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"An Ode.."

-=[I can't say that I'm not excited, I can't say that I'm happy either. I really can't stand the fact that someone walked out of me, but I'm going to have to get over it. Trust me, Lazarus, you running out of the arena to chase the old fossil into the backroom area, that was a wise descision. Maybe you realized that no matter what you do to me, no matter what kinda of pain that you put me through, that you weren't going to be able to pin my shoulders down to the mat for a whole three seconds. Hey, maybe you just didn't want the Hardcore Championship, you probably felt that you wouldn't do this kind of work night in and night out, you might have been scared that you were not physically able to keep up with my pace week after week, you couldn't make everything work out the way you wanted to and wouldn't have been able to defend the Hardcore Championship. I don't know, maybe Gravestone had a tear in his pants and you wanted to tell him about it before anyone saw, or his fly was down and you wanted to go zip it back up for him. Personally, I couldn't really care, as you have run away from the ending that will eventually befall you. You extended your warrant on life for just a couple more weeks, a couple more months. However, I'll have you back into my grasp, and I'll defenitely be seeing you around one way or another, in the backstage area or a bodybag, either way will be just perfectly fine with me.]=-

-=[Now, I've got a small itch in my back. You see, I don't know whether I should go have this checked out or not, I mean it's not very serious at all and I'm sure that after a couple of days and consistent scratching, that the itch will eventually die and go away. However, I always like to take the more direct and quick approach, and while it might not be simple, it's much more effective. Then again, the past two times the itch dissappeared for about a day or two, but back up he popped and I had to deal with it all over again, I continued to push it and scratch it until it bled, and then it felt really good. The crimson red blood trickling down my back, running through the small, tiny, invisible hairs on my back, painting them as it runs down the spinal cord, like a small river slowly creeping along a smooth mountainside. I don't understand, I don't think that I really need to do much else to get rid of this small little nervous reaction, or maybe it's just a skin condition. However, this will not really matter.]=-

-=[I'm seriously getting tired of dealing with this itch constantly, but I realize that is having some importantance to what I'm doing right now. Sure, he's annoying, but it's making me become more focused on the goal that I have at hand, more focused on the entire situation that I have to accomplish, the main objective that I am looking for. I really need to focus myself, I need to realize that I'm going to have this itch for me for a little bit longer and I'm not going to be able to get rid of it quite as quickly as I thought I was going to. So, that means I'm going to have to do something to interest me, to stimulate my imagination and make everything so much more fun again, to make this old, tired itch become more lively and interesting than it already is! I mean, come on I think scratch, whack, stratch, whack is going to become VERY boring over time, and I think we really need to develop something, some type of formula to liven things up a bit, to make them fresh in our minds again. It's all about keeping it new isn't it? It's all about rekindling the passion between the two people or things, and in this case it's my itch and my own being. Sometimes it's really hard to do that, sometimes it takes a lot of work and dedication, it takes blood, sweat, and tears, and I'm ready and willing to give everything and anything I have to making it such an interesting affair between us, Mr. Itch.]=-

-=[You see, I've still got to keep my goals intact, I've got to continue to scratch the itch but make sure that in by scratching the itch and making sure that it is controlled, I don't lose sight of the eventual and total goal. If I do that, then everything that I have worked for, everything that I have talked about and tried to accomplish in this world and federation will be worthless, it will be nothing. What good will that be? If everything that comes out of my mouth is just pathetic dribble like the itch, then what kind of example am I setting for the rest of those who are starting to come around to my ideals, that are starting to finally see what I am all about? I mean, it would be very hypocritical about myself, to say that I'm not going to hit the itch but then I go ahead and whack it with a newspaper! I'm going to make sure that my ideals are still safe, and that they are still trustworthy and valid in this society of people always betraying and going back on their word. That is one of the main problems, the primary concerns that conetinue to plague this federation to it's very core. Everyone is still not honest with each other, straight and up front, face to face. Pathetic, underhanded back-stabbing and useless politics are trying to overtake everything else, they are trying to keep the true talent from rising to the top. I say, WAY TO GO! Keep everyone bottled up, keep them in a tiny glass jar and every single time that they try to open the cork, just push it down a little further! Eventually, you'll bust the glass and everyone will be free and on their own! Now, you really don't want that, do you?]=-

