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---{Doesn't it piss you off when you are looking forward to something and then it doesn't happen? You can't wait for a certain event and then it o...gets...CANCELLED? I would get pretty pissed off, wouldn't you? I thought so. SO how do you think that Justin Sane felt when the day that would change his FWF career was postponed for unknown reasons. How do you think Justin felt when the day he waited for, the day he was going to capture FWF Gold for the first time, was cancelled? He felt pretty damn bad, and so did this announcer. I paid 40 DAMN BUCKS for those seats and then the show gets cancelled. Now I can't go becuase I have another wrestling event. It's just not fair, but anyways, Justin still gets to capture Gold tonight. Justin still gets to beat the hell out of the Goldman's chosen "son". But theb again, his name is Goldman. You never know...}---

---{The camera fades in to show a wall. Just a sab on concrete thrown together to hold up another piece of concrete. But then the camera begins to zoom out. The cameraman begins to back up and a structure is shown. The camera pulls back and begins to pan up the side of the building until it reaches a phrase...HOCKEY HALL OF FAME. The cameraman pulls back from the building and pans towards the left. Walking down the street is Justin Sane, Lil Person, and Joey. Justin has on a Florida Panthers jersey and a pair of blue jeans. Joey and Lil Person are wearing Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys. They walk to the camera and turn. They walk to a small tree inclosed in a small metal fence and turn right as the camera fades...

The camera fades back in and the camera is facing the group's back. Justin's jersey reads #10, Bure. It is Pavel's jersey. Joey has on a Curtis Jospeh jersey and Lil Person is wearing a Mats Sundin jersey. They ware walking towards the entrance to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Justin walks up to a desk and asks for four tickets[one for the camerman]. Justin waits as the attendant prints out four. He grabs them and pays with cash. They walk into the Hall of Fame and Justin hands the gatekeeper the tickets. He points out the cameraman and the gatekeeper nods. He stamps each of their hands and they walk in. Right in front of them is a list of voters on the Hall of Fame Selection Comittee. Justin seems confused.}---

[Justin]- Hey will you look at that, John Davidson is the head of the comittee.

[Lil Person]- I guess it is true what they say. You learn something new everyday.

[Joey]- Or in your case get dumber everyday.

[Justin]- I'm not dealing with this today. So the next one to make comments has to watch Joey Goldman's interviews...alone.

[Lil Person]- Hey man, I ain't saying nothing. I don't wanna watch anymore interviews after what I went through last night.

[Justin]- Yea, I have never seen you so...well...tired.

[Lil Person]- Don't forget scared. Doomsday's multiple personalities scare me. And Ringo's...tendencies...frightened me more than anything.

[Justin]- HA HA! That's why I do that to you. To straighten you two out. The more you do, the more punishment that you get...and the worse.

[Joey]- I don't think that you being pissed about the event being cancelled helped either.

[Justin]- Why do you think I made his watch two Dave Dexter rps too?

[Lil Person]- I don't care what anyone says. That Cecil is weird man. There is no way a human being can go to the bathroom so much.

[Justin]- And there is no way someone be as corny as Dave Dexter.

[Joey]- I know man. I swear, it I hear another one of those damn rhymes or see another of those damn posters, then I am going to kill someone. Preferably Cecil.

[Justin]- Cecil?!

[Joey]- Yea, that's the name of the freak of nature.

[Justin]- Joey Goldman changed his name?

[Lil Person]- No, that's Dex's little friend who keeps crapping.

[Justin]- What?! Joey is Dex's friend? And he can't stop crapping? No waonder that uhh..."Person"...ran away from Joey in his last interview.

[Lil Person]- HA HA! No, Joey Goldman is still Joey Goldman. And yes he is a freak, but Cecil is the old guy Dexter drags around who craps a lot.

[Justin]- O...Ok. Was a little confused there. becuase we all know Joey Goldman is a freak of nature.

---{Justin and the group have now moved on from the list and are now up in the second floor looking at the various awards that have been given out to certain people over the years.}---

[Joey]- I thought they only gave out one award a year.

[Justin]- Yes they do. One of each tyoe of award ges out every year.

[Joey]- Then what are all these names here?

[Justin]- You really are an idiot! Those are the names of the awards of the people that the awards have been given to people in past years.

[Joey]- O. OK. Why would they want to keep those?

[Justin]- I don't know. Do I look like the curator of this place?

[Joey]- Well you do know a lot about hokey so i was thinking...

