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---{Now this is interesting. Finally some old faces return to reclaim lost glory. The REAL Big Red Scare came back, along with the REAL Busta BYRD and from what I could tell, the REAL Gary Brown is finally back. Am I the only one sensing a pattern here? And is it true? Sazuka, the former IC and HC champion back in FWF? O man, the FWF is on its way. All this heading into Cyberslam 2000. You really gotta wonder if they had this all planned out. This announcer certainly thinks so. It's all too much of a coincidence. It had to be planned. But the one thing that is plan is that Justin gets to have the week of his life this week. First, he gets his revenge. Then he gets to beat the god damn hell out of Joey Goldman and win the Hardcore Title. This week will surely be a momentus one...}---

---{The camera fades in to show suburban streets. Beautiful suburban streets. The streets are lined with beautiful suburban houses and Japanese cars. The streets are empty though. No one walks them. And why? Becuase it is late. We are talking like 12 or 1 in the morning. Who the hell would be up this late walking? The Franhise, that's who. 'The Franchise' Justin Sane who with ease, destroyed Demolisher and now moves on to one of his many arch-enemies, Doomsday, and then onto Joey Goldman. Justin is with Lil Person and Joey [minus the camera]. Justin wears a black t-shirt with the words True Icons on the front in the top left corner. Justin looks around and the camera zooms in on the group.}---

[Justin]- O man, that was great. I whooped his ass on every side of the ring.

[Lil Person]- Man, I know. I have never seen more abuse of a single person. No...wait. I have. In the main event of Sunday. BRS just destroyed Dex.

[Joey]- Yea, and at least it was the REAL BRS this time.

[Justin]- Yea, that's always a good thing. And not to mention the real Busta BYRD.

[Lil Person]- Yea man. FWF is really starting to heat up.

[Justin]- Yea but you know what the best part is?

[Lil Person]- What?

[Justin]- I get a shot at The Hardcore Title.

[Joey]- Justin, I think you have had one too many blows to the head. There is no way they would give you a title shot.

[Justin]- And it think if you two don't shut the hell up, I will give you a blow to the head.

[Lil Person]- Yea...sure you will.

[Justin]- What? You don't believe me?

---{Justin stops, looks at Lil Person and then grins. He grabs him by the collar and picks him up off the ground. Lil Person dangles as Justin smacks him upside the head. Justin then proceeds to toss Lil Person into the nearby bushes. Lil Person gets up and dusts himself off and runs back to catch up with the group.}---

[Lil Person]- Ok Justin, very funny.

[Justin]- I thought so. Didn't you Joey.

[Joey]- I thought it was hillarious.

[Justin]- See. The crowd agrees.

[Lil Person]- Crowd? That guy don't know his ass from his face. Now I don't either, but that's not the point.

[Joey]- You making fun of me again, RUNT?!

[Justin]- Remember guys, if you guys say one more negative word towards each other you hold hands.

[Lil Person]- I HATE THAT RULE! You are lucky you Italian...

[Justin]- Uh-uh, don't say it.

[Lil Person]- You just lucky you are ten times bigger than me and stronger too. Or else I would be making the rules around here.

[Justin]- Yea, sure you would.

[Joey]- Man, this sucks. What the hell are we doing here anyways?

[Justin]- I firgured we'd go for a walk and celebrate my Hardcore Title victory.

[Lil Person]- But you ain't won yet.

[Justin]- I'm fighting Joey Goldman?! Remember? The guy couldn't wrestle his way out of...well let's just say Joey could beat him.

[Joey]- I don't appreciate that.

[Lil Person]- What's your point WOP?

[Justin]- Ok, that's it. Lil Person I said no fighting. Now since Joey hasn't said anything, I need to think of a punishment........I GOT IT! When we get to hotel, you have to watch and listen to all of Doomsday's, Brak's, and Slick Sharp's interviews, TWICE!

[Lil Person]- That's just not right Justin.

[Justin]- Did I say it was going to be right? No. You spoke out now you have to face the consequences.

[Joey]- Ok, Justin, I don't like the guy but even that is too much for one man to deal with. That's just plain hell.

[Justin]- I'm sorry. He said it. Now he has to deal with it. O and Lil Person, that includes all of the interview Ringo and Doomsday have done together.

[Lil Person]- O...c'mon. That's torture. That's pain equal to the death penalty.

[Justin]- Sorry. You do the the crime, you do the time.

[Lil Person]- Don't you retard to talk about?

[Justin]- O, you mean Joey Goldman? I almost forgot about him. Joey, Joey, Joey. Not even your grandmother wants you around her. What makes you think I do? The only reason I am even putting up with your incoheerent speech patterns and annoying actions is because you have something I want. Dooms was an example. I said I would whoop his ass and I did. And now comes you. You, Joey Goldman, are next in line. You see how many tables Doomsday went through? 3! You think that is all i will put you though? O hell no. You will see far more than three tables. Maybe three tables stacked on top of each other, but hell, who knows. Maybe you'll get lucky and I will slam you through the announce table like I did Doomsday. Joey Goldman, you might as well come to the ring high tonight becuase all the pain won't hurt that much. You know, you'll be floating around, thinking everything is great, and you won't feel me putting you through tables and chairs and whatever else I can find. Hell, it will probably be more entertaining. I mean, honestly, who wants to see you wrestle? Let's take a vote.[NO one raises their hand] Hmmm...seems unanimous. Well Joey, I think we all know what is coming next.

[Lil Person]- Cookies?

[Justin]- No you jackass. A beating. A severe beating. The likes of which the FWF had never seens or heard of. Joey, the only conspiracy around here is the fact that you still hold that Hardcore Title. What are you doing with that thing anyway?

[Joey]- He's the bosses nephew. Remember?

[Justin]- Of course I remember. It's a rhetorical question you freaking iiot. It's not supposed to be answered. I know you are as dumb, possibly even dumber than Joey Goldman. But then again, you have to be pretty dumb to want to fight me. But ya know what, seeing as he's got his brother Joel backing him, I'm a little worried. Ya know, you never can tell what's going to happen with these Goldmans. But then again, you never can tell what's going to happen with me. Look at the tapes as proof. One day, calm and composed against Demolisher, the next day, I'm throwing people through announce tables. But seeing as my match tonight is a hardcore match, I think I will go with the hardcore style. Ya know, Tables, chairs. maybe a few fans. After tonight Joey, no one will ever to be able to tell who and what you are, not that anyone really cares though. The way I look at it...Never Lose, Win becuase you must, but ALWAYS beat the living hell out of a GOLDMAN!

[Joey]- JUstin can we get to the hotel. I wanns relax before the match.

[Justin]- Alright. But before I go, I'll say it again. Joey, no one gives a rats ass about you, but everyone cares about me. And why? Because...I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

[Justin]- Not to mention, I am the most Hardcore SOB in the FWF. And on Monday, Doomsday gets the beating he deserves!

---{Justin looks around walks away as the camera fades...}---

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