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---{The Fans Wrestling Federation is coming back. Tyrone is back. Busta BYRD is back. Gary Brown is back. Rumors are circulating that more legends will be returning shortly. It is slowly but surely returning to greatness. I mean even the great Link has returned to the FWF, and with a vengence. There is only one problem, they are all bent on Justin's destiny. Becoming FWF World Heavyweight Champion. And we all know that once Justin gets that title, he is not giving it up. Merely becuase he is the man that has worked his ass to get there. The man that has given up everything he owns merely to be returned with more. Merely becuase there is no one else out there that can match skill with him. Merely becuase he is...THE FRANCHISE...}---

---{The camera fades in to show the inside of an arena of some sorts. The place is packed to the brim. People are screaming and some even have their shirts off. Unfortunately, no women have their shirt off. DAMN MORALS! O well, the camera pans around to reveal that Joey and the gang are seated in the upper deck. And even worse, in the last row. Joey pans around to show Lil Person sitting in between him and Justin. Justin, unfortunately is sitting next to a fat, greasy, smelly hick, probably from Alabama. Justin looks towards him and frowns in disapprovement. The man has a beer in his hand but is dropping more on the floor than he is getting in his mouth. Joey swings the camera around and looks towards what seems to be a court. Unfortuantely, they are too far away to see anything. Justin is obviously pissed off.}---

[Justin]- God damnit Joey! That's the last time we let you book the seats!

[Joey]- Sorry. I didn't know they would put us all the way up here. Want me to go give 'em a taste of Italian Lead?

[Lil Person]- Woah there Joey. It's ok. Justin will handle it.

[Justin]- Yea, calm down. There is no need for blood tonight. This isn't the FWF.

[Joey]- Alright. He's lucky.

[Justin]- Ok, sure he is. Well anyway. Let's get out of here. I can't stand this fat Brakaholic.


[Lil Person]- Typical Brakaholic. He can't even use correct grammar.

[Justin]- I know. It's sad. But seriously. Let's go.


[Justin]- We are not leaving the arena...Ahhh...You'll see. I knew you would get us seats like I made plans.

---{Justin gets up and tells the rest to. He drops a 50 on the Brakaholic's lap and tells him to clean his ass up. Joey lets Justin and Lil Person go and he tapes them as they walk down the steps. They walk all the way down the bootm and turn left into the tunnel. they walk down the tunnel and stop in the rotunda. They look left amd right. Justin turns right and everyone follows. They walk about 5 minutes until they stop at a concession stand. Justin looks at the line and is disgusted. He walks up, throws everyone off the line and orders.}---

[Justin]- I'll have a hot dog with onions and ketchup, one medium sprite, no ice, and...a snickers bar. And get my friends the same thing.

[Stand Attendant]- [In a strong southern accent]So thats, 30 hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard, 3 medium drinks no soda just ice, and 3 Brak Bar.

[Justin]- WHAT THE HELL?! First off, I have no idea what you just said. So let me repeat myself. I'll have 3 hot dogs with onions and ketchup, 3 medium sprites with no ice, and...3 snickers bars. And third, WHAT THE HELL IS A BRAK BAR?

[Attendant]- I don't know. I was hoping you did. But I got the order now. That'll be $18.79.

[Justin]- $18.79?! What the hell is this?! This is insane.

---{The attendant brings over the food on one tray. It is packed with the food. Justin hands her a 20 and tells her to keep the change.}---


[Justin]- Yea, yea, no problem. Don't worry about it.

---{Justin tells Lil Person to hold the food. Lil Person can't reach the counter so Justin hands it to him. They walk back to the main walkway. Justin cuts left and continues on his search. He finally stops and looks up. Justin turns right. They walk through the curtain and ignore the guard. They finally are stopped about five rows down by the guard. He ask to see their tickets.}---

[Guard]- May I see your tickets please.

[Justin]- I don't think so. I'm Justin Sane of FWF. The REAL Justin Sane. The Franchise.

[Attendant]- O yes. We have been expecting you. Right this way please.

---{The guard gets in front and begins to walk down the steps. He looks around as he walks down. There are quite a lot of steps. Joey focuses ahead of the group and notices that they are walking woards sitting right behind the University of Miami bench. Miami is warming up and so is their opponent, The University of Arkansas. Joey pulls back notices the guard showing Justin and Lil Person their seats right behind the bench. Joey runs down with the camera on his shoulder. The view shakes up and down as Joey finally reaches. He is sucking wind, and bending over. He has handed the camera to Lil Person, who has put the food under his seat. Joey is seen. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt with his camerabag slung ver his right shoulder. Lil Person focuses on Justin. Justin is wearing a pair of tan Dockers Khackis and a black turtleneck with his logo on the front right corner. On the back is...SAVING THE FANS WRESTLING FEDERATION FROM BOREDOM! Justin looks over at Joey and lets out a low laugh. Joey snickers back a him. Joey grabs the camera from Lil Person who is the only one wearing a suit, and sits down in his aisle seat.}---

[Justin]- Now these are seats. See what a little star power can do?

