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---{The Fans Wrestling Federation is at a crossroads. One way, destruction. Utter destruction. That is the way that people like Ringo, Doomsday, and Brak lead us. Then there is the road that will return the FWF to greatness. That road is led by people like Jason 'Link' Millen, Dave Dexter, and 'The Franchise' Justin Sane. Cyberslam will decide which way the FWF goes. LTS will decide that. Those will be the two main factors. But it starts with the small things. For example, Teusday Nigh Bomb and the outcome of the Justin Sane vs. Brak match. The winner will undoubtedly become the Big Mouth Champion with ease. So this Teusday will start a chain reaction. Who will lead the FWF into the future? Brak or 'The Franchise'? Only time will tell...}---

---{The camera fades in to a city street. The city is beautiful, yet it is fightfully chilly. The camera pans around and looks for something noticeable. He sees that the streets are barren, despite the shining sun and well groomed streets. Joey begins to walk down the street. He looks up and zooms in on a purple, yes folks, that's right, PURPLE banner with white writing. The letters read NYU. This is definately place. Joey stands outside this huge brick face building with the camera on his shoulder. He looks around, like he is waiting for someone. He doesn't know what to do. Then, he is saved. Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees something. He sees a black limo. Ahhh...finally, some sanity in an insane world [No Pun Intended]. It is everyone's favorite limo. 'The Franchise's Limo'. The limo is about four or five blocks and is going at an extremly slow speed. The limo eventually gets to the corner and pulls to a stop. The door pops open and out walks Lil Person. He dusts himself off and looks around. He is wearing a black Armani suit. Then Justin Sane slowly exits the limo. He is wearing a pair of tan slacks and a tan sports jacket buttoned up with a white shirt and a 'Franchise' tie. Justin looks around and closes the door. He pats the roof and the limo speeds off. Joey is relieved.}---

[Justin]- Whew, that was close. Damn media.

[Lil Person]- I know. They always following you. Wanting to know your every move. It gets annoying as hell.

[Joey]- Well you certainly took your damn time!

[Justin]- I told you. It was the media. They kept hounding us. It isn't our fault.

[Joey]- Isn't your fault? I have been scouring these streets for at leas two hours. And do you wanna know what I found? NOTHING! This place is silent.

[Justin]- That's becuase it's a college campus area. Only college kids are allowed on this property. And it's Spring Break for these guys. Do you actually think they would stay in school?

[Joey]- Then what the hell are we doing here?

[Lil Person]- HEY! You will speak only when spoken to!

[Joey]- Joey...remember, I whooped your ass before and I will do it again.

[Lil Person]- [Staring at Joey and getting in his face] The only reason you even got near me was becuase I was drunk.

[Justin]- [Stepping in between the two] Hold on you two. We don't need any fights within the camp. Let's save the anger for Brak and Teusday Night Bomb.

[Lil Person]- Ok, ok, you got it. I ain't an immature bitch like Joey.

[Joey]- Why you little...

[Justin]- Joey...quiet before you get yourself in trouble. Let it go.

[Joey]- Ok, fine. Why are we here again? You never answered my question.

[Justin]- Well, simple for one reason. We all know that I am an educated man and graudated from The University of Georgetown, but Ringo, I don't trust him. So, since he swears that he has graduated from NYU, we are here to make sure.

[Lil Person]- Justin...that doesn't sound legal.

[Justin]- O it is. Kind of. Just wait. You'll see.

[Joey]- Justin...I don't need to get arrested. AGAIN! The NYPD already have my picture up all over town.

[Justin]- Don't worry. They won't catch us.

[Joey]- Ok, I am trusting you here.

[Lil Person]- Me too. I don't always agree with The Italian Monkey over here, but still, we trust you.

[Justin]- That's good. O and if anyone asks, we don't know each other. And here are your fake IDs.[Justin hands two fake IDs to Lil Person and Joey]

[Lil Person]- Ok, now I am definately not liking this. Justin, we are not breaking into a College facility and stealing some records, just so we can prove that your enemy isn't smart.

