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---{The Fans Wrestling Federation seems to somewhat be in shambles. I is now without a Big Mouth Champion, a Hardcore Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, and Tag Champions. Sazuka, who many think to be the the hardest worker, has left the company and many have not shown up to even interview in weeks. But one thing remains constant, Justin Sane, 'The Franchise' continues to delite audiences with his arsenal of moves and devestating finishers, and his unbelievably well trained verbal skills. Not to mention, he knows a lot of famous people, unlike Brak, who knows o...squat! The way this narrator, 'The Franchise' and Dave 'Da Bomb' Dexter are the only ones keeping the Fans Wrestling Federation afloat. Who knows, maybe they will even join with the recent departure of Sazuka. This is one narrator, who would love to see it happen...}---

---{When we last left Justin he was falling asleep in the secret FWF Facility known as Area 51 and 1/2. The cameraman was forced to slepp in the bathroom and Justin and Lil Person were considering whether this thing was for real. We fade in and it is the middle of the night. We realize that it is Justin's room, and that the cameraman has left the camera on in the main room. Suddenly, we hear the door creek open. Two shadowy figures move past the camera. Each steps on either side of our two heros. Suddenly they grab the mouths of Lil Person and Justin and stuff a sock in them. They then hit them over the head with some type of foreign object. Justin conks out and so does Lil Person. The two figures throw each over their shoulders and exit the room, leaving the door open...

After about 30 minutes, a noise is heard in the room. The door is still open. The cameraman emerges from the bathroom rubbing his eyes. There is still no light in the room and the cameraman turns to go back to bed. However, he sees the door open and stops. He wonders. He walks over to Justin's bed and sees that he is gone and that there are signs of a struggle. The cameraman gasps. He is worried. He looks around and throws on some shoes and a jacket. He brabs his camera and heads out. He turns right at the hallway and gets to the point where they turned earlier. He keeps going. He walks to the end of the hall without passing a single soul and iwhtout hearing a single sound. He sees two huge black doors and stops. He ponders what to do. Realizing his career and probably his life are on the line, he enters. He emerges into a black room with a few seats and tinted glass. He can see through it. THERE THEY ARE! Justin and Lil Person are tied up on two beds with their mouths gagged. The doctor who was seen earlier is seen putting gloves on. There are two empty containers, so to speak, on the right of each of our heros. There are no instruments. There is merely a few wires and two electrically controlled needles with a tube attached. They lead to each of the two containers. The doctor speaks.}---

[Doc]- Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit.

[Justin]- [Muffled] Man...FUCK YOU! Lemme Go!

[Doc]- Sorry, but you see that is quite impossible. Becuase you two are the perfect specimens.

[Justin]- [Doc removes gag from Justin] Specimens? For what?

[Doc]- For clones, of course.

[Justin]- Clones?! Lemme guess, you ain't sponsored by FWF.

[Doc]- We were, until damn Justin cut our funding. He said we were getting out of control. That's when the cloning started.

[Justin]- For once in his life, I think Justin was right.

[Doc]- SILENCE! Do you have any idea what I have been through? I have been shun by every physician, every medical journal, every university...

[Justin]- O god, not another one of these boring, "It's Soceity' Fault" tirades again.

[Doc]- I have heard enough of you. It's time. Put the gag back on.

---{Justin kicks as the gag is put back on. Doc positions the needles into place and just as he is about to begin to start, the cameraman busts through the window. He stands there confused by his ownactions.}---

[Doc]- Whe the hell are you?

[Cameraman]- I'm...the cameraman.

[Doc]- O. Well you will have to be eliminated. You do understand, don't you?

[Cameraman]- Uhhh...not really, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

[Doc]- Ok, at least you understand. Now...GET HIM!

---{Two suits that were standing by the door come chasing after the cameraman. They run around in circles chasing each other. Meanwhile, Lil Person manages to queeze out of the ropes that were too big for him and untie Justin. Justin gets up and rus his wrist becuase they hurt from rope burn. Justin then walks behind the Doc who is sitting down in a chair, eating popcorn. Justin grabs him by the shirt collar picks him up out of his seat. Justin grabs him and throws him into the wall. Lil Person walks over to the path of the chase and trips one of the suit and then sits on his back triumphantly. Justin then runs over to the other and delivers "The Mental Breakdown!" on the concrete floor. Justin wipes his hands and then he, Lil Person and the cameraman walk out as the camera fades...

When the camera fades back in Justin is in the huge hangar. Justin, disgusted by what has just occured, shivers as he exit the building. He walks over to his plane and sees the pilots sitting in some lawn chairs reading the paper and eating some breakfast. It is now light out and the sun is just over the mountains.}---

[Justin]- Let's go you two. We are out of here.

---{The pilots hurry out of their seats and drop their breakfast. They scurry up the flight doors as Lil Person and the cameraman hurry up into the plane. Justin walks to the top and looks back. He shivers once again, not knowing why. The camera fades...

The camera fades back in to reveal Justin just finishing breakfast and Lil Person just completing his book, "The Rock Says." They are tired, yet still greatly relived that they got out of there. Justin and Lil Person are both still in the same clothes from yesterday, having not the oppurtunity to change after their misfortunate...adventures...or so to speak. Justin feels complled to speak.}---

[Justin]- Man, were we lucky. If it weren't for you, we'd probably be...hell, we'd probably be dead. Thanks man.