-=[That's where I am coming in, that's where I start to take over and prove to the world that my plans for total pacifism can actually work, even in a society such as this one. I mean, it's not very hard at all to think about being peaceful, so why can't more of us put it into practice? I know the exact answer to that. Everyone, every single one of you assholes out there are still greedy, selfish bastards. It's absolutely true! You've got to realize that it's not all about ourselves anymore, we've got to all come together right now over me, we've got to come as we are, as we were, and as a pacifist wants you to be! We've got to all make a very conscious effort to save each other, and if we don't do that then what is left for us? What will we go on, what will be center our daily lives around? There will be nothing, just utter chaos left for us to work with, and humanity will cease to exist. The 80's was the ME generation, we have got to strive and work on becoming the "WE" generation! If you people cannot realize that, if you cannot comprehend the fact that we seriously need to start working from the outside and then on to our own problems, then that is where you shall fail and I shall succeed.]=-

-=[I'm not going to be held back, I'm not going to be suffocated by anything or anyone. There is nothing on this earth that will stop me from achieving my total goal of pure and unadulterated pacifism, and I know this all to be totally true. IF you think for one second that I don't have what it takes, or the skills and tools that I need to accomplish this lofty goal, then you are clearly mistaken my friend, because I'm going to prove each and every one of you wrong. Those who continue to stand in the path that leads directly to total, worldwide peace shall be disposed of, and those that want to join this revolution shall be taken under the wing. However, if there are those with the same sentiments as I, speak up now! This is the true time for action, this is where we are going to be called to serve and protect the goals and ideals of pacifism! However, be forewarned that I will still consider you a threat to my lifestyle, you will still be fair game for me at any time to do away with if for just one split second, for just one mere instant, you disagree with the policies and rules laid out and expressed inheriently by pacifism. So, are there any of you out there? No. I know this for a fact. Don't tell me that you are, that you are sharing in my truths and ideals and that you honestly believe with all of your heart that true peace can be achieved if we all work together to form one union state. That is bullshit. Many people tried that in the late sixties and early seventies, and now THEY are the ones who are leading the pathetic government, THEY are the ones running the large businesses that drive smaller, local market stores completely out of business. All of you are truly pathetic in the way that you handle and go about taking care of your daily lives, and I'm here to finally put a bit of closure on all of that, and to end all of this suffering and hatred.]=-

-=[There is another man who has now been added to the mix. Whether this was a request from him directly to the Chairman or the Preisdent, I have no real idea, nor do I care at all. If it was just a random placement, just to draw a bit more crowd by having a Triple Threat Hardcore Championship Match, hey, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS ISN'T IT BABY? You are damn right it is. So, my brother, you are trying to convince everyone in the world that you are a force to be rekconed with, you are a true being that will be able to defeat anything that is tossed in it's way as merely just another stepping stone on your path to greatest. You, my brother, are seriously mistaken. You are almost GRAVELY wrong, you are still committing error after error, and the more you try and try to dig yourself out of the enormous pit of despair you have already been in, you are only digging the hole even deeper.]=-

-=[My brother, you are taking yourself way to seriously in this day in age. You have the same problems, the same symptons, the same regressions and aggressions that have been plaguing Justin Sane, my small itch, all of this time. Both of you, maybe you my brother more than the other, see yourself as some sort of demi-god in a world of lesser humans, where you deserve something for all of the "hard work" and "dedication" that you have placed in this industry. Even though I don't see any hardwork or dedication, I am not envisioning the blood, sweat, and tears rolling down your cheeks as you continue to train and train for your upcoming matches. I just do not understand where you two idiots are getting off at calling yourself "ICONS" and "SAVIORS". Please, I am begging you, bright me and this feeble mind of mind some new, foreign insight so that I might truly understand where you are coming from because as of right now, I do not fully comprehend the reasons for doing this, nor do I understand how you can have the sheer audcity to proclaim yourself the savior and cornerstone of an organization that could care less about you, and that really doesn't give a flying fuck about anything that you do as long as you don't disrupt the business and what the heads, the giants, of this corporation have to do.]=-

