Listen The Hell Up

Becasue He's Still Hardcore Champ

---{At Cyberslam 2000: Screwjob the face of the Fans Wrestlign Federation changed, fopever. Sparow did not suceed in getting an FWF contract, Busta BYRD, BRS, and Gravestone formed the legends, Sazuka was robbed of the FWF IC Title by Tyrone, Brak became Big Mouth Champ, and the True Icons moved on in LTS with ease. But the two biggest pieces of new came later that evening. The two Justin won and retained gold in FWF. Justin Goldman robbed Deuce Deamon, Brock Williams, JJJ, and Dexter of the FWF Championship belt and walked away with it himself. The other Justin, the only Justin that matters, Justin Sane, retained his FWF Hardcore Championshiop in a hard fought battle with a truely worthy advesary, Ringo Roberts. He paid a heavy price though. How heavy? Let's find out...}---

---{We haven't seen Justin in a while. Abotu a week since he was last seen at Cyberslam kicking Ringo's ass. As a matter of fact, this narrator has been pretty damn bored. I had nothing to do. But then I got the call...The camera fades in to show a huge building. The camera fades to show the upper part of the 28 story building. There is a huge red cross right in the middle with the words..."Boston Metro Hospital". The camera fades down quickly to the entranceway. The camera begins to walk towards the entrance. The doors slides open as the cameraman walks through. The cameraman walks up to the desk and muffles something to receptionist who responds in another muffled tone. The cameraman turns and walks diagonally towards the elevator. Waiting there already are two femal doctors, a fat man in a little coat [Dont Say A Damn Thing] and a male doctor reading a chart. The elevtors BINGS and the doors open. The three doctors get on first, then the cameraman, and then the fat man squeezes in. All the camera can get a picture of is the tiny striped blue sports jacket that the guy is wearing. The camera fades...

When the camera fades back in the elevator BINGS again and the two female doctors squeeze through. Two floors later it pings again and the other doctor gets off. The elevator is now at 7 and the fat man still hasn't gotten off. The cameraman moves to look at the plate of buttons for each floor. The only button pressed is 28! Nooooo...The cameraman is stuck with this TPFF wannabe for the next 21 floors and the elevator seems to be going slower than normal today. Damn. Sucks to be him now. Anyways, slowly, very slowly, the camera begins to climb. It seems to gain resistance as it climbs higher and higher. Finally, as if it is an act of god, the elevator finally gets to 28. O NO! The fat man cant seem to get out! The cameraman has had enough. He kicks the fat man right in the ass and boots him off of the elevator. The fat man looks back as he does he splits his coat. The cameraman laughs and walks past him. He walks out of the elevator and turns right. He walks down about 4 doors and then turns inside. Inside the door is "The Franchise" Justin Sane. He is sitting on a bed drssed in jeans, a FRANCHISE t-shirt and boots. He looks around. Joey and Lil Person seems to be packing his suitcase.}---

Justin- God damn. It feels good to be getting out of here. ***Sarcastically***Damn Ringo, he just had to push me off the damn loading dock, didn't he.

Joey- A whole week though man?

Justin- Yea, the damn pipes and tables, everything. Not to mention the ladder match. But it was worht it. I walked away with a belt and cash.

Lil Person- Speaking of cash, where is our share?

Justin- Your share? What the hell makes you think you are getting anything? I wrestled the damn match. Not you.

Lil Person- So what. I want my share.

Justin- It doesn't matter because I spent it on the damn hospital bill.

Lil Person- And you wanna do this every week?

Justin- Yea, why not?

Lil Person- You're nuts. How you gonna pay for this?

Justin- I don't know. I was thinking you and Joey could chip in.

Joey- Wha? I ain't payin for shit.

Lil Person- Me neither. You wanna get your body fucked up, you pay for it yourself.

Justin- Whatever. I don't need you two.

Joey- I think you do. If it wasn't for us, who would be packing your bag right now?...No one. Lord knows you can't.