[Lil Person]- Yea man, thanls a lot. I owe you my life. Anything I can do, you name it.

[Cameraman]- Anything? Gee...that's a tough one. I don't want to exploit you guys.

[Justin]- Don't worry about it. You name, it's done.

[Cameraman]- Well, how about you make me your permenant cameraman.

[Lil Person]- That's it? You got it! Anything else?

[Cameraman]- Well how about you call me by my real name. Ok?

[Justin]- Yea, sure. What is it?

[Cameraman]- Joey Boombatz.

[Justin]- O...k...Joey Boombatz it is.

[Lil Person]- Just a guess, but you're Italian aren't you?

[Joey]- No...I'm Chinese. Of course, I'm Italian. Geesh.

[Justin]- Hey, Joey, don't be getting loud.

[Joey]- Sorry Justin. My fault.

[Justin]- No problem. Just don't let it happen again.

---{Suddenly, some serious turbulence arrises and the Pilot comes over the PA. he announces that it is nothing to worry about. Justin calms down and orders a soda. Lil Person and Joey both order some Italian beer. Justin looks over at Lil Person as they wait for their drinks. Justin gets his and takes a sip.}---

[Justin]- Whew...That was another close one. That;s two in one day. But for Live, it will be to near deaths in one week. Why and how you stayed in this tourney, I don't know. Nor do I care. But what I dcare about is winning that title. My record ain't that great and my coattails may be a little dusty, but believe me, I know what I am doing. I know that this title belongs around my waist and on my permenent record. I also know that you, Live, deserve a beating that will cripple you for the rest of your natural born life. You, Live, are like one of those clones back there. You are lifeless and there is no point to having you around.I used to have respect for you, but then you tried and get in on MY title. This was my title from day 1 and I will prove it agaisnt you. Last week should have been a wake up Live. A wake up that you, cannot win...ANYTHING! You sohouldn't even be in wrestling at all. In my eyes, and in many other people's eyes you are like a lawyer. A dpineless twit. You get into something, and then you back out, hoping that you could possibly avoid it. You are like Doomsday. You can't appreciate pure poetry in motion. You can't appreciate the greatness that makes up 'The Franchise'. And do you know why? Becase there isn't a tenth of the greatness in me, in your and Doomsday's sorry ass! I want you to try to bring it to me, see what happens punk!

[Joey]- Ey, Justin? You see Doomsday's latest piece of crap? Otherwise known as an interview?

[Justin]- O yea. Man that was funny. He actually thinks he dominated that match. Well, I will tell you what really happened Doomsday. Before the match, i talked to a few people and they convinced me that you were just so pitiful that deserved a win. SO...I went out there and let you get some moves off. But if you look at your moves, they wre pitiful. Clotheslines, and other such moves that take no skill. You see my moves? All skill, none of which you have or ever will posess. Then at the end of the match, you beat with a clothesline. Hmmm...sounds a little suspicious to me. O yea, maybe it's becuase I let you beat me. You know I had you beat several times, but I felt so sorry for you, you deseved a win. Plain and Simple. The Franchise was being fair.

[Joey]- Yea man, it looked that way. Everyone in the back was laughing.

[Justin]- Why?? What was so funny.

[Joey]- The fact that Doomsday actually thought he got a legit win. It was hillarious. Everyone in the back knew what was going down.

[Justin]- O...Ha! You see him in that interview anyways?

[Joey]- Yea, he drank his Dagostinos Wine from his K Mart Plastic Cups and smoked his Walmart cigars.

[Justin]- HA HA! O man, that was good. But ya know, you are probably right. Not like some loser such as himself could afford real wine and real glasses and real Cuban Cigars.

[Joey]- O well, at least we are rid of him. After you win this title, you won't have to deal with his sorry ass. But about that? You gotta fight Live right?

[Justin]- Yea, what an insignificant nobody.

[Joey]- I thought this guy was an 8 month veteran of the Fans Wrestling Federation.

[Justin]- He is, but he's still insignificant to 'The Franchise'. The guy should be put to sleep and done away with.

[Joey]- Wonder why he hasn't shown up to do an interview either time!?

[Justin]- I'll tell you why. Cuz he's apunl. And just like all those othe ounks in the world, he runs and hides when he is fordec to face with reality. The reality that he has not talent, no skill, no mental cpacity, no nothing. Hell, I'm surprised God gave him a body. He's like...a one celled amoeba trapped ina humna's body. You hit him and he slithers back up. You squeeze him, and he folds and slides away. You crack his head, he grows another one.

[Joey]- Woah there Justin. You're making this guys sound like a freak.

[Justin]- But that's exactly what he is. An insignificant, talentless, skilless, freak. And after Wreakage, he'll be a DEAD insignificant, talentless, skilless, freak.

[Joey]- Why are you so sure of yourself?

[Justin]- Simply becuase...


[Justin]- Not to mention, I got the biggest mouth in FWF! And 5 out of 5 of my Victims Reccomend Me For Severe Beatings!

---{Joey laughs and Justin smacks him upside his head. Joey rubs his head and then reaches into his camera bag. He pulls out some real Italian Wine. Justin reaches into his bag and pulls out a box of real illegal Cuban cigars. Justin calls for the stuardess and she gives them three glasses. Joey pours the wine as each three light one of the cigars up. They toast to Justin's soon to be title as the camera fades...}---

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