What?!...Ringo Persists?!...

Looks Like It's Justin To The Rescue Again!

---{A conscience is a very tricky thing. It can haunt you, but at the same time it can save you. For Justin, through his conscience's haunting, it will save young Ringo's life. And do you know why? Because without his conscience Justin would be forced to pummel Ringo mercilessly. However, with this nagging and nagging, Justin might show some leniency...wait...what's this...I'm just now getting word that Mike Malano spoke. Wow, this certainly is an event. Just may have to actually spend two minutes on Mike whatever his name is...}---

---{The camera fades in to show a suburban area. It is quiet and peaceful. The camera pans around and shows a 3 story brick faced buidling. It stands out among the trees. The words, Franchise Wear Inc. stand out at the top of the building. The cameraman turns around to show the limo coming straight at him. The cameraman jumps out of the way and the limo goes speeding by. The cameraman focuses on the limo as it stops in front of the brick faced building. The cameraman runs up to the limo as the door flings open. Out comes Lil Person and Joey. The cameraman waits...and waits...and waits...but there is no Justin. Weird. Joey and Lil Person are wearing buisiness suits and sunglasses. They walk side by side into the building.}---

Lil Person- I don't see why he let us help him.

Joey- You know him. he has do everything himself. He won't let anyone help him.

Lil Person- It's like if he doesn't do it himself, then it won't get done.

Joey- O well. We just gotta find him and pick him up and then we are outta here.

---{Joey and Lil Person come to a split in the hall. They turn right and walk to the end. They reach a door reading...Founder and President. They open it and Justin is sitting in a chair going over some papers.}---

Lil Person- You ready to go yet?

Justin- Hey guys. What's up.

Joey- Nothing. Your eady to go yet?!

Justin- Calm down man. We got plenty of time.

Joey- Plenty of time? We kinda gotta be there in like o 1 hour and a half and its like 1 hour away.

Justin- So what sit back and relax.

Lil Person- Why are you here anyways? Shouldn't you be concentrating on Ringo?

Justin- Ringo?! He don't have the balls to speak after my last two interviews.

Joey- Want to bet on it? He just did.

Justin- You serious? Pop that in.

---{Joey takes the tape out of his inside pocket and pops it in the VCR. Joey presses play as Justin begins to doze off.}---

Justin- ***Reaching to VCR and Stop Button***Must...turn...off...tape...falling asleep...noooo...***Falls and smashes hand against Stop Button and Wakes Up***Huh? Wha? O no. Another Ringo Roberts interview. Damnit! He's go to stop this. It's putting everyone to sleep. Look...***Points at the sleeping Joey and Lil Person***...He's putting people to sleep, and i only watched the first minute. That's not right. Ringo can't go on doing this. Sooner or Later he and other people are going to get hurt. I mean c'mon Justin Goldman. We can't let this go on any longer. It has to be ended. And at Cyberslam I will do my part by beating Ringo senseless. All you have to do is keep the networks from showing his interviews. I mean they are great if its 2 AM and you can't sleep, but otherwise we are gonna have more car accidents and more deaths. And when that happens, it could be you at stake. Help me in my campaign against Ringo Interviews. They are dangerous to me and you. If we don't stop them then someone you hold dear will get hurt. How do you help? Well buy a plane ticket to Boston, Massachusetts and come to the Fleet Center tomorrow. Then when Ringo trys to speak jumo him and tape his mouth shut. Now I know some of you might be against this type of gratuitous violence, but how would you feel if you were forced to watch one. I don't think that you would be too happy. Only together can we stop them.

---{Suddenly the screen flashes to black and this and add is shown.}---

---{The screen quickly fades back to Justin who has woken up Joey and Lil Person.}---

Justin- You guys ok? That was a little too much exposure.

Joey- Don't you ever do that to us again man. That was scary.

Justin- I'm sorry. i didn't know it would be so boring. Wait a minute...you were the one who brought the tape.

Lil Person- So? You told us to play it.

Justin- O, forget it. It's done and over with now.

Joey- Now that we are mobile, can we go?

Justin- Yea, I guess. I just got to check a few things out. You guys can come for the ride.

---{The elevtor comes and Justin and the group gets on. The elevator goes to the 3rd floor and Justin steps out followed by the group. Justin begins to walk down the hall.}---

Justin- Ya know, this hallway is a lot like one of Ringo's Roleplays. It seems like it is never going to end. It just keeps going on and on and on. Boring you into sleep. But then you hear those words. The words of The Hero, The Icon, The Franchise Justin Sane. And realize something. Wrestlign isn't all bad. There are people to look up to. There are people who are actually entertaining. I am one of those. I am Your F'N Rolemodel. I am not just a champion. I am Your Champion. I do this for you fans. Everything that I have done in the wrestling buisness has all been for you. I fight Ringo for you. I am tryin to save the world here folks. Don't you understand that if we allow Ringo to continue to bore us into an eternal slumber than the world is doomed. Why do you think Ringo's brother Johnny isn't with him any more? Because not ever he could stay awake. It was too boring for him. It's sad really. I mean you have to realize that it's pretty damn bad when not even your own brother wants to be near you. Please fans I emplore you to join my in the fight against Ringo Interviews. The life you save could be your own.

Lil Person- Why should they listen to you?

Justin- Becuase...I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

Justin- Speechless?! Probably Not, but still, you can't say you didn't hate it!

---{Justin looks up to see what looks to be an endless hallway. Justin sighs as the camera fades...}---


2000 True Icons

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