---{Justin looks to the side of him and notices two empty seats. He wonders.}---

[Justin]- I wonder who is using these seats.

[Lil Person]- I don't know and I don't care. As long as it's a hot girl, I am fine.

---{Just then none other than Anna Kournikova stps at their row. She asks to get by. She walks by as all the men stare at her. She sits in the farther of the two seats. Justin then looks to the right to see who she is with. It's Pavel! It's Justin's good buddie Pavel Bure. He walks by and sits down. He isn't surprised at all.}---

[Justin]- Pavel! It's good to see you. I didn't know that you would be here.

[Pavel]- Hell yea. I have to support my hometown team.

[Justin]- How come you aren't surprised to see me?

[Pavel]- Becuase Anna made the reservations. She figured that you would be here and requested to sit next to you.

[Justin]- At least she has good taste.

[Pavel]- Yea, yea, very funny. So how's FWF?

[Justin]- It's cool. It's cool. I got another match at Teusday Night Bomb against Brak.

[Pavel]- That's always good.

[Justin]- Yep. So what's going on with The Panthers? You guys seem to be in somewhat of a slump. I mean you lost to The Rangers.

[Pavel]- Don't remind me. It brings back other memories.

[Justin]- O yea. But don't worry about that. That was 6 years ago. And they were due. Just like Doomsday. It was robbery. In both cases.

[Pavel]- I just hope that we win the division so we don't finish so low in the conference. We have the talent but we are young and our coach isn't so right in the head.

[Justin]- Yea, what's up with starting Kidd instead of Vernon? You guys gave up Radek for him and you don't even play him? That's crazy.

[Pavel]- Yea, I know. It's pretty stupid. But so are you.

[Lil Person]- There are some of here who concur with you Pavel. He isn't too ripe in the head yet. I think too many chair shots from the olden days.

[Justin]- Whoa there Lil Person. Just hold up. And you Pavel. Why am I so stupid?

[Pavel]- You want the long or short version?

[Justin]- Just shutup and say it.

[Pavel]- HAHAHA! Ok, ok. Well you actually thought that the Area 51 and 1/2 shit was legit.


[Justin]- HAHAHAHAHA! At least I can score on Mike Richter when it counts. So I wouldn't talk if I were you.

[Pavel]- That was a low blow Justin.

[Lil Person]- ANOTHER RHYME! Man, I am telling you. You could be the next FWF Champ.

[Pavel]- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe you are right. I think I might pursue wrestling after I retire from Hockey.

[Justin]- I don't think that you would do too well.

[Pavel]- I'd do better than you. You lost to DOOMSDAY and RINGO!

[Justin]- Woah there. You know the story behind those losses.

[Pavel]- What? You are horribly bad and can't wrestle for your life.

[Justin]- Actually I would have to go with Robbery and Lack of Concentration.

[Lil Person]- I would have to go with...

[Justin]- No one cares what you would go with.

[Lil Person]- Don't you have a match to talk about?

[Justin]- O yea. Brak. I saw that he got the nerve up to respond to my plethera of comments and abuse. Brakinator, Brakster, Brakked Brak Brakson. So many names, but they all mean one thing. Loser. Infidel. BITCH! Yep, Bitch. My Bitch. FWF's Bitch. Fixx's Bitch. Nothing but that. Now you make fun of me. Calling me stuck up and cocky? Well, why shouldn't I be. I know I am going to beat your ass into the ground come Bomb. I wil take your ass and roll it up into a tiny little ball and shoot through a BB gun to some fan in the crowd. Maybe I will get lucky and hit one of your fans and knock them unconscious. It's not like we need their foul southern stench in 'The Franchise's' beautiful arena. The reason you make fun of me hanging out with The Yankees is becuase no one will hang out with you. The only reason you are in The Fixx is becuase they need someone to do their laundry and groceries and crap. Brak, I hang out with them becuase they recognize greatness. They recognize a winner when they see one. They dont hang out with you becuase they are most likely scared of you. The minute I mention your name, BRAK, [Pavel jumps back in fear and looks around] they hide. Why? Becuase they are scared of your power? No I think not. They fear your stench. You irreversibly bad looks. Your lack of class. Your, well...YOU! They don't want to be around such low-carding, bus-riding, Economy Flying pansy ass.

