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---{The Fans Wrestling Federation is definately mixed up. According to people like Brak and Doomsday and Ringo, the fans actually like them. I mean, could the fans be more screwy? You have to be as ugly as a southern hick and as dumb as one too, to think that people like that have class. But we all know that the real fans all love Justin Sane. They all love their future. They all love their savior. Why? Because he is just that, their savior and Franchise. This Teusaday, Justin will clear up things for everyone of the infidel fans who seem to love little shits like Ringo, Brak and Doomsday. How you ask? Well I guess we will have to wait to see...}---

---{The camera fades in to show the outside of some type of television studios. However, this time it is different. The view seems to be from the air. Then Joey pulls back and shows that they are in a helicopter. Justin is sitting in the pilot's seat up front and Lil Person is sitting in the back on a crate. Joey zooms in onto the side of the building and shows the sign...

They begin to get closer to the roof. As they do Joey zooms out. They are now directly over the roof. On the roof are two gaurds and a man with a headset and a clipboard. They begin to lower slowly. Finally they land on the roof. Joey is the first one out of the helicopter followed by Lil Person. Justin climbs out through the side door. They are met by the gaurds and the clipboard guy. The helicopter takes off as the Clipboard guy welcomes Justin.}---

[Clipboard Guy]- Welcome Justin. It's good to have you. We are looking forwards to this afternoon.

[Justin]- So are we. We are fully prepared for what could happen.

[Lil Person]- Yep, we really can't wait.

[Clipboard Guy]- I hope you are becuase this is a tricky thing. It depends on whether he like you or not. If he does, you are a shoe in, if you make a bad first impression, you might as well go home.

[Justin]- Don't worry, we won't screw this up.

[Lil Person]- Ok, well where we going?

[Clipboard Guy]- Well we have to go down to the second floor. But first we have to go down two flights of stairs to get to the elevators.

[Justin]- OK, ok. No problem. We can do that.

[Joy]- O, BOO! I don't want to walk.

[Justin]- Man Joey you are lazy.

[Lil Person]- You fat greek. Get over here and let's go.

[Joey]- Greek?! Do you have any idea what kind of insult you just dished out? I am ITALIAN! Not some dumb Greek! I should crack your skull right now for even saying that, but seeing as how you are Justin's friend, I'll leave you alone.

[Justin]- Whoa there Joey. Calm your engines. This is everyone's day. He made a mistake. Not let's get going.[Begins to walk towards stairs]

[Joey]- HOLD THE FUCK UP! [Justin turns around amazed and angry] We ain't going now where til the little shit apoligizes.

[Justin]- You really have to do this. Don't you?

[Joey]- Listen Justin, this has nothing to do with you. This one is between me and the runt.

[Lil Person]- Excuse me? Did you just call me a runt?

[Joey]- You damn right I did, RUNT!

[Lil Person]- [Doing his best Italian Accent] Yo, mamaluke, you keep your ass quiet before I whoop your greasy ass to Brooklyn and back!

[Justin]- Guys, calm down. This is getting out of hand. In fact, this is over.

[Joey]- NO WAY! This shit ain't over till the midget apologizes.

[Lil Person]- Ok, now I was going to try and be civilized, but obviously you can't. So get a good old fashioned...ass whooping!

---{Joey hands cameraman to the clipboard guy and tells him to get this on tape. Joey and Lil Person take off their sports coats and ties and roll up their sleeves. Joey taunts Lil Person. Withotut warning, Lil Person runs straight into Joey's nuts. Then while Joey is bent over, he punches him right in the face, knocking him over. He then sits on his chest and begings to punch him, repeatedly. They roll around on thr ground scuffling, until Justin has had enough. Justin walks over and grabs Lil Person by the head and grabs Joey by the neck. He picks them both up and yells at them. They begin to walk into the stairwell. Lil Person sticks his tounge out at Joey, but Justin stops him. They walk down the steps two flights and finally get to the 10th floor. Justin stands in between the two. The elevator comes and Justin lets Lil Person get in, followed by Justin, followed by Joey. The clipboard guy presses 2 and Justin and the group stand there and listen to the stupid elevator music. The bell dings and Justin steps out first and watches Joey and Lil Person. Joey kicks Lil Person, so Justin makes them...HOLD HANDS??!! Yep, thats right. Hold hands. How embarassing.}---

[Justin]- I told you two. The next trime that you embarass me, I was going to embarass you beyond belief. And well, look what happened. I try to force you to get a long but it isn't working. So now for every fighting word that you say to each other, you spend thrity mintes holding hands. So right now, I am calculatin, o, about the rest of the day. But enough about you. I got a match to talk about. Well, well, Well. Brak. You amaze me at every turn. Yesterday, you came to New York to reveal that you were the next Pepsi spokesman. Well, I must say. FWF and Pepsi are certainly screwed. You, allowed to be on public TV? That spells disaster. Pepsi, with you on the bottle? That is just plain nuts. Who in their right mind would like to pay $1.50 for a can of Pepsi, and then be met with your ugly face? The answer, for all you infidels, is no one! The only mistake Pepsi made was calling you before they called The Franchise. That is what we call, sending the company down the drain. Brak, I got another question for you. What in the name of everything that is sane, would you actually think that when the final bell rings, you wil be the one in the ring with his hand raised? I got a guess. You're an idiot. You and your entire staff have about as much smarts as these two.

