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---{The FWF is at a standstill. Rumors are fyling all over the place. Rumors about the Corporate Gunz, FTE, Davy Disco, and the number one man in FWF, Justin Goldman. Justin Goldman retiring? I dunno. But I have heard it. Everyone's favorite wresler and savior of Disco, Davy Disco himself, fired? Things are flying around, and you just never know if they are true. Corporate Gunz about to add another member? Who could this be? Kenny Rock? Who knows. Is it true that FTE is upset with some of its own members? No one knows for sure, only FTE. Coming off of Friday's Event, two huge matches have been announced for the next Pay Per View Extravaganza: Canadian Invasion. First, after the firing of Joseph Goldman, he was given a shot at Mahmood Ismali for the Presidency of The Fans Wrestling Federation. Second, we have The Dampion Dave "Da Bomb" Dexter fighting the "Young Sexy Gun" Brock Williams in a Canadian Cage match. Still, Justin Sane lies without a match with the next card for Wednesday looking like this: The new comer Mike Molano vs. Shannon Riggs, Link vs. Poe vs. Mark Thomposon, Mango vs. Eldar, Joey Goldman vs JR, and finally The Main Event, The World Champ, Dave "Da Bomb" Dexter vs. Davy "I Have No Taste" Disco. And also a match in question after the sudden quitting if Missle...The Corporate Gunz vs. TPFF and Mahmood Ismali.

[Scene]---{We fade in to look upon the host of the 2000 NHL North America versus The World All Star Game, The Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario. The seats are completely empty except for a few maintenance workers cleaning up for the big game and a few media members talking to some of the players. However, the ice is busy as ever. The World All Star Team is holding a practice closed to the. The players are gathered around the bench and getting ready for the start of practice. It is just an optional morning skatearound, but many of the players have attended. None are wearing pads except for the goalies, who are in full padding. Scotty Bowman is seen standing on the bench and conversing with St. Louis coach Joel Quenneville. They seem to be waiting for someone. Just then the camera focuses on the entranceway. A medium sized man walks out on skates and in a World jersey. He is wearing a black hat backwards with the words FWF in red on the back. It is Justin Sane. He has on a pair of Addidas wind pants and CCM gloves with a Hespeller wooden hockey stick. He walks out and glides around before skating over towards Bowman. Justin stands there wth a few sheets of paper in his hand and one foot on the boards and one on the bench. He looks at Justin and jokingly looks at him like he is mad at him. Justin smiles and takes off his gloves and puts them and his stick on the floor. He skates over to a group where Pavel and Valeri Bure are standing with Viktor Kozlov, Jaromir Jagr, Teemu Selanne, and Mats Sundin. Justin shakes all of their hands and motions towards the net. Justin skates over and picks up his gloves and stick and they all skate over towards the net. Pavel grabs a bucket of pucks and dumps it onto the ice. Mats yells for Roman Turek to come over to them. Pavel speaks.}---

[Pavel]- So Justin, you been practicing? Last time we played you, we destryoed you. Then again, you did score a goal. So you should be happy about that.

[Justin]- You're hillarious Pavel. Ya Know that? Really a crack up. You should be quiet man. I saw your ass get stoned last night by Mike Richter.

[Pavel]- Yea, yea, so what. I wasn't feeling well. I wasn't 100 percent. That's the only reason he stopped me. Besdies, look who's better. My team is in first in the division, his in in 4th out of 5.

[Valeri]- Hey, hey, just becuase you arent first doesn't mean you are bad. I mean, c'mon, it does help, but look at me. I am the greatest player of all time and I am in last. So give me a break.

[Justin]- He is right. Now, Pavel, think about this one. You are in the division with Carolina, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay. No wonder you are in first. Enough said.

[Scene]---{Roman Turek finally skates over after his interview with the reporter. Roman, places his helmet, stick, glove, and blocker on the top of the net. Justin And Pavel continue to bicker, while Roman mumbles something to Mats. Mats finally has enough sense to break it up by interceding. He speaks on his and the others behalf.}---

[Mats]- Ok, ok, guys, stop arguing, becuase we all know that I am better than every single one of you. Not only is my team in first in the division, but we are also second in the conference, and third in the league! So there. Now, before you embrass yourself just shutup.

[Teemu]- Ha, Ha! We all know you werent talking to me though. Because the way I see, your name hasn't been even close to mine the points race for a while. So, lets just drop it there. Before YOU embarass yourself.

[Jaromir]- Hey, guys, you listen up. I am the one with the Scoring Titles and the MVP Trophy, AAAAND the Stanley Cup Rings. Now lets get this on so I can can prove it to you in person.