[Justin]- Hey man, this is personal. The guy is dissing my etiquette and sexual orientation! He should be the last one to talk!

[Justin]- Shutup and let's go.

---{Justin pulls out Joey's wallet out of his back pocket. He take out his credit card and gives Joey back his wallet. He tales the card and begins to jiggle it in the key slot. Finally he gets the spot and the door unlocks. He pulls out the card and reveals it is broken in two pieces. Joey doesn't look too upset. Justin opens the door walks in. The other two reluctantly follow.}---

[Joey]- I hope you know that the credit card you just used was stolen. And if I get in trouble for it, you are coming down with me.

[Justin]- Are you kidding? I will just hire Johnny Cochrin. They won't convict me. I am a star. I'm the White OJ. I could get away with murder!

[Lil Person]- Don't get too cocky there Justin. And besides, what about us?

[Justin]- What about you?

[Lil Person]- What?!

[Justin]- I am just kidding. I'll get you guys out of it too. Well, at least Lil Person, maybe you Joey.

[Joey]- are cold.

[Justin]- I am just kidding. You are safe. Don't worry both of you.

---{The group begins to walk down the hall carefully. All except Justin. He is walking straigh up without a care in the world. They walk down the hall until they get to a row of doors. Justin checks the first one and sees it is a classroom. The next four are all classrooms. Lil Person is frustrated.}---

[Lil Person]- Man, nothing but classrooms. We are never gonna find the records. This is gonna take forever.

[Justin]- Calm down. We will find it. I have a feeling that its the next door.

---{Justin looks around and takes a deep breath. He opens the door and looks around the corner slowly. What a freaking coincidence. Either that or Justin is really really smart. It's gotta be the previous. Anyways, without doubt, it is indeed the records room. Justin and the gang walk in. Justin walks up and down columns and finally comes to B. He opens the file drawer and looks for Brak's file. He can't seem to find it. Justin searches quickly when all of a sudden a noise is heard. Justin and the group pick their heads up and look around. They hear a security team on their way. The group scatters. Suddenly, the gaurds walk into the room. Lil Person, sneaks under one guys leg without anyone seeing him. Justin sneaks up against the wall and curves his body around the corner and sneaks out. Joey is the only one left. Being a mobster, he is expereinced in these type of situations. Joey picks up a small book and throws on the the side of the room opposite him. He then makes a break for it. He makes it outside into the hallway. Justin has already called for the limo. Just then, a gaurd peeks out the door and sees the group. He yells and a chase ensues. It is definately a short one, but still a chase. Justin and the group make it outside to find the limo waiting. They hop in and drive off as the camera fades to inside the limo.}---

[Justin]- WHEW! That was a close one.

[Lil Person]- I hope, for your sake, that we didn't do all that for nothing.

[Justin]- Well actaully, we did.

[Lil Person]- AHHHH! Damnit! O fuck, just go ahead and cut your promo. I know you have been waiting to all day.

[Justin]- Thanks. Not like I need your permission. Brak, you see I am the fans champion. I am the fans favorite. Why else would i get cheared every single place that I go? It's becuase the fans love me and you, especially you, cannot deny that Brak. Maybe in your sick head, you think that you are the man and you are the champ, and you have a shot in this match and at winning this title. But wake up, this is the real world Brak. This is the place where dremas don't come true, and you ain't shit. This is the world where The Franchise leads the FWF as its Big Mouth Champion. This si the place where Justin Sane whoops yours and all of the Fixx's ass on Teusday. Now yu can goff and thknk that you actually have a hot in this match, but we all know that you don't. Brak you have about as much chance in this match as Hulk Hogan in WWF. Translation: Old, fat, slow, dumb, no common sense, doesn't deserve to be here! Brak, no one wants you here, no one likes you here, so why don't you do us all a favor and pack up your bags and ship out. You think you are all good becuase you have a bus and you can stop at McDonalds? Well you see 'The Franchise' doesn't need to stop at McDonalds becuase he eats real food. I don't eat rat guts and rat tails and cow intestines and whatever else they put in those burgers and fries. So you go ahead and eat your McDonalds becuase when you are in the back, pucking up your small intestine and holding on to the railing for dear life, I will be in the ring celebrating with all the ladies that you can't have.