-=[It truly is a sad, sad time.]=-

(The library of books, an enormous facility dedicated entirely to learning about something, learnign about the past and what has come before us, learning about technologies and practices that exist today and are still in use, and then studing new theorms and hypotheses to develop what future generations are going to be learning. This library is a personal one, in a gigantic room the size of your average public library. The enormous, spacious room is filled wall to wall, ceiling to floor with rows and rows of books in every single direction that you might happen to look in at that particular moment. The room is domed, with an extremely high ceiling dome pointing straight up into the sky in the very center. What is truly special about this place is that it is all done by solar light and energy. The entire room is one-sided glass, meaning that you can see out of it, watching either the sun or the moon draw into your study area, but the outside is covered with this, clear solar power receivers, which pick up and store the energy needed to run the entire house!)

(The Lost Soul's new mansion is yes, run completely by the solar power that filters through this library and the gym. They receive enough power in one day to fuel themselves for an entire month, which makes for a very efficent heating system and lowers the monthly bills that pour into the estate. The library itself has over 50 desks, littered at various points around the room in such a manner that you would actually think this WAS a public library. However, only one or two desks in every fifteen or so are cleared totally off, many have books stacked as high as three feet into the air, wavering there, teetering on the edge of the table. Many group study sessions for the children of wrestlers, even stable organizational meetings have taken place within these very same four walls. The Soldiers of Apocayplse were formed in this room, making it not only a historic site, but a very sentimental one as well.)

(However, this day, The Lost Soul is extremely busy studing up on some research that he is going. The stacks of books that are littered around him actually seem endless, many of them being modern or historical textbooks printed on psychology of the mind, but the majority of them are papers written by many well-known and respected psychologists throughout the world and littered in the space-time contiumum, all relevant to what The Lost Soul is currently planning. Sure, he already knew most of this stuff from basic memory over the course of his life, having made sure that he was not only able to phsyically pound and destroy his opponent, but was also able to get well inside their head, so much so that he made them think they had one and triumphed over him, only at the last second to have victory snatched from their ever open hands.)

(He is dressed in normal attire, a Nine Inch Nails "Broken" T-shirt and cargo pants being the clothes of choice. His feet rest up against the mahagony wood table, barefoot and just lying there, his toes cracking when he squeezed them together every so often out of nervous habit. He is pondering over a book, hunched like a vulture trying to find the right time to attack it's prey as it circles above it in the wild desert. He leans back a bit to relax and slowly looks up to find Amy standing in front of him, a silver tray in her hands. She is dressed in short jeans, and is wearing a simple light purple tank top with a red bandana tied around her forehead, her long red hair flowing vicariously out of the back. She looks at him with a sadness in her eyes, and then perks up, as The Lost Soul hits the pause button on "Fly Me To The Moon", and the Sinatra classic stops.)

-(The Lost Soul)-: And to what do I owe the pleasure, no, the honor of having my beautiful wife stand before me and gaze down with her bright green eyes for?

-(Amy)-: Well, I remembered that you were still pondering over those countless and endless streams of books, all of those psychological writings that you are studying now, and I figured that you hadn't eaten or had anything to drink in a while.

-(The Lost Soul)-: Why, what astute and keen observations you have made there! You are the enxt Watson to my Holmes!

-(Amy)-: Ha! I doubt it. Everyone knows that I'm the one who is always finishing the problems that you start. By the way, it's the new Green Tea imported from Japan, with the Rice baked right into it, just like you always used to get. The food is, of course, an apple.

-(The Lost Soul)-: Why, I am almost utterly speechless that a busy woman like yourself would journey all the way across the building just to give your poor, dear old senile husband a cup of tea and fruit. I really don't know how lucky I truly am, do I?

-(Amy)-: No, I don't think you do! It was really no problem, I wasn't doing much anyway. I've got to wait for all of those ferns to grow out before I can really do any more work in the garden, so I was lightly working in the greenhouse when I thought of you.

-(The Lost Soul)-: I see. And how exactly is that little project coming? I can't wait until the new lilies and magnolias start to finally arrive. I'm telling you, we should hire a couple of my old friends and they would be happy to cut the lawn and rake the leaves. It could be a way of paying them back for being a helping hand along the way to where I am now.

-(Amy)-: Well, every time you try and do something like that it all ends up in you just talking to them for a while, and they tell you how big of a star you are now, that they followed your career all the way through and now they couldn't be more proud of something that came straight out of the Bronx.