[Justin]- Ok, ok. Lets get on with this. What are the teams?

[Scene]---{Jaromir looks over towards the bench. A bunch of players are at the other side of the ice just hanging out and shooting around. Some are sitting ont he bench talking to each other and Scotty. A couple are talking to some reporters. Scotty Bowman yells something at him and waves him over. Jaromir skates over and leaves the group. Now Valeri looks around. He sees a reporter asking for an interview. Valeri skates over to him. They are now left with Pavel, Viktor, Teemu, and Justin. It is quiet unitl Viktor breaks the silence.}---

[Viktor]- Ok, well lets see here. It's gotta be fair so...It will be Pavel and Justin versus Me and Teemu. Ok?

[Justin]- Yea fine with me. I guess I can tolerate Pavel for one game. I mean, even though I am better than him.

[Pavel]- Yea, Yea. Fine with me. But let's hurry up. I wanna play Justin one on one and I need to conserve my energy. Ya Know, we do have the all star game tonight. O and Justin, we will see how much better you are.

[Roman]- Hey, both of you shut up. It's not like you are gonna score. None of you are gonna score on me. So before you get in over your head, think about what you are saying.

[Viktor]- No one's gonna score? Well what happened last night? I thoguth you said that no one was gonna score and they did. Feeling pretty dumb right now. Aren't Ya?

[Teemu]- Ok, ok. Lets get this goin.

[Scene]---{Roman turns to the net and picks up his helmet. He puts it on and then grabs his blocker and glove. He puts them on. Roman grabs his stick and begins to loosen up. He cuts up the crease and taps the post with his stick. Pavel and Justin skate out to the blue line and Teemu passes Justin the puck. Justin skates in to the top of the right circle and dishes it o Pavel who is in the high slot. Teemu is covering Pavel. Justin goes to the front of the net and tries to screen Roman. Pavel glides towards the left, then quickly speeds up and cuts towards the middle of the ice. He fakes a shot which allows Justin to sneak behind Roman and Viktor. Justin is on the doorstep as Viktor and Teemu are trying to get to Pavel. Pavel fakes another shot, but this time passes it to Justin who one times it past Roman for a goal. They all laugh as Justin and Pavel high five each other. They go back to the blue line and recieve another pass}---


[Scene]---{Justin and Pavel lost the game after Justin fell down and let Viktor skate by him leaving Pavel alone. Viktor dished to Teemu for a top shelf one-timer. They are no in the dressing room. all have taken off their skates and they are just goofing around. Justin is talking to a reporter about the FWF when Teemu speaks.}---

[Teemu]- Yo Justin, we got our big game coming up later, but what about your career. You are in The Fans Wrestlng Federation. Right?

[Justin]- yea, thats right. The FWF. It's the best of the best. The creme of the crop. Kinda like you guys. you know, only the elite get it.

[Pavel]- Yo Justin. I saw you on SNL yesterday. man, you were freaking hillarious. That part with Cheri running in. Perfect. Absolute genius. I mean really, that was great. even thoguh in real life you could never get a girl like that.

[Teemu]- Yea, but last night you talked about the circus clown. Ringo. He still ticking you off? Or ya got someone new.

[Justin]- O, yea that asshole is still bugging me. He doesn't seem to get it. Now he thinks that he is going to wipe me out. THATS FUNNY! I got his interview, in the hotel room last night, o man, that was great.

[Teemu]- Yea man. That is bullshit. But what are you gonna do. You have to wait for the front office to give you your chance with him. But don't worry it will come.

[Scene]---{Justin nods. He talks a little more to the reporter as the other three talk amongst themselves. Pavel gets up and walks over to his cousin, Valeri. Justin finishes up witht he reporter and then wets his lips. He wipes the sweat from his face with the towel around his neck. He looks around at the dream team of the best players from around the world. He takes a deep breath and begins to speak.}---