[Joey]- Man Justin you are lucky I know how to get out of situations like that. If it weren't for me we would be in the lockup right about now.

[Justin]- Yea....maybe not Joey. But you can think that. I know that you have low self esteem. It's ok. Don't feel bad. Brak, I have figured out why you have an air hockey table in your bus. And why you have all those people to surround you. Those arr to keep your self esteem up. Ya know, after you look at my interviews and realize that the verbal capacity of 'The Franchise' is far too venerable for your puny brain to comprehend. They make you feel batter when you aren't feeling well. You know, after you cut your interviews and realize all that you just said was a bunch of incoheerent jibberish. Brak I would compare you to someone very near and dear to my heart. Someone that you probably know very well. His name is, well Joey. No not you Joey. Another Joey. We aren't sure what his real name is so let's just call o...a Goldman. Yep Joeseph Goldman. Let's review the similarities: Annyoing, Small, Insignificant, Don't deserve to be here, Should be mistakingly shot while a bank is getting robbed. There are way more, but I just don't like wasting my time and listing them all. The video games? O they are simply for one reason. Brak has them especially made so he can't lose. Then after he loses to people like me, he goes into his bus and plays and makes himself feel good again. You know all warm inside, like the stupid freak that he really is.

[Lil Person]- Wait so then what is up with the sattelite dish?

[Justin]- O, simple. He can't get enough if The Franchise. He needs to watch my interviews 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Or else he goes back into self depression and just being plain annoying. Now Brak, you want to surround yourself with all those people, the go ahead. But after Teusday, the only people that will be surrounding your ugly ass are plastic surgeons and medical surgeons. Why the Plastic Surgeons? Well obviously, to clean up the mess that I will make of his so called "chisled" body. Ya know, we wouldn't want that "chisled" body to go to waste. And why the medical surgeons? Well, I figure that Brak is bordering the line of being an asshole and just plain being a loon. So after the match, and after they rush him to plastic surgery and fix him up, they will have to rush him to the hospital for immeadiate brain surgery. I mean, Brak, you are dumb enough and ugly enough as it is. We don't need some half man, half monster with no brain and no common sense walking around the we? I think not. So that is why, I am doing the world a favor, because after I beat, you will yourself in public again. So once again, 'The Franchise' saves the world from the eveils of Brak.

[Joey]- You sure we going the right way Justin?

[Justin]- Hells yes! Of course we going the right way dumbass. I ain't no fucking Brakaholic, but there has been some question as to your loyalty. Where do you stand Joey? You with them, or us? The men who made you famous? You with that punk, Brak and his crew of yes-men and yes-women?

[Joey]- You know me. I am Team Franchise through and through.

[Justin]- Ok, but now. Before we depart and leave Brak crumbling in his corner, I have a few kind words to say. Brak, I am a Yankee becuase I have talent. Do you know what that is? Skill? Guess not, becuase you obviously don't have any. High School Student Brak? Why don't you go to Georgetown and check out the records. It will say Justin Sane...graduated class of 97 with high honors. So aren't you feeling bad right now? We all know you are so just admit it. Brak, when it all comes down to it, you only know 4 or 5 moves and probably won't get off more that 2 or 3. And do you know why? Becuase you will be too mistified by my show of greatness to do anything. Brak, The Franchise isn't, hasn't, and never will run from anything. So if you want some bring it on.

[Joey]- Yo, Justin. We here.

[Justin]- One sec. Brak, no one knows what you are. Not even me. But we all know who and what I am. I'M JUST INCREDIBLE...I'M JUST INTENSE ...I'M JUSTIN SANE! The man with the SKILL to THRILL and the CASH to FLASH!

[Justin]- Not to mention, I got the biggest mouth in FWF! And On Teusday, Brak gets a taste of respect!

---{Justin looks over at Lil Person. He knows what is a head of him. Yet he still is fretful of what might happen. Justin lets Lil Person get out and then Joey. He picks up a soda and a breifcase and slowly gets out as the camera fades to black...}---

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