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---{R-E-S-P-E-C-T! That's what Justin Sane is finally getting. Respect. Last night, Justin Sane, The Franchise, destroyed Joey Goldman with everything he could find. He even beat him with The Kitchen Sink. But Joey Goldman had to get dirty. He has to use fight back. FWF viewers will never be the same after the "penis" incident in the middle of that match. Despite the trauma, Justin continued to battle and walked away with the Hardcore Title. Now he waits, he waits for Cyberslam. THe night when he silences the critics and makes punks like Ringo Roberts realize who the real Champ is...}---

---{The camera fades in to show a city street. It isn't beaten up, but it isn't..well...nice. Over a hill comes the limo of the New FWF Hardcore Champion, Justin Sane. But the limo is different this time. The liscense plate is different. It now reads CHAMP in gold. The limo zooms past the cameraman butthe view quiickly switches to inside the limo. Justin is sitting with the Hardcore Title around his waist and Lil Person and Joey are sitting opposite him. They are all drinking champagne. Justin is wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt. Joey and Lil Person are both wearing suits. Justin speaks.}---

[Justin]- WOO HOO! I did it. I still can't believe it.

[Lil Person]- I know man. It was nuts. You kicked his ass. Even that damn...errr...Girl/Boy...Francis couldn't stop you from coming away with Gold.

[Joey]- That was just plain sick man. A dildo. Ewww. Those things were not meant for wrestling.

[Justin]- I know. I was more disgusted at that moment than ever in my life.

[Lil Person]- Well you did it man. It was a great moment.

[Justin]- Yea, I know. I went kinda nuts. But then that damn Tyrone had to go and ruin my fun, but who cares.

[Joey]- Actually, if it wasn't for him, you wouldn't have won the title.

[Justin]- You're right. Stupid Joel. Tried to fool me, but he couldn't and you know why?

[Lil Person]- Because Tyrone saved your ass?!

[Justin]- No, you idiot. Because I am The Franchise. That's why. Ain't no one gonna beat me now.

[Joey]- Yea, yea. That's what you said about the Big Mouth Tourney.

[Justin]- Shut the hell up.

[Lil Person]- I feel like we're missing someone. Weren't we supposed to wait for Sazuka before we left?

[Justin]- I don't know. The guy can catch a cab. He hung up on me.

[Joey]- He also holds the record for longest days holding the FWF Hardcore Title.

[Justin]- My title?

[Joey]- Yep. Your title.

[Justin]- Well that record will soon be broken.

[Lil Person]- Yea...ssssuuuurrre it willllll.

[Justin]- Man, what is up with you guys. You guys never used to doubt me like this.

[Lil Person]- Soooo...what's your point?

[Justin]- My point is...ahhh....nevermind.

[Joey]- Whatever.

[Justin]- I think we all can agree that we don't need to hear your incessent blabbering.

[Lil Person]- Yep, I agree.

[Joey]- O yea, his opinion really matters to me.

[Justin]- Shut up, because his opinion matters to me!

[Lil Person]- Well what about Ringo's opinion?

[Justin]- Ringo? The clown?

[Lil Person]- No, the wrestler. The guy thinks you aren't on the same level as him.

[Justin]- Yea, I am bout thirty above him. And besides, the only partner he could get for LTS was Doomsday. I think that tells you something about him.

[Joey]- But he beat you in your first match.

[Justin]- So...What's your point? He beat me. Big Deal. Now I am the Champ and He is The Chump.

[Lil Person]- Well that Chump is your opponent at Cyberslam.

[Justin]- Really? Wow, everyone must be scared of me is I got to fight Ringo. O well. Well Ringo, if it ain't my imagination you seem to think that you are somehow better than me. Ha! You are sadly mistaken, because if you look at the histories, I, not you, am the FWF Hardcore Champion, and I, not you, have been on every single card since my arival in FWF. Yea, you beat me my first match, but I remind you, it isn't what you do in the beginning, it's how you come back after that. And if I am not mistaken, you have gone no where and I have become Hardcore Champion. Ringo since that lost I have worked harder and been more dedicated to FWF than anyone. You, well you haven't even had a match since the Big Mouth Tourney. And you wonder why. You are boring plain and simple. And that's why I am here. To pick your ass up and actually show the fans a good time. Now for some reason you have weasled your way intoa Hardcore Title shot. Why? I don't know. How? I don't know. Results? I do know. You, Ringo The Clown, am going to get the Intro to Insanity straight through a table. That I can guarantee....What you thought I was done? O no, no, no. I got more for you. Ringo, record doesn't matter becuase as far as I see it, I am the better wrestler. Why? Well let's pick this apart. Number one, yes I lost to Doomsday, but he is now your tag partner. Two, The Flame, versus The Intro to Insanity, no brainer there. Three, my backup consists of a former duel champion, and yours is well...Doomsday. The guy couldn't DDT himself. But it doesn't end there. O no, no, no. Ringo, all you've got is your puny little DDT, your puny little Doomsday, and your puny little, well, you. You actually think you can beat me at Cyberslam? HA!

