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---{Sometimes you feel like you are going to get screwed, but then an oppurtunity pops up. This is the same for Justin Sane. When he thought his FWF career was over when he lost to Doomsday, he entered in the Big Mouth Tourney. Then when he lost to Brak in the tourney, Justin thought there wasnt a chance in hell he could ever redeem himself. Well what do you know. The opportunity popped up. Teusday, the 28th of March, Justin Sane gets a Hardcore Title Shot against Joey Goldman. O yea, and this Sunday, Justin fights Demolisher. But you know Justin's mind is on that Hardcore Title Shot. Will he be dedicated to win? You will have to wait and see...}---

---{The camera fades in to show a urban area. The streets are messy, and the cars neatly parked in rows. But this is no any area. This is THE premiere area in the United States. This is Washington, DC. The camera pans around to show the Lincoln Memorial, The Pond in front of it, The Washington Memorial, and even the top of The Capital Building. But topping it off, the granddaddy of them all, The White House. The camera focuses in on the White House and then zooms in. The camera fades into a room in the White House itself. On a door nearby there is a sign marked, "Start Tour Here". The camera pans around to show Justin, Lil Person, and Joey. Wait?! Isn't Joey the cameraman?! I thought he was. Guess not. The camera gets closer and you can begin to hear their conversation.}---

[Justin]- Sorry about you not getting that part in Regis' show as the co-host. I was pulling fo you.

[Lil Person]- I know you were. It happens. We have to get over it. We all get new oppurtunities.

[Joey]- YEa, Justin. I mean look at you. Two Title shots. First The Big Mouth, Now the Hardcore. I mean what else could happen. Hey, they might even hand you the World Title.

[Justin]- Man, I earned everything. And you're right. If Justin was smart he would make Dex turn over the title to me. Because we all know that I am the one who deserves.

[Lil Person]- Yea, you really deserve it after you got beaten by Brak.

[Justin]- Beaten?! I kicked his ass.

[Joey]- Well, technically, he kicked yours.


[Joey]- Don't get mad at me. It's on tape.

[Lil Person]- He got lucky. That's all. Don't let him bother you Justin.

[Justin]- You're right. Wait...shouldn't this tour have started by now?

[Lil Person]- [Looks up to see an empty room]I think that they left without us.

[Justin]- DAMN THEM! Don't they know who I am! I am the Future FWF Hardcore Champion.

[Joey]- Yea, yea, we know. Let's catch up.

[Justin]- Ahh...screw it. W'll take our own tour.

[Lil Person]- Here we go again.

---{Justin and friends get up and look around. They look behind them and see a door that is blocked off with a rope. Justin walks up and unclicks the rope as they walk through. The group reluctantly follows and they walk down a hall.}---

[Justin]- Man, this is nuts. First, I get my title shot ripped away by Brak. Then, I learn that I get yet another shot, next Tuesday. However, this one is for the Hardcore Title, against Joey Goldman. I mean, could this stuff get any crazier. Gary Brown seems to be a different person every week, a contender for the World Title is getting beat on by Midgets, and Ringo Roberts forms the...FIZZ?! Wow, now that's just bad. I mean there are good names and bad names. Like Brak and Justin Sane. The latter being the good name. But FIZZ? That's just plain bad. It figures an ass like Ringo Roberts would come up with a name like that.

[Lil Person]- That guy is whack. He should be shot.

[Justin]- Yea...maybe not. O well, if my short term memory serves me correctly, I have a match with Demolisher this Sunday. Well, Demolisher, I noticed that no one saw your last promo. See, I bet you are wondering what happened. Let me clear it up for you. See, the execs get to see your interview before anyone. They saw, saw that it was soooooooo boring, that even Cecil, Dexter's friend, would fall asleep. I have figured out my mission too. To save the world from you. I will daze you with my irrevocably good looks, dazzle you with my amazing acces of moves, and then just kick your mother fuckin' ass. Why? Because no one wants to see your dumb ass stumble across the ring in an attempt to entertain. Simnply put, my job is to stop you from embarassing the FWF and yourself, and me. Not to mention, keep the ratings from taking a huge hit. I mean, who in their sane and right mind, would want to see you fight?! My guess is no one...No, wait. Brak, and Ringo ROberts would. Well Demolisher, looks like you got two fans. But my guess is the only reason they are watching is beacause they want to learn. They are even more pitiful than you, but that's past news. Now, I concentrate on your scronny ass. Demolisher...

[Joey]- [Looks around and leans on the wall. The wall turns and Joey falls into a room. The group follows in and looks around. They are in The Oval Office.] Uh-Oh. I don't think we are supposed to be here.

[Justin]- Screw that. We all know that this is place where we should all be. Clinton's a fool. He don't know what the hell he is doing.

[LiL Person]- Yea, but still...

