ would get soem respect. I mean a guy who has earned his way around here. A guy who has scratched and clawed his way to the top. You would think that he would get some respect and common courtesy. But then, if you watch Bomb, Justin gets jumped from behind by Blood?! And this was after he had clearly won! What the hell is this? Now Justin is seriously injured and it is doubtful whether he can compete in his first FWF Main Event....

....The camera fades in to show a hallway. It's rather long, yet extremely wide. There are rooms lining each side. There are white signs next to each door with two names on them. The cameraman begins to stroll down the hallway. He walks about 20 feet or so until reaching one room. The camera zooms in on the name tag. It reads,
JUSTIN SANE and MUDDY WILLIAMSON. The camera man walks into the room to show MY HERO, and YOURS, lying helpless on a hospital bed with hsi leg propped up and his head bandaged, and his arm splinted. The camera picks up on his conversation.~~~

Justin- Goddamnit. I'm fucking sick of this shit. I get no god damn respect there. Damn people wouldn't recognize talent, let alone respect, if it hit them in the face...***Looking At Cameraman***...What the hell do you want?!

Cameraman- ***Worried*** Uhh...I was sent by FWF to interview you regarding your match.


Cameraman- have a Battle Royale on Saturday.

Justin- Is it for my title?! It better not be for my damn title!

Cameraman- N..n..n..o


Cameraman-'s n..n..n..not for It's a 14 battle royale. I think it's The Legends, JJJ, Brock Wiliams, umm...Dave Dexter, Filipe Barasomething, Tyrone, Sazuka, Tyrone, and uhhh...Brak.

Justin- O GREAT!? SO NOW I HAVE TO GO FIGHT ALL THE FWF LEGENDS, WHILE I'M INJURED! ***Sarcastically***This should be a blast!

Cameraman- I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I will leave if you want.

Justin- ***Calming Down*** No, no stay. Now that you are here, there are a few things I want to get off my chest. Last Teusday was cheap. And Blood, you know it was. You jumped me from behind. I'm still not sure how you caught me, but you did. And then you went and powerbombed me...THROUGH A TABLE! I've hade enough with FWF not showing me any god damn respect. From now on, I fight back. Now, I dish out the blows. Now I hurt people. NO ONE, And I mean NO ONE, is gonna get me from behind anymore. I have had it up to HERE with this bullshit and it's time to put an end to it. The old Justin Sane is gone. Now, it's time for the new Justin Sane. The hardcore Justin Sane, the Justin Sane that sticks you and sticks you, until there isn't anything left to stick. I AM YOUR F'N ROLEMODEL! And by the time I am done with the FWF roster, you will realize that!

~~~Suddenly a voice is heard in the background. It seems to be coming from the other side of the room.~~~

Voice- ***Southern Accent*** It ain't right Justin. It just ain't right.

Justin- I know, I know. But what am I gonna do? Quit?!

Voice- Naaa, don't go and do sometin stuuupid like that.

Justin- Well then what? You tell me what I can do?! I'm injured, yet they put me in matches. The doctors say not to fight, yet I have to or else I lose my title. What the hell am I supposed to do?!

Voice- Don't let them push you around. Stand up for yourself!

Justin- And lose my job? I don't think so.

Voice- No, you don't go marchin into that there Justin Goldman's office and start shooin like a mad man. Walk in there calmy and tell him that if he doesn't stop booking you, you'll kick his ass.

Justin- Umm...I dunno.

Voice- What's wrong Justin?

Justin- Well, you see I would, but...I'M KINDA IN A FREAKIN HOSPITAL BED!

Voice- Now there's no need to get upset. You go take them there emotion type things out on them wrasslers.

Justin- Sorry, they just get me so worked up. I mean, that god damn dave Dexter just doesn't stop. The guy thinks that he is the god of everyone who ever lived. Well Dex, I have some news for you, YOU'RE NOT! The only people that watch you are the ones you pay. Ratings?! Please, more people watch Bob Dole's Presidential Debates than your interviews. Your feeble minded ass couldn't entertain a fuckin monkey, even if they could understand you. God knows I can't. But after Dex, as if that wasn't bad enough, you have Tyrone. A dirty, uneducated fool who can't even put together a sentence. He gets his praise from poor skans looking for a couple bucks so they can buy some moor boos and drugs. And Tyrone...question for you...How Many Wins, Besides The IC Match. have you had in FWF since you came back? Hmmm...i think...NONE! And you are the FANS IC Champ?!! That's just not right. When you can talk proper english, then you can come talk to me. And then, to make things even worse I have to deal with that Ego-driven maniac Brock Williams. This guy was a former World Champ? He can't even control a group of midgets! How the hell is he supposed take care of The Franchise? He can't. And he won't. Brock seems to think that he if every woman's dream, the guy that everyone wants to be like, well sorry there Brocksta, but there isn't a single way in hell that you can come out of Saturday a winner, and if, and that's a big if, it you someone manage to survive to the end of the match, and it's me and you...then I GUARUN-DAMN-TEE that your ass is going out of the ring. And you can spell that anyway you want, it still means I am going to kick your ass!