[Joey]- Justin, we ain't not dumb.

[Justin]- Shutup before you embarass yourselves further. Moving on. Brak, I actually look around Alumni Hall before I went to the hall of records. I am not a freaking idiot. I didn't see your picture anywhere. I asked the janitor if he had ever heard of a Brak. He said yea, faitly. He said that you were a Freshamn Year Dropout, but then camer back and payed the Dean to give you your Degree. Then you payed him even more just to put your picture up in the hall. But then, since no one knew who you were, and they ddin't want to waste wall space, they took the picture down to save the university embarassment. What was that Brak? You like to swallow? Well, I knew you were like that, but thought of you more as a spit type of person. Burt Reynolds? That washed up old hasbeen has about as much talent as you. None. You and him should be put together in a room, given some type of test to determine your talent, and the one with the higher level gets to drag themselves into the ring. Brak, after this Teusday, there won't be enough left of you for another match. I dare you to bring your Fixx to ringside. Becuase, I, 'The Franchise', have an equalizer. You want to know what it is, don't you? TOO BAD! You want to find out, tune in to the match from your sofa on that bus of yours, becuase I know that you aren't going to show up tomorrow night. Facts be known, you don't have the balls to show up. You don't have the guts to even get on that bus and head on your way over here. The Brak Tour may be up and running, but this Teusday, it comes to an end. This Bomb, I am ripping the tires right off that bus and shoving them down your throat. Maybe I will stick a few in your head. I mean, you seem to have a big enough head, with a lot of empty space, just not being put to use, maybe I could find something to do with it. Maybe you can store some Pepsis up there. Who know. Antyhing is possible when you are dealing with a thick headed, talentless, piece of trash such as yourself.

[Lil Person]- Justin, can we stop this? It's starting to piss me off. And people are looking at us.

[Justin]- That's the point. When you guys apologize, you can let go, but until then you are holding hands. Brak, you a role model? That's like saying Charlie Sheen is sober and clean. It never has and never will be true. How you got people to actually notice you is beyond me. But for some reason they do. Whether you pay them, or whether they are scared of your disgusting and utterly scary features, I don't know. But I do know that I have a larger fan base than you. I know that I have a t-shirt, in fact, you're getting one piece of every kind of merchandise I have out there. The only reason you don't see it, is becuase they are in real stores. They are not worn by stupid hicks that spend all their time in McDonald's who by the way, has a better buy rate than your matches. They are worn by professionals who spend real money. Where is your cologne selling off the shelves? What you mean you sold that one bottle? Congratulations. You probably had to buy it yourself becuase not even your friends would get involved with that shit. And frankly, I don't want to go near you on BOmb, but if you show up and i have to go through you to win The Big Mouth Title I will.

[Joey]- DAMNIT JUSTIN! I can't take this anymore.

[Justin]- Quiet. I am talking. Brak, why would I listen to these two. I mean Lil Person gives good advice some times, but knowing you I have to check things out. Face it, you're a compulsive lier. Or atleast that was what the Dean told me. That is why you got kick out. But that's none of my buisness. Moving on, Brak, you say I can't handel the truth, well the way I see it, you are the one who is insecure. Because if you ask anyone that knows anything about this buisness, they know that I am the one guaranteed the win tomorrow night. I don't understand the importance of the match? You don't know how important this match is to me. Important can't even describe it. You are the one who is in for a major shock Brak. Brak, you are the one who is in for a ride. Becuase on Bomb, I'm kicking your ass to Canada!

[Joey]- Justin We apoligize.

[Lil Person]- Yea, we're sorry.

[Justin]- Good. But before I go, I'll say it again. Brak, no one knows what you are. Not even me. But we all know who and what I am. I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

[Justin]- Not to mention, I got the biggest mouth in FWF! And On 'The Franchise' gets one step closer to Cyberslam!

---{Just as Justin stops speaking the clipboard guy opens a door. They walk in to reveal a studio. Justin has told Joey and Lil Person to stop holding hands. They thank him an follow the guy. This set is framiliar to some viewers. This is the set of a very special morning program. This is the set of "Live with Regis and ?". But why here? Well, hopefully, that question mark will soon be filled by...Lil Person! That's right. They walk towards the seats on the stage. Sitting there is Regis Philbin. he is reading his script. Lil Person sits down as the Camerea fades to black...}---

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