---{Honesty, Justice, Common Sense. Those are the things that Justin Sane stands for. And unfortuantely, Ringo doesn't have any of them. You think that eventually he would get the point, but nooooo. Ringo has to be an idiot and talk about how he is the man and how he will walk away champ at Cyberslam. First he lies, saying that he deserves to champ. Then he twists Justice by saing that he should have should be the one with the title shots, and then to top it all off he ignores common sense and goes and threatens to beat Justin every which way on Sunday. There's only one problem, Ringo couldn't beat a paper bag every which way, no matter what day of the week it is. The way this announcer looks at things, it's a joke...}---

---{When we last left Justin he was in a mall and had just finished eating. He went and met a friend and shook hands with them. Now we fade in to the same mall. The camera pans around to show the same food court from earlier. The cmaera then comes onto Justin and the group. But wait. This time is different. This time there are four people in the group. The cameraman swings around to the front and waddya know. It's SAZUKA! It's Justin Sane's partner, Sazuka. He and Justin are walking side by side and laughing. Lil Person and Joey are just walking on side. Sazuka speaks up.}---

Sazuka- Ok guys. Glad you could make it. But you sure you couldn't have come eariler?

Justin- Why man? What's the problem?

Sazuka- Because the damn thing is tomorrow.

Justin- O. Sorry. We couldn't anyways. We had to celebrate my win.

Sazuka- Win? You beat Joey Goldman. And Tyrone had to help you.

Justin- That's because Joel got involved. And I didn't see you running down the aisle.

Sazuka- I figured that you could handle him.

Justin- Yea, sure you did. You were just too lazy to come down.

Sazuka- Call it what you like.

Justin- I'll call it laziness.

Sazuka- Your choice. Not mine.

Justin- O wel...forget about it. Let's concentrate on the Tag Titles.

Sazuka- Tag Titles? I think you should concentrate on keeping your Hardcore first.

Justin- O yea. Ringo. Did you hear? The guy shit his pants. HA! Porbably got scared when he found out that he had to fight me. What a baby. What a chicken actually. The pussie. The guy has no chance. Ringo The Clown. The Barnum and Bailey Reject. See, they wouldn't pay for him and his monkey of a brother so they fired him. Then he was low on money so he had to steal from his dad. Then to make things worse, he goes around saying that he's gonna beat me. With what? A bunch of DDTs? O no...I'm so scared. The only thing that frightens me is that I have to face you for 30 seconds and waist those thirty seconds fo my life. Becuase that is all it is going to take. Ringo, I am going to whoop your ass so bad, it ain't even funny. What's wrong with you clown boy? Our first match? Who cares Ringo. And I mean besides you and your brother. No one. See, I took a pole backstage and the vote was unanimous. No one cares about you or your punk ass Flame. In fact mostly everyoe that I talked to can't even understand you when you speak. It's about as entertaining as an elephant whacked out on NyQuil. No wait...that would be pretty entertaining. Ringo please tell me something. Who in the hell said you got this title shot becuase you deserved it? Hmmm...***Silence***...sounds like no one to me. The fact is Ringo the only reason that you got this match is because I asked for it. I want to whoop your ass at Cyberslam to prove who really is better. I will prove who really is the man around here. And when that final bell rings and the 1-2-3 has been counted, your blood will be all over the ring not mine. And I, Ringo, not you, will walk away with the FWF Hardcore Championship.

Lil Person- Justin...please remind me why we are here.

Justin- We are her...

Sazuka- You are here becuase I let you and Justin be my Groomsmen in my wedding...and for no other reason.

Joey- ***Wiping nose clean with hand*** That's it? That's the only reason we are here? I just wasted my day.

Sazuka- ***Stops and Stares at Joey*** Excuse me? You got a problem you Guinea?

Justin- Calm down you two...what were you going to do anyway Joey? Sit around and eat Pizza and Spaghetti?

Joey- No...I was gonna get laid.

Justin- ***Laughing***Yea...sure you were.

Joey- Man, why everyone gotta pick on me.

---{Justin, Sazuka, and Lil Person all laugh and they continue to walk. Suddenly, Sazuka stops. He looks left, and then right. Finally he turns right and the group follows. Justin looks around as they walk.}---

Justin- Ya know, this place is pretty cool.

Sazuka- Yea. It has its ups and downs, but it suffices.

Justin- Cool man. So where is this place?

Sazuka- Cool down man. It's up there...***points to the end of the hall***.

Justin- ***With a dissapointed look***All the way down there? Ahhh man.

Sazuka- Quit your whining. How are you going to beat Ringo with an attitude like that?

Justin- You really wanna know?

Sazuka- Yea...I really wanna know.