-(The Lost Soul)-: Yeah well, they really accepted me when I moved there from Arizona. It was almost like coming home to a real family for a while there, when I didn't have you or Jin around to be with. It felt quite good, like actually belonging to something instead of just wandering around aimlessly.

-(Amy)-: I know exactly what you mean. That happened to me when I went to Santa Monica, after I left Arizona. Well, I'll let you get back to your studies now. I can't have the blame placed on me when you aren't ready to go full force against those two on Saturday!

-(The Lost Soul)-: Ha! Don't you worry about a thing, I'll be just fine. I've already recovered from that match on Sunday, it didn't take very long at all for the scars to clear up and go away. I guess drinking all of that milk is actually doing a body good, and those ads aren't lying! I'll see you later, at dinner!

-(Amy)-: Bye bye Soul!

(Amy exits, and leaves The Lost Soul by himself once again in the library. He takes a sip from the tea, and a large bite out of the apple, then sits both down and chews the apple. up. The book is sat down on top of a nother large stack, still open to the same page as he had left off, and The Lost Soul sits back and swallows what he had to the apple in his mouth, then rinses it back down with some more tea.)

-(The Lost Soul)-: Brother, my dear brother Ringo. It's been so long since we talked, what has it been, NEVER? You have probably been thrown into this match by the Chairman because of that mouth you seem to have a reputation for running constantly, about how hardcore your lifestyle is, and how much shit you have been placed through in your life. Meeting up with some of the biggest stars in the world, having chit-chats with large rap producers and performers, I am guessing that you must not have had such a really troubled and horrible life as you make us seem to believe, if you have those wonderful contacts now. Oh sure, growing up as a child you might have had a bad experience or two. Maybe Billy from down the street pushed you down and took your lolipop, and you got upset. Then, that rage burned and fueled your desire to work out and start to train, you wanted to learn the martial arts so you took up Karate, and you continued your training until you were able to beat the living piss out of Billy, who just got fat and eventually wound up as an automechanic working down the street and living in a trailer park home with his mother. Then, you wanted to enter pro-wrestling, but we all know that you can't get over with something as stupid and pathetic as a fat kid stole my lolipop as a gimmick and how not to be ridiculed! Wait a minute, you are anyway. I guess that's what we like to call, a "moot point". Back on subject, you were perplexed, so you came up with the whole "God Hates Me" thing. Well, to be honest Ringo, I don't hate you. Sure, you annoy me from time to time in your career and life choices, like when you ate that turkey sandwhich your mother made espically for your father, but YOU STILL ATE IT ANYWAY! WHY RINGO, WHY? It's not that no one cares about you.. well, maybe it is that no one gives a flying fuck about you. Still, that doesn't mean you can go and eat other people's food and just get away with it, now does it?

You also seem to be suffering from the same damn problem that Justin Sane was! You see, you continue to be cocky and arrogant, you run around the ring prancing and strutting your stuff like you own the place, like it was built entirely for you. NEWS FLASH! It wasn't. This place was built long before you, I, or Justin Sane had ever even heard of something called wrestling, so I'm sure that you have to realize neither you or this place was buitl for one another. Simply put Ringo, you don't belong here. Your attitude, your arrogance, your cockiness continues to become your selling point on the outside of the ring, in all of your special interviews with famous celebrities, but it doesn't get anything done INSIDE OF THE RING! You just don't seem to understand that this personal feeling, this attitude towards other people is getting you nowhere, it just keeps driving you into a dead-end where there is no way to turn around and go back! So now, you are destined on this road where you cannot turn around, you must continue towards the brick wall the lies at the end of the dead-end road. That brick wall is Saturday Night, and when you and I step into the ring. I'm going to make you crash, make your bleed, I'm going to punish you for not becoming exactly what I need you to be, for not becoming the peace loving person that I imagine you to be. There is no way that you are going to stand in the way of my dream.