~~~A nurse walks into the room. Middle age, overwight, black hair, brown eyes. Basically, the kind of hoe Tyrone would go for. She walks over to the other side of the room. The side hidden by the sheet. She removes the sheet. Lying in the bed is a young man, about 25, maybe 26. However, he is extremely overweight and seems to be drooling. He has both legs in a soft cast and raised. The nurse puffs his pillow and kisses him on the forhead...YUCK!...She walks over to Justin and he flips her off. She snickers at him and then walks away.~~~

Justin- YUCK! You actually took that kiss? That's disgusting Muddy.

Muddy- Hey man, she was do you spell hot?!

Justin- are an idiot. A result of all that inbreeding down there in the south. Ya know that probably produced Gravestone, BRS, Busta BYRD, and I KNOW all those Goldmans got something wrong with them. Legends?! My ass. Well actually, MAYBE...they WERE good, but nowadays they are out of date. They are like Beanie Babies. Everyone WANTED one, but once you get them, you realize there is nothing to em. And you throw them out. The way I look at things people like Gravestone and BRS don't know when to quit. They should never have come back to MY FWF! This is where I make my living. This is where I risk my life everyday just to please MY fans! Not yours...MINE! Maybe they were yours, but not anymore. Now they cheer FRANCHISE. They realize that I am THEIR F'N ROLEMODEL! O, no, I'm not done yet. Jimmy Harmon...AKA Joey Goldman...AKA I KICKED YOUR ASS ALREADY! Am I supposed to be scared of you?! I already beat you and I will again on Thursday. There doesn't have to be a reason. There doesn't have to be gold involved. The only thing I need is for you to show up. That's it. So come Thursday, THE LEGENDS DIE, and THE FRANCHISE LIVES!

Muddy- You don't like them fellers right?!

Justin- You think Muddy?

Muddy- Hey, just because I don't have one of your fancy smancy Ed-U-Ma-Cation type thing, but I have ma smarts.

Justin- Did you learn grammar a cereal box or something?

Muddy- No, I learned dem there letters all you said, all by myselfs.

Justin- Do you feel proud of yourself? Do you respect yourself?

Muddy- Errr...ummm....

Justin- Forget it. You are making everyone dumber. Just shutup. Respect, it's an interesting term. Honestly, I can't get any around here, but there sre some people whom I actually DO RESPECT around here. First off we got Brak. The one man to clearly beat me here. He won fair and sqaure. He was the one man that I faced whom I was actually a little frightened of. But then again, I have a new attitude now. Brak, I rexpect you, and we have met before, but this time will be different. This time, you will BREAKDOWN! But moving on, JJJ, "Jagged" Jeff Jackson. The man who was 2 time this and 3 time that, and 4 time the other thing. How could you not respect this guy for all that he has done around here? When all those so-called "Legends" began to decline and drop off, he picked up the slack. But there is one thing I cannot forgive him for, and he probably can't forgive himself for it either. Going corporate. The Young Gunz were one of the greatest groups if the not THE GREATEST of all time in any organazation, and he broke them up by going coporate. It was a sad day, but now I will set you straight. Finally, the most respected man in this match, at least in my eyes, Sazuka. My friend, my tag partner, the one guy around here I trust. In just 5 months here he has become a Hardcore Champion, and Intercontinental Champion...and AT THE SAME TIME no less. And then, WE would have won the Tag Titles if it wouldn't have been for all the other teams backing down. Saz, if it comes down to me and you, know this, I will embarass you, I will injure you, I will break your body in two if I have to. Saz, I know that you respect me, but now it's time for the rest of FWF to realize that I am...THE HERO...THE ICON...THE FRANCHISE...JUSTIN SANE...YOU'RE F'N ROLEMODEL!


~~~Justin leans back and closes his eyes as the cameraman backs out of the room.~~~


FWF Hardcore Champ!

And You Better Recognize That!
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