No..No...More Ringo...Must...Stay...Awake...

Never Fear, Justin Will Keep You Up!

---{Ahhh Dreams. Beautiful Dreams. There are two types of dreamers. There those that create the dreams...and there are those who break them and shatter those of others. Justin Sane is both of those. He creates a dream to become an FWF Champion. He realized that dream last Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at Wednesday Night Wrekage against Joey Goldman. Ringo creates a dream also. He has the same dream as Justin did. He wants to become and FWF Champion like his hero Justin Sane at Cyberslam. Unfortunately for him, this is where Justin becomes a breaker. At Cyberslam, Justin will break his dream. Justin will break the rules. Justin will break the boundaries. but most importantly, Justin breaks Ringo in half...}---

---{The camera fades in to show a beautiful night. The scene is perfect. The trees are gently swaying in the wind and the owls are hooting...wait...that's as annoying as hell. O well. The night is still beautiful. The camera pans around to show a a huge white tent in the middle of a large field outside of a huge hotel. The camera begins to get closer...and closer...and closer...untli it finally pushes the curtains inside...and...O NO!...It's A Ringo Roberts Interview on the TV! The cameraman pans around to show three men in tuxes sitting at a table in front of the TV, well actually sitting isn't the word. They are sleeping on the table. The cameraman goes over and wakes up one of them. It is Justin Sane.}---

Justin- Huh? Wha? What's going on?...***Shaking the other two men with his arms*** Guys wake up.

Lil Person- ***Groggily***Uhhh...I don't wanna get up...Too Tired!...No more Ringo!

Joey- ***With his head buried in cake***Ahhhh...UGH!...Ewww! What the hell is this...Did you guys play hat lit...O...It's just cake. Why the hell am i so tired?

Justin- ***Rubbing his eye*** I think it was because of him.

---{Justin points at screen as Brak is heard saying "I was just saying how Justin Sane is truley Justin Toxicated ... Because the man must be drunk... He kept calling his ya know.. insy tiney little thing he calls a dick... Little Person....." Lil Person suddenly becomes alert and extremely mad. justin clicks off the TV.}---

Lil Person- Did that boring S.O.B. just call me a dick?

Justin- I believe he did.

Lil Person- That little bitch. Who the fuck does he think he is?! I ain't no dick. I'm a real fuckin' person. And I'll give him a real fu...

Justin- Ok Lil Person, I think we get the point.

Lil Person- Sorry, got carried away. Anyways, can you believe it? Sazuka actually tied the knot.

Lil Person- Yea, that was a great ceremony.

Justin- And the party was great until some fat slob came and ate all of the cake himself.

Joey- ***Wiping his face with a towel*** TPFF was here?

Justin- No, some other fat slob. You are lucky you got a slice Joey.

Joey- I got this from the floor.

Lil Person- Ewww...You're disgusting Joey.

Joey- What?! I didn't eat it.

Justin- Yea, but you were going to until you fell asleep.

Joey- Yea, at least something good can be said about Ringo's interviews.

Justin- Don't ever say that again. There is nothing good about Ringo. Well maybe the fact that he works pretty well as a punching bag. And at Cyberslam that is exactly what he is going to be. The little punk walks around with his dysfunctional family boring people to sleep and then expects to get cheered. Hell, the only fans Ringo has are the ones that he pays to watch his matches and interviews. And ever they can't bare to stay awake. I mean, if I were Ringo, I'd just go and jump off a building or something. It would be a lot better for everyone. Then the rate of accidents caused by sleepy drivers would go down and America would be a safer place. Not to mention, FWF's rating would be miraculously saved and that broadcastign company that you put out of buisness could probably revive itself by putting me on, o say...24 hours. Yea, that's it! The Best of Justin Sane, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week! The ratings would go through the roof. FWF would be saved and no one would have to worry about you Ringo.

Lil Person- I'm still in shock man.

Justin- About what? Ringo calling you a dick?

Lil Person- Well actually now that you mention it, yea. I kinda am. But actually, I'm mostly just pissed off about that.

Justin- Oh. Then what are you shocked about?

Lil Person- Sazuka tying the know with Stacy. I still don't think she's the right girl for him.

---{Justin sits back in the chair. Suddenly, a man comes waltzing through the door. It's Sazuka, the newlywed. He is wearing a Sazuka Robe...[Cheap Plug For Sazuka's Clothing Line...Although I Prefer "Franchise Wear"...Another Cheap Plug]...He walks over with a smile on his face and pulls up a chair. He sits down.}---

Sazuka- Hey guys. What's up?

Justin- Nothing. We were just talking about you.

Sazuka- Nothing but good things...right?

Lil Person- Of course.

Justin- So what's it feel like being tied down to one woman?

Sazuka- Hey man, this has its advantages. Don't mock it.

Justin- I'm not. It must feel good.

Sazuka- Ahhh...same as any other serious relationship. Just a little more responsibility.

Justin- I'd know what that felt like if I had ever been in a serious relationship.

Sazuka- Sometimes Justin, sometimes you really amaze me.

Justin- Wha? What did I do now?

Sazuka- Nothing Justin, nothing at all.

Justin- I hate it when you do that.

Sazuka- ***Answers Cell Phone*** Uh-huh, Uh-Huh, Ok...***Hangs Up*** Ok, guys, I hafta go. Stacy is lonely.

Justin- Ok, see ya Saz.

---{Sazuka gets up out of his chair and shakes Justin's hand. He walks off through the curtains as Justin, Joey, and Lil Person continue.}---

Justin- O well, duty calls for Sazuka. Just like it does for me. This Teusday, at Cyberslam, I face off against Ringo for my HardcoreTitle. Not his, mine. Yet he acts like he has already won. What's up with that? Ringo seems a little too cocky if you ask me. Ringo, I want you to look at this body. Look at this chisled physique. Does it lookl ike I shove porkgrinds and cheetos down my throat? Nope, becuase if I did, we'd have another TPFF on our hands. This body has been been perfectly constructed to deal with people like you Ringo. It's been modeled and worked on so that it can handle matches like the one we will have at Cyberslam. You want strong? You want hardcore? You want Justin the ring? Well you got it. Ringo, this PPV will be your most memorable. No, not because you will walk away champion. Becuase you will not walk away at all.

Joey- Can we please go guys. I am tired. Too much Ringo.

Justin- Yea, no problem. Ringo I leave you with the words that will haunt you for the rest of your life...I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

Justin- Speechless?! Probably Not, but still, you can't say you didn't hate it!

---{Justin takes the cake and throws it at Ringo's face on the TV. He gets up and walks out of the tent. Joey and Lil Person don't know what to do. They quickly get up and run out as the camera fades to black...}---


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