Now, unto my other close, personal friend. Good buddy, Justin Sane, you know that I care about you a lot. You know, I might even help you out sometime down the road. If I saw you, stranded on the shoulder with your car overheating, I'd drive by and point you in the direction of the nearest gas station. If you needed a quarter to call home and get your "Little Person" to come and pick you up, I'd give you twenty cents, probably in all pennies. Then again, I never could imagine Little Person seeing over the wheel of the driver's seat without a couple of phone books under his ass. But I don't mean that, honestly, friend to friend I'm just kidding around with you Saney, old chum, old pal, OLD BUDDY! You know, I care about you so much that, gee, it almost brings me to tears to say this, but I would even kill you just to save you from the insanity that you are driving yourself into. I mean, it PAINS me to see you in this much agony outside of the ring, and I mean, when one of my dearest, closest friends is hurting and thriving in pain, I start to feel some of that pain too. I think we are almost, dare I say it, soul mates Justin Sane. Yes, we are one that should never break apart, we should always be together. Now seeing now much I care about you, and how much I love you as a true friend should...


I know, I know, it was all in good faith! You know I like to be hit on the head with large metal objects moving at high speeds, but SHIT SANE, you know that hitting me in the back of the head is only going to cause me to bleed more from the BACK! I'VE GOT RED HAIR! What the fuck good is it if I'm bleeding and all of the people can't see that I'm bleeding? HOW IS JUSTIN GOLDMAN GOING TO GET THE RATINGS HE NEEDS IF I DON'T BUST MYSELF OPEN? You have got to tell me these things Justin, because I don't know the answer. You've got to understand I know you were doing that as a nice little present, I know that's all you wanted was to make me happy, and gee I sure was! I mean, did you look back at me as you ran away like a coward, probably because you left the turkey in the oven and I'm sure Little Person was hungry to eat his mini-ravioli! Well, just in case you didn't see it my friend, I was smiling. I was very, very happy that you actually decided to take some time out of your busy and important day to come down and drive a steel chair into the back of your best friend's skull! You just don't see that kind of love, that kind of passionate friendship from many people now a days. Everyone always is caring about themselves, and I think you, Justin Sane, are starting to make that turn around. You gave me something that no other friend really gives me, and I appricate that, and boy do I ever want to return the favor. I can't wait to get back in the ring with you and give you all of my hapiness, all of the exuburnace, all of the JOY that I have been saving up for you since Sunday. Hell, I'm ITCHING WITH DESIRE to get back into the ring with you!

Just so you know, Justin, for future reference, I like to be hit in the face where I can see the blood in my eyes, not in the back of the head where I can just simply feel it. That just doesn't do it for me, so make a mental note, jot it down on a piece of paper somewhere, you know, maybe a yellow Post-It or something.

Justin, you know, once I think you are finally getting better, when I think you are finally after all of these days, that you are actually making a turn for the better and you stop thinking about yourself all of the time, you turn around and say something like you want the Hardcore Championship back. Justin, you obviously aren't paying attention to anything that I say, or maybe you are and just aren't putting it into practice, I don't know. Maybe it's a comination of the both, I can never tell which is which with you anymore my friend, you are just becoming way to distant and impersonal with me now. You don't return my calls, you don't say "Hello".. what's next, you are going to block my phone number all together? I can't FORCE you to think the way that I do, I can't make you believe as strong as I do in the things that I hold so close, so near and dear to my heart. There is no way that I can physically get inside of your mind and make it so that you think the same way that I do. All I can do is continue to show you the door, I can only lead you up to it. You, yourself, you must open the door and step through it whole-heartedly, or else nothing will ever become of it.

Now, I may not be able to force anyone, I may not be able to get the plain and simple idea of total and utter pacifism, I may not be able to spread my message of peace to your hearts and souls, but rest assured, if I don't, there WILL BE RETRIBUTION! I'm not just going to sit back like some people do and say that you are a lost cause, that there is no saving you, that nothing will ever be able to stop you from beliveing what you want to believe and that's the bottom line. Oh no, I believe that there is a very good solution that will be able to solve both of our problems, yes yours and mine, all at once, in one single, solitary, fell swoop. Yes my friends, I'm going to completely and utterly obliterate you from the face of the earth. What other choice to I have left open for me, what other option is there to take, what other path can I walk down to convince you that I am right and you are totally wrong in your train of thought? I'm starting, no, now I believe that there truly is no way that I can fully get you to convert into what I want you, and what I need you to be. Therefore, both of you are going to have to fall prey to me and my Death Scythe, because..


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