Justin- Ok. Well let's analyze the competetion. Ringo, aproximately 6 feet and who cares how much he weighs. The guy thinks everyone wants to be like him. He thinks that everyone is his fan, that everyone is a Phenomoholic when everyone is realy a Saneaholic. I mean really. Who would want to be a fan of someone who can't even take care of a damn 2 year old. No one would. Which is exactly my point. Ringo, you clown. You actually think that everyone loves you. Well, I'll tell you something. There isn't a damn person in this here Unites States that can bare to watch FWF Programming when you are on it. And that explains why for the last week, while you haven't had a match, and The Franchise has had one every single card, FWF's ratings have shot through the roof and all you had to do was sit back and let the camewra focus in on everyone's favorite wrestler, Justin Sane. Why would they cheer The Fool, The Idiot, The Clown when they can cheer The Hero, The Icon, The Franchise?! It makes no sense Ringo, so it seems thatyour entire system of beliefs and mottos are all screwed up. But ya know, they say change is good, and in your case that is definately true.

Sazuka- Guys, we're here.

---{The group stops and look up. The sign of the store reads...Fassini Brothers Tuxes and Formal Wear...Justin looks around and laughs. They walk in to show a man in a tuxedo standing behind the counter. Sazuka gives him the name and the man dissappears into the back.}---

Justin- That's a pretty funny name man.

Sazuka- So what. Big Deal. It's cheap. I still gotta pay for that damn ring and the scratches on the car. I knew I shouldn't have let you drive that.

Justin- It's not my fault. What do you expect? I take a limo.

Sazuka- I guess you're right. I shouldn't have trusted you in the first place.

Justin- Yea...wait...That's not right.

Sazuka- Neither is the fact that you are going to get abused by Ringo.

Justin- WHAT?! Me? Abused? By Ringo?! That would as sad as you losing to the fat slob...AKA...The Polish French Fry. But Ringo, na. I mean the guy is a little too cocky for a challenger. The guy is so sure that he is gonna walk away witht he belt. I think that there is something wrong in that puny little head of his. He thinks he is tough. O no. Ringo is in a straight jacket. Ringo, the only reason the only reason that they did that was to keep you from going out into the public. No one...and i mean no one...wants to see your ugly face. Why else would people turn off thier TV everytime your interview comes on. I hear from Sazuka that your interview alone put an entire broadcasting company out of buisness. Damn, well looks like my theory is true. No one likes Ringo The Clown. No one likes to watch people like Ringo run around with mystery men and babies and do nothing but get abused. But I will tell you one thing they like. They like me, The Franchise putting people through tables. They like me, Justin Sane, smacking people like you across the face with chairs. The like me, The Hero and Icon, taking your head and smashing it against cement. And they definately like to see your ass get thrown around like a rabbit in a tornado.

---{The guy comes out with three black and white tuxes. One extra small, and two of normal size. He raches behind the desk and pulls out three pairs of shoes of the same size as the suits. He hands the small one to Lil Person and the two regular sized ones to Justin and Joey. Joey and Lil Person go to change as Justin stays to chat with Sazuka.}---

Justin- Guess what, before we came here I got word that we are fighting Frostbite and Molano in LTS at Cyberslam.

Sazuka- Looks like you will be pulling double duty.

Justin- Yea, I guess so. Damn. First I have to beat the hell out of Frostbite and Molano, then I have to risk my body and actually touch Ringo The Clown. That's not fair.

Sazuka- Ahhh...quit your whining your dumb baby.

Justin- What's your problem? You are starting to sound just like that bitch Stacy.

Sazuka- Watch who you are calling a bitch. That's my future wife.

Justin- Yea well your future wife seems to have a problem with me.

Sazuka- Who doesn't?

Justin- Man...watch it.

---{Just then Lil Person and Joey step out. It's a miracle! They actually look halfway decent! Justin and Sazuka are shocked.}---

Justin- Snazzy.

Joey- ***Scratching Privates*** Man, this thing is confining.

Lil Person- Ewww...that's nasty. I like it though. It's snug.

Justin- Joey...you amaze me sometimes. And that wasn't a compliment.

Joey- Shut the hell up. Go bother Ringo.

Justin- Ha Ha! You actually tried to be funny. Too bad it didn't work. Ringo, I got a commercial for ya...NO ONE LIKES YOU! GO HOME! Ha Ha Ha! Ringo, come Cyberslam, when no one chants your name and everyone is chanting Franchise, Franchise, Franchise...You will realize why I am the Champ. When everyone is witnessing brutalization the likes of which no one has seen, you will realize why. When you are getting your ass handed to you in pieces you will realize why. Ringo, plain and simple. It's time for you to realize that...I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! And I'm the man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

Justin- Not to mention, I am the most Hardcore SOB in the FWF. And at Cyberslam, Ringo gets his ass handed to him in pieces!

---{Justin takes the tuxedo and walks into the dressing room. Time passes as the uncomfortable silence assmues control of the room. Justin then emerges to comoical and sarcastic remarks from Joey, Lil Person, and Sazuka as the camera fades...}---

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