[Lil Person]- WOW! Now you are rhyming. It sounds like Dex has some competition.

[Justin]- I think so. But not becuase of my rhyming. Simply because I got the skill to thrill and the cash to flash. Brak, you are way, way, way, way, way...

[Lil Person]- I think they got it.

[Justin]- Ok. Brak, how dare you make fun of my nick name. You call yourself The Franchise? HA! You couldn't headline an auto convention. I am the Franchise. Mister Main Event. I am sick and tired of people like you saying how they are all that. Brak, you are a little messed up in the head if you say that I haven't said anything yet. Becuase if your dumb ass could remember anything you would rememebr that the rating soared through the roof at about 4:00 PM yesterday, when The Franchise was on. But then again, you can't remember shit. Now Brak, I don't know what kind of stuff you are into but Gay Romances with all those old characters from like Shakespeare. I think you had one too many pepsi and a little too much sun. Brak, I look better than your ass will ever look. Why else would they call me The Future of All Wrestling. And that includes the Fans Wrestling Federation. And judging from the looks of things, I am not getting any help from people like you and The Fixx. Hell for all I care, The Fixx can go jump of a cliff. But not you Brak. At least not until after our match. Becuase I want the pleasure of grabbing you by your scronny neck and throwing halway to fucking MOSCOW! Brak you put the Dumb nack in well...DUMB! You put the ugly back OOOGLY. You put your head up your ass! You call me weird? You got your ass beaten by some Italian mokey. The only reason you got that choke hold on him was becase he likes sticking things through men's holes. Just like you do Brak. But you won't like the beating that I am going to hand to you on Bomb. No, not one bit. Well, knowing you, you might like my foot up your ass. But I know I won't. I don't want my foot smelling like Brak.

[Lil Person]- Who gave this guy his own cologne anyways?

[Justin]- I don't think anyone did. I think that he went to the dump, got an empty bottle of Calvin Klein, brought it home and dimped a mixture of everyone's least favorite liquids in there to create the putrid smell known to us as Brak. I'm scared to even go near him on Bomb. I am afraid that his horrible creativity and just plain fetrid smell will infest me and cause me to pass out. I bet he still couldn't win though. He would probably sit there scratching his head wondering what to do. He wouldn't know whether to pin me or turn me over and...well you know. Brak you probably sit home fantasizing about Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose. Hey look at that. I am ripping off rhymes like nothing today. And I am going to be ripping off Brak's facial features like nothing on Teusday. Hell, I will even do you a favor and goes as far as to rearrange them for you. You know, make you look suitable. I mean god knows you hired that woman in your promo to make yourself look good. woman that good looking wouldn't even do that if you payed her. It was probably...O probably paid your sister or one of your family members to do that for you. And the Italian Monkey known as Romeo? He is probably your gay lover. Bu that's none of your buisness.

[Pavel]- You are missing a great game man.

[Justin]- I know, but I am kind of busy here. Brak, you call me puny? Listen I got more muscle in my ears than you got in your entire body.

[Lil Person]- I thought the ear was made of cartlidge and bone. With no muscles.

[Justin]- It is. That's the point I am trying to make. Brak, don't you ever call me Canadian again. That is the biggest insult someone could ever dish out. I don't want to remember your name. It's too scary. It's too well, stupid. The Franchise isn't going anywhere Brak. It's staying right here in the FWF, I'm staying here. And after I beat your ass, I am moving on to win the Big Mouth Title. And there is nothing you can do about it. Great Wardrobe? I would say horrible. In fact, I would say absolutely horrible. You, Brak, should hire a public relations manager. Becuase you are a mess. Plain and Simple. Now Brak if you would actually look at the results from Wreakage, you would see that I completely dominated you fellow FIXX member, Live. You, on the other hand, narely beat Ringo. The only reason you came out of there with a win was because of Dave Dexter. Wow, you have blnd hair! Want a cookie? Too bad, we all know what you would do with it. And I don't mean eat it. You are the one who should worry Brak. Becuase I see my future and I do not see any end on my path to the FWF World Title. I see one on your path though Brak. Me. The Franchise. I wait...I KNOW that I am your end! I know that you can't win. I know that I am the next FWF Big Mouth Champion.

[Joey]- Why?

[Justin]- Because...


[Justin]- Not to mention, I got the biggest mouth in FWF! And On Teusday, Brak Learns The Meaning of Franchise!

---{Justin looks up and sees the score at the end. Miami has won by 4, 75 to 71. Justin shakes hand with Pavel and says see you later. Justin and the group turn and head up the stairs. They begin the hardest part of a game. Getting out...}---

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