[Justin]- Well you fucking clown. Looks like you built up the balls to respond to me. You stpid shit faced ass hole. Ya know when you are not on camera you prbably look like a ICP reject. And because I know you dont know what ICP stands for, it stands for that bunch of white trash called The Insane CLown Posse. You call me a prick after it took you alomst an entire week to respond? Looks like I am the one with the balls in this argument. You damn right I was talking smack about you and your damn brother. You two freks deserve it. I want you two to listen to me real good. You don't belong here in the FWF. You don't deserve to even be in the same state as me. Or the wrestlers of the FWF for that mattter. Ringo, you called me a girl? A stupid 9 years old red haired freak, like yourself, that wears socks up to her flat chest? Big mistake. You think that you are the man, that you and your brother are the greatest duo to enter FWF? Well, guess what, I could take both of you out any single day of the week. The hitlist? OOOO, I am scared. You had better make me the top priority becuase I am your most dangerous foe. I am the man that you should fear. The man that you should cower from and live in the shadows becuase I live in the light, the spotlight that is. I want you to chew on something for a second...and no, not your brother's...Well, I won't go there, but remember, I was and still am the most hardcore wrestler in the history of wrestling. And I could take you and your brother any day of the week. In fact, I haven't seen you or your bro respond to my challenge. I figured, you know since, your mom is probably the one that wears the pants in the family. You can take that any way you want. But ya know, Ringo, i think that you should recognize something. I am skilled, I am bult perfectly, flatly put, I AM THE FUTURE!

[Justin]- Now, I know all of you Insane fans out there are probably wondering what my plans are here in FWF. Well I have many. Some involving wrestlers that are highly regarded in the eyes of the staff. But after I am done with them, they will be nothing but a speck of ink on the injured list. FWF will learn what I have worked so hard to achieve. You see, when people think of Justin Sane, they think of prestige, thiey think of glory, they think of the good life. They first class tickets and the title shots. Well, I must inform everyone that it was not always that way. It wasn't always the easy road for me. I had to guve my blood, sweat and tears. I had to give everything I had. I had to suffer in those minor, minor, minor league federations. I had to sleep in buses and in the back of my car. Simply becuase I couldn't afford to eat and stay in a hotel at the same time. But now it is different. Now, I have worked my way to the top. And all that I have done have made me three things. I am the Man! I am The Shit! I am...HARDCORE!

[Justin]- Moving on, Shannon Riggs, or should I say "Shattering" Shannon Riggs. You seem to think that you are the man. That you have all the answers. You think that you know everything. Well guess what, my friend, you know nothing. Shannon, I have some news for you, compared to me, you are a complete idiot. You are nothing but a red haired freak. A freak who likes to pick on people who are weaker than them. And make fun of people when they arent face to face. Well...that really pisses me off. And you deserve to get beaten for it. I think that just for that I will come to your damn house and beat you and your fat ass jiggy drunnk of an uncle up. In fact, why don't you bring your ass to the ring. After this wednesday, you and me on Friday. C'mon. You got the balls? I hope so because what you get, you deserve. I mean please, Mike Molano? you must have asked for that match. Probably to get some easy first win. Well, Mike Molano, the 7 foot shit head with brain, is perfect for that. But if you accept my challenge it will be far froma walk in the park. In fact, it will be one of the toughest things you have ever done. I have crippled many with THE MENTAL BREAKDOWN and you shall be my first victim in the FWF, sice that punk ass Ringo hasn't answered. Riggs, are that sad? You have to pay your fat ass uncle to get some response? Then you call some chcik that you don't even know, because you wanna be a player? What a dick. You really are an asshole. You probably suck on them too. harmon, Justin, you sign this match. JUSTIN SANE VERSUS "SHATTERING" SHANNON RIGGS. Shannon, you bring your ass to the ring on Friday. See what happens.

[Teemu]- Yo, Justin, we gotta go meet the media before the game. We'll chack ya later, You got your tickets right? Good. We'll see ya later.

[Justin]- Riggs, I want you to think about this. You say that if someone thinks they can shut you up well then let them try. Well, I KNOW that I can shut you up. In fact, I guarantee that if you even have the balls to step into the ring with me, after the match, you won't say a damn thing! You see Shannon, I am the master. The master of insanity. The master of the ring. The master of everything and everyone. You should look at yourself in the mirror. It is pretty sad. You look like a freaking...well...hick. What the hell is with your hair? That style went out around 1870. Actually, I don;t think it was ever in. WHat the fuck is up with all the necklaces? And the fucking shirts? You look lke a loser. The only way you could win is probably by scaring someone. And to boot you can't even get your bitch out of the freaking shower. She is probably screwing someone in there while you are sitting watching HOW TO BE A PLAYER. Can you say...HICK? I know you can. C'mon, just annunciate. Very good. Shannon, I will be waiting for you. I'll be waiting for your ass to come to the ring. Remember Shannon...


[Scene]---{Justin gets up and places the towel on the bench. He picks up his skate and the jersey he was given. He slings both over his right shoulder and looks around. Justin smiles as he is happily surprised that he has gotten this far. He walks towards the door and turns off the light. Justin closes the door and waves goodbye to the serurity gaurd.}---

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