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---{The camera fades in to show a grey sky covered in overcast. The mood is depressing. Rumblings of thunder are heard in the background and flashes of lightning is seen in the clouds. Joey pans the camera down towards the ground to reveal an overgrown forest. The trees are old and mis-shaped and the grass is scraggly and overgrown. The area is extremely depressing. However, there are tiny flowers growing in the overpowering grass. Joey zooms in on the grass to catch the dewdrops from the early morning mist and the buds hding in the tall sleaves of grass. Joey turns around to reveal a winding dirt road. Well, actually it is more like a bunch of dirt that just happened to be connected. Anyways, suddenyl a limo comes into view coming around a turn. But this not just any limo. This is the limo of 'The Franchise'. It drives slowly, wrapping around the tight dirt curves, and passing over the rather insignificant pebbles that cover the road. The limo is going extremely slow to avoid faling into the high grass and mud. However, it still zooms past the still Joey. The limo pulls up to a slow halt as Joey runs up behind the limo. The camera reveals a small field with tiny and cheaply made slabs of rock enclosed on three of four sides. Joey recognized this as the burial place of Joe Jobber where Dexter was earlier in the week. Suddenly, the door for the limo slowly opens. Lil Person exits wearing a black Gucci suit, personally tailored for him. Lil Person ears the suit only and a pair of shoes and socks. He wears no expression at all. Justin steps out whearing a black striped Gucci suit with a pair of black Ray Ban sunglasses covering his eyes. Justin has a face as solid as the stone used in this graveyard, but also as cheap as them. Justin and Lil Person straighten out their suits, brush off the dust and walk towards Joe's tombstone. They look at the inscription.

"The Batman is only as good
as the Joker is bad..."

Justin pauses and contemplates something, most likely the sudden death of a great person and athelete. Lil Person looks up at Justin with a saddened face on and wipes a tear from his eye. He has never beento a graveyard before, and he is very emotional. Justin just stands there. He is solid as a rock. Not budging, and not showing any feeling. Suddenly he breaks the slinece.}---

[Justin]- What the hell is this?!Joe Jobber from IWF? I though the damn memo said "Po Jobber from WWF! Man, we wasted our whole damn day getting here!

[Lil Person]- Justin!...Have some respect for the dead. C'mon. He may not be who you thought but at least repect the guy. He was ginned down for god's sake.

[Justin]- Ahh...

[Lil Person]- That's better.

[Justin]- Wait...WHO THE HELL WAS THIS GUY?!

[Lil Person]- I don't know. I thought you did. Maybe if we stay here and pray, the answer will come to us.

[Justin]- Yea and maybe if I kiss enough ass, I will get a title shot at v2. Please, give me a freaking break.

---{Suddenly, lightning strikes down a tree nearby the limo and nearly crushes it. Justin and Lil Person and Joey jump back. Justin wipes his forehead.}---

[Justin]- Ok, ok, I got the point. We will stay and pray. Geesh. Some people will do anything to get their point across.

[Lil Person]- Maybe if you wouldn't be so damn stubborn, you wouldn't...

[Justin]- Wouldn't what? What? C'mon. Say It.

[Lil Person]- Na...I'm good.

[Justin]- Yea...thought so. Bitch.

[Lil Person]- Now, I know I have never been here before, but I do know that you aren't supposed to curse.

[Justin]- I'll do...ya...maybe you're right. Don't want to piss him off again.

[Lil Person]- Good move. Anyways...

[Justin]- Yo man, this is boring as hell.

[Lil Person]- It's better than what we normally do. Watch wrestlers' interviews and cut promos ont the plane?

[Justin]- Are we that predictable?

[Lil Person]- Uhh...

[Justin]- We are boring! Man, this sucks.

[Lil Person]- Well we did go to Yankees Camp.

[Justin]- Yea that was the best.

[Lil Person]- And I would have been a star if it weren't for El Duque. Damn bitch.

[Justin]- Now you are cursing.

[Lil Person]- Sorry. I need help.

[Justin]- Yea, just like Tortured Soulz.

[Lil Person]- So that is who you are fighting on Teusday. Ok.