Justin- I can...***Tries to Stand Up But Clutches His Chest And Sits Back Down***

Joey- See I told you.

---{Justin looks around and grabs his leather coat. He slings it over his shoulder and stands up as Joey and Lil Person finish packing. Joey grabs the suitcase and closes it. Justin leads Joey and Lil Person out of the room. They move to the elevator. Lil Person presses the button as Justin leans on the wall. The elevator BINGS for the 5th time as the group steps on. But wait...O NO!...It's the Fat Guy! He's trying to get on! NOOOOOO!...But wait...our hero Justin Sane told him NO. But he's still trying to get in...LIL PERSON KICKS HIM IN THE ASS! Joey quickly closes the door as they laugh at the fat man.}---

Justin- Ha Ha! What a fat loser.

Joey- The guy probably idolizes TPFF. What a fat slob. How did he get an IC Title Shot anyways?

Justin- I don't know. Ask him.

Joey- I don't want to go near him. The guy will probably fall on me and crush me or something.

Justin- Yea, whatever Joey.

---{The elvator BINGS and the doors open. The lobby seems almost deserted except for the recpetionist. Justin, clutching his chest, walks out of the elevator and Joey and Lil Person follow. Justin looks around and continues on through the entrance doors. He walks to the curb ans stops.}---

Joey- So Justin, did you hear?

Justin- Hear what?

Joey- About your match.

Justin- Match? I have to defend my title?

Joey- Yea. Tuesday.

Justin- Against who?

Joey- Trust me, you don't want to know.

Justin- Yes I do.

Joey- Ok, don't get mad at me though.

Justin- I won't. Now tell me.

Joey- Blood.


Joey- You said you wouldn't get mad.

Justin- I said I wouldn't get mad at you! DAMNIT! Blood?! What the hell? The guy comes up and right away he gets a title shot? This is bullshit. Ahhh...who the hell cares. Just another ass to beat. Another pathetic wrestler to take down. Just one of many waiting to get into the ring with me. And do you know why? Becuase just standing face to face with The Franchise gets you world-wide recognition. I mean look at Ringo. The guy can go to any fast food station in town and they know he was the guy who got his ass kicked by Justin Sane. Fact is, the competition is getting thin...and sad. It seems everyone with wrestling boots is getting a shot at my title. Well, I'm sick of it. If you want to make me fight these losers, than let's make this thing interesting. I am putting out an open challenge to anyone...I will take on anyone for the hardcore title in any kind of match you want...lumberjack, ladder, don't matter...any event...anywhere...anytime...sanctioned or unsanctioned!

Lil Person- ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?! You'll get killed before the next PPV.

Joey- As much as I hate to agree with Lil Person, he's right. You'll get killed man.

Justin- I don't give a damn. I am sick of fighting matches against people like Ringo. At least with this challenge I might get some good challenges.

Lil Person- Please don't man. I am begging you.

Justin- Shut the hell up. I will do what I want. I'm sick of people running their mouths about how I am a pussie and only defend my title against people like Ringo and Blood. I mean I agree somewhat. C'mon, Ringo can't even speak english and Blood doesn't even speak. But with this challenge, they can't say that anymore.

Joey- I can't let you do this man. I'm sorry. I just can't.

Justin- I don't need you damn approval. This is my life. I'll do what I want, when I want.

Joey- Yea, but I am your freind an dI don't want to see you get freaking killed.

Lil Person- I agree. Listen Justin, you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Just go out, fight, earn a living, and have fun. Don't go and make ridiculous challenges like that.

Justin- I do have to prove myself. Everyone wonders why I am champ. Well it's because...I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

Justin- And if you still doubt me...than step up to the plate!

---{All of sudden a limo pulls up to the curb. Justin gets in and Lil Person and Joey shake their heads in disgust. They are obviously worried. Joey gets in followed by Lil Person and they slam the door shut. The limo drives off as the camera fades...}---


©2000 True Icons


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