---{The limo pulls to a stop and Justin puts the champagne down. Joey and Lil Person have finished theirs. They toss the glasses aside and step out first. Justin follows. When they step outside the cameraman pulls up to reveal the name of the establishment in front of them...North American Mall Justin looks up as the camera fades back and then nods aprovingly. Justin walks into the mal as the camera fades...

When the camera fads back in Justin, Lil Person, and Joey are sitting at a food court table. Justin has finished his Blimpie sandwich and is sitting down drinking his soda. Joey is eating a slice of pizza and Lil Person is chowing down on a Burger King Whopper.}---

[Justin]- That sandwich was good. I don't think I have ever had something that tasty. How's your burger Lil Person?

[Lil Person]- [While Chewing and Spiting out Food] Good, real good.

[Justin]- Apparently, so good you have to share it with the rest of us.

[Lil Person]- Sorry, didn't mean to do that.

[Justin]- Yea, sure you didn't. Just like Ringo didn't mean to get this match. Ringo, nothing can stop the outcome of Cyberslam. Nothing can stop the fact that you are going to to get destryoed and thrown through Tables, Chairs, Cooking Sheets, hell maybe even the mat. The fact is that come Cyberslam I will still be Champ. And do you know why? Because I am The Franchise. You, well you are a the illiterate, baby-sitting shitface who thinks they have a shot at MY title. Well I have news for you. I worked my god damn ass of to win that title and you think I am going to let some asshole like you take it from me? I would rather that fool Joey Goldman win it back. I know Ringo that you enjoyed seeing that Dildo...ewww. Justin thinking about that makes me sick. I have never seen anything more disgusting. O wait, yes I have. You trying to act good. If only your were decent at acting, too bad you ain't. Ringom the only thing that is a sure thing is the fact that you don't deserve a title shot. You don't deserve to fight me. You don't deserve to even wipe the floor at Cyberslam. The only way you got a match at Cyberslam is by paying off Justin with your father's money. You probably borrowed from Johnny too. Why should I be scared of you? Becuase you can't take care of a 2 year old brat? And you can't find a better partner than Doomsday? And you can't seem to be gramattically correct? Well the way I look at it is you are a illiterate piece of Grade A're just plain shit!

[Lil Person]- That shit put out a promo today.

[Justin]- He did?

[Lil Person]- Yea, made no sense though, so don't worry.

[Justin]- Ha! As usual. Does the guy ever make any sense. Like thinking he has the skill, no wait...he doen't even have the balls to step into the ring with me. Take that anyway you want Ringo. OOO, wow. You won your first matchup in FWF, too bad you haven't gone anywhere after that. You continue to complain about how you should be undefeated, but the way I look at it you shouldn't have any wins. First off, we all know what happened in our first meeting. Personal Problems within my family. Ya know what that is Ringo? You know a group of people that you don't go around stealing from and cursing at. Far from the image you have portrayed of your family. Your brother is obsessed with Cheese and you are a cleptomaniac, that means obsessed with stealing for all those Ringo's out there. Give me one good reason to be scared of you and actually doubt that I might not win at Cyberslam......Hmmm...wait...there aren't any. O yea, my fault, stupid question directed to a stupid individual. It's those damn interviews. They confuse me so much with the RINGO OUT FUX shit, what the hell does that mean anyway? I don't think anyone knows. Hell that baby could come up with a better one. Ringo come Sunday there isn't anything that you can hit me with to stop me. Becuase this Sunday Justin Fux Your Ass Up!

[Joey]- Errrr...What did you say??

[Justin]- Damnit Joey! No more Ringo Interviews for you. They are making you dumber. Ringo, you want a catch phrase. Here ya Go...I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

[Justin]- Not to mention, I am the most Hardcore SOB in the FWF. And at Cyberslam, that piece of Trash Ringo The Clown gets some!

---{Justin looks around and walks out of the the food court. In the distance is a couple. Justin walks to them and shakes their hands and kisses the woman on the cheek. Joey and Lil Person catch up and they walk away as the camera fades...}---

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