[Lil Person]- Anyways. I am goin to get a soda. Want anything?

---{Justin shakes his head no. He looks around and sees a tree trunk not too far away, but on the far side of the small field. He walks over to the trunk and sits down. He looks around again and takes a deep breath.}---

[Justin]- Hmmm...sounds like they are giving a show to anyone nowadays. But then again, it is on Carton Network. But that's beside the point. This Teusday, I get to face off against The Techno-Color Dreamcoat Face Tortured Soulz. A member of the newly formed Fixx, with two Xs. It's pretty dumb if you ask me, but anyways. Let's see, Tortured Soulz you seem to have been after me since day one. Always coming after me, swearing at me, trying to confuse me, challenging me, and promising a match. Now you finally got the match. But what are you going to do with the match Tortured Soulz? Huh? What are you goign to do? Are you going to throw your body around for the fans? Are you going to sacrifice your heart and soul for the fans and for the? Are you going to go out ther on Teusday, step into that ring, look 'The Franchise' in the eyes and still be sure that you are going to win? Tortured Soulz, you put your name in that last question and theres a yes to every single one for me. But I can't speak for you. And I won't. But I will do something. I will guarantee that if I don't get out of that ring on Bomb the winner, you won't get out ther period! You go on and bring your stable to ringside. I will knock out every single one of them. Remember, you are number one on the hitlist. twice! So the way I look at it. You're next, then comes Sonic Youth’'s puny ass, and then finally, Mizery. Becuase let's face it. Right now, you have one enemy in BWO. EVERYONE.

[Lil Person]- [Calling from Limo] Justin, there's a call. I'm gonna take it. I'll bring you a soda when I'm done.

[Justin]- [Shouting to Limo]Ok, thanks man. [Returns to normal voice] Ok, ok, now lets see. Tortured Soulz, Tortured Soulz, Tortured Soulz. Tortured Soulz, as you like to call yourself, I am concentrated on nothing but wrestling. You got that? That's all. No sports or movie stars this week. This week it's just me and you in a battle of wits. It's 'The Franchise' vs. 'The Man Who Issued His Own Demise'. It's 'The Superstar' vs. 'The Man Who Can't Drive a Car'. It's...o hell. It's Justin Sane vs. Tortured Soulz. A human vs. some freaky losers who cant get their heads on straight. What the hell is up with that? Your parents must have been pretty fucked up when they had you. What were they thinking. Were they thinking at all? Becuase obviously when you continue to insult me, you are not. Tortured Soulz, you are the truely freaky one. I mean have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Or even at the people you hang out with? I mean some of these "guests" should just be shot. Plain and simple. Tortured Soulz, you are merely a stone in my path. Last week I destroyed Live for the second time and proved that I am The Franchise. I proved that I am the one man that can save BWO from the gutters. And this week I will prove that I can beat your ass east to west, south to north, and any other direction your striped ass can come up with!

---{Justin gets up, brushes dust off of himself and walks back to grave where Joe Jobber is buried. He stops and faces the camera again. He notices that Lil Person is still on the phone, so he decides to alk a little more.}---

[Justin]- Tortured Soulz, do you enjoy boring people into eternal slumber? Becuase that is all that your interview did. It was confusing, boring, and pointless. Not once did you stick to the topic of our match. I want you to, when you're watching this, take notes. And take them well. In fact, bring a pen and pad to the match and you can have your friends take notes while you get your ass whooped. As far as laughing goes? There will be none on your part becuase you will be sucking wind too much to laugh, nevermind breath. Tortured Soulz, I'll make sure you are never able to piss your pants again after Bomb. I will destroy you with authority and have fun doing it. Tortured Soulz, I don't give a damn about you and your corny nicknames, and your unoriginal stuff, becuase this is the shit right here. This, right here. Justin Sane. The Franchise. And Teusday I will pound that nto your odd-shaped heads. You wanna laugh go ahead, but it won't help. Becuase...


---{Justin looks around, sniffles, and then turns towards the limo. He walks over and Lil Person hangs up the phone. He opens it and takes a refreshing sip. Lil Person opens the door for the limo and gets in, followed by Justin. Joey the cameraman gets in as the camera fades to black...}---

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