[Justin]- Still what? We're here, so lets enjoy it. Clinton's out at some conference, and so is most of the white house. No one is here. Anyways, back to Demolisher. Now, I know that no one knows much about you, but I don't think that anyone really cares. Demolisher, it is my job to shut you up. I have been sent by the powers to take your ass down. And that is exactly what I plan on doing. You can't escape me you dumb fuck. I am going to demolish you until there is nothing left but poo.

[LiL Person]- There you go rhyming again. Man. I am telling you. You are the next Dave Dexter.

[Justin]- Yea, I know. But I am not going to do it with stupid rhymes and pointless phrases.

[Joey]- Yea, what a fool. [Sits on desk]

[Justin]- The guy makes himself look like an idiot and then he goes and adopts come guy who was around when Barney was an actual dinosaur.

[Lil Person]- I sear, if I have to see his bony and wrinkly ass one more freaking time, I am going to flip.

[Justin]- Yea, who wants to see that.

[Joey]- No one. That's who. Dex used to be respected. Now, he can't even keep Goldman from taking the title. In my opinion it should be You vs. Dexter at Cyberslam.

[Justin]- Yea, you're right. This is a joke.

[Joey]- Don't get mad. Get even. Beat the crap out of Joey on Teusday. I mean c'mon, that guy can't stop you.

[Lil Person]- For once, i agree with him. Why in the world would they put Joey against you? You'll kill 'em.

[Justin]- Don't look at me. I don't pick my titles and my opponents. I just win 'em and beat 'em. Or as Joey would say, "Steal 'em, and Cheat 'em".

[Joey]- I know. Not only can't the guy win a title for his life, but he has to have his uncle protect him. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised of Justin gave me this match because he wants to teach Joey a lesson.

[Lil Person]- Must be a painful one.

[Justin]- I know. Guess Uncle is fed up with protecting his sorry ass.

---{Justin loos around and puts his hands in his pocket. He walks over to the desk and sits down in the chair. Justin is now the most powerful person in the world. HaHa! Like that could ever happen. Anyways, he kicks Joey off the desk and Joey and Lil Person sit on opposite couches. Justin puts his feet up on the desk and leans back in the leather chair.}---

[Justin]- Ahhh...ain't this the life. You know, I think I am going to be president when I hit 50. You know after wrestling. See, unlike Hogan, I will know when to quit. I mean this great. When I become president, it will be mandatory for every office to have a Monica Lewinsky typer person. But the President gets 4. Why four? Becuase I am four times better than anyone else out there. Well anyways, lets see, Joey Goldman. The "Gold Leisure Suit Wearing, Incompetent, Talentless, Annoying, and overall Dumbass" Joey Goldman. How did you become Hardcore Champion again? O yea, I remember. Your uncle GAVE it to you. O yea, you earned that itle. How many times have you defended that title Joey? I think 0. How many times have stepped into a ring with a real opponent? Dex and JJJ don't count because JJJ's on drugs and Dex uses steroids. How many times have you actually beaten a qualified opponent fair and square? O yea, 0 again. Beginning to see a pttern here Joey? You are total 0. You don't deserve that title becuase you didn't earn that title. And on Teusday, I am going to rip it away from you. Fact is, come Teusday, you stop being Uncle's favorite nephew and you becomce my favorite punching bag. And this is a warning. Anyone, and that includes Uncle Chairman Justin, that dare set foot near that ring will recieve the same fate that you do. I don't care who you are, I'll kcik your ass and enjoy it. And do you know why? Becuase this is my time. This the time for your Fanchise to rise and sieze the gold he so rightfully deserve.

[Joey]- Whats's that?

[Justin]- A title shot you freaking moron. Joey, you are a lot like my frined over here. No common sense. Why else would you be in this match up? ANyway you want it Joey, I can make it happen. You want to be beat over the head with a chair? Or perhaps you prefer a powerbmomb through a table. Hey, maybe even a piledriver off the top rope through a table onto a chair. What do you think? Hardcore enough for you? How about this. I got a great idea. If I win on Teusday, I will give you a rematch at Cyberslam, only I get to pick the surroundings. And right now, I am leaning towards a Mall. Yea, that's right. A mall brawl. Since I know you won;t make this a mall brawl on Teusday, let's make a date for the PPV. Ok with You? I hope so. Becuase Teusday is not going to be enough. The arena isn't big enough to contain my anger. And guess who gets to be the lucky recipient of that anger. Deolisher? No. Brak? No. Joey Goldman? HELL YEA!

[Lil Person]- Yo, Justin. I think we should go.

[Justin]- Alright. But before I go, I'll say it again. Brak, no one knows what you are. Not even me. But we all know who and what I am. I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

[Justin]- Not to mention, I am the most Hardcore SOB in the FWF. And on Teusday, Joey Goldman learns why he's freak!

---{Justin looks around and takes his feet down. He dusts off his suit and then walks in front of the desk. All of a sudden he hears someone coming. He and the group run over to the secret door and open it. Lil Person looks around and sees no one. They sneak out and run down the hall as the camer fades...}---

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