[Justin]- Don't think Joey. It makes you look bad.

[Lil Person]- [Calling from another a distance] Hey guys, look at this.

---{Justin looks up and sees Lil Person is in a room that looks like a vault. Justin turns and walks in and sees the most cherished thing in hockey. The Stanley Cup.}---

[Justin]- Wow. I don't believe this. [Looking intensley and closely at cup] This, my friends, is the cup before they had to cut it down. It got too heavy because they added a lot of layers.

[Joey]- I think...

[Justin]- Joey, what did I tell you?

[Joey]- I think it was...

[Justin]- I said don't think. Period. Just stand there.

[Lil Person]- So this is the famed Stanley Cup. Wow, pretty amazing.

[Justin]- Yea, it's beautiful. You know I could have won this baby if I hadn't gone and had that knee injury.

[Lil Person]- Yea man, that sucked. Must have hurt.

[Justin]- Yea, how do you think I met Pavel?! I met him in camp for a Junior team.

[Lil Russia]- That's cool man. real cool.

[Justin]- Yea.

[Lil Person]- So...Justin. Why do you think they cancelled Bomb last night?

[Justin]- Who knows. I hear it was because Justin's plane was delayed or something.

[Lil Person]- O...God forbid we should have an event without The Goldman family.

[Justin]- Well if they didn't show then I didn't get my title match.

[Lil Person]- Good point.

[Justin]- Yea, it's good anyways. It gives me another day to prepare.

[Joey]- This is preparing. Not that I am complaining or anything.

[Justin]- Joey...

[Joey]- Yes?...

[Justin]- Did I tell you to speak?


[Justin]- Then...SHUT THE HELL UP!You got an answer now?[Silence]

[Justin]- Yea...thought so.

[Lil Person]- Shouldn't you talk about Joey Goldman a little more?

[Justin]- Yea, I guess you're right. Joey, Joey, Joey. What's up with you and your friends? First you have your crackhead friend, now you got some cross-dressing Davy Disco wanna-be. What's wrong with you? You know the saying..."Opposites attract"? I think it applies to you, only the edited version..."Freaks attract". You must the wierdest person in the world. Let alone The Goldman family, although your uncle is a little deranged. I mean the guy thinks he is gonna strip Dex of the title. The only wayyou ar getting that ttitle away from Dex is by giving it to me. But that's anothe story. Today, the story is "The Ugly Freak" Joey Goldman. And could your choice of music be anymore whacked out Joey? Disco? I think I know who your pothead friend is. It must be Davy Disco. He must have had to settle for selling pot becuase once he got fired from FWF, his career just went down the drain. But the question isn't about Davy today. The question is...Can you handle the most hardcore match of your entire life? Can you handle the strongest pain you have ever experienced tenfold? Can you cope with the fact that after this match tonight, you will be without your precious gold Joey. Becuase there is no doubt in my mind that your pot-smoking, neon green shirt wearing, gold pant wearing freak will definately lose some gold after tonight. And if I don't win that title tonight, Cyberslam will feel my pain, it may be you, it may be Ringo, it may be Brak, who knows. But someone will pay for me getting robbed of the gold I so rightfully deserve.

[Lil Person]- How about Joey. He is a prime candidate.

[Justin]- Shutup. I'm busy. I'm abusing Joey Goldman. And Making my point to Justin at the same time. Although you are right. Joey would be a prime candidate for a post robbery beating. But back to the Freak. Joey, first I took out Live, then I took out Brak, no matter what the results say, next destroyed Demolisher, and then I put Doomsday through THREE tables and got my revenge. The way I see it, there are only two people left on my hitlist. Ringo, who will pay in LTS, and you. You, Joey Goldman, are my next target. I proved what I can do on Monday, and tonight I will prove it again. Tonight Joey, I will show no mercy. Tonight, I am going to whoop your ass. And do you know why?

[Joey]- Why?

[Justin]- Damnit Joey! I was just about to say why. YOu are not supposed to answer you idiot. Now what was I going to say. O yea. Joey Goldman, I will tell you why. Because...I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

[Justin]- Not to mention, I am the most Hardcore SOB in the FWF. And tonight, Joey loses Gold and Justin gains some!

---{Justin looks around and walks out of the Cup room and down the stairs. The group follows> justijn turns left. He walks into a theatre and sits down. Joey and Lil Person go over to the shooting booth as the camera fades...}---

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