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---{The camera fades in to show a field of dreams. The place young boys grow up yearning to get to. Legends Field. Thsi is the place where legends get their start. This is the pre season home of the 25 Time Champions New York Yankees. This place has seen such players as Donnie Baseball, Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Lou Gherig. And today, Justin Sane. The camera looks around to see the pitchers such as David COne and Roger Clemens warming up. People like Nick Johnson and Alfonso Soriano warming up taking ground balls. The cameraman walks to the dugout and to the tunnel. He begins to walk through the tunnel. On the wala are teams picture of their championship years and players who represent the spirit of The Yankee tradition of honor and respect. The cameraman finally gets to the locker room. He scrolls around and sees all the lockers of the Yankees such as Scott Brosius, Derek Jeter, and an empty locker with only a jersey the number 39 on it. This is Daryl Strawberry's locker. The camera then moves to the trainer's room and lying there on the table is Orlando Hernandez getting his shoulder iced. He turns around and sees nlone other then Justin Sane walk into the room. He stands there with a blue yankees bag hanging off his shoulder. He has on a yankees lightweight rugby and blue adidas windpants with Oakleys with a blue rim and 99 Jordans. He walks over to an empty locker and throws his bag into the locker. He looks up and smiles. He takes off his glasses and places them on a shelf in his locker. As he takes off his rugby, the camera fades.

When the camera fades back in justin is standing in a blue Yankees t-shirt with the NY logo in the top left and the classic pinstripe pants. He has the new blue Yankees hat with the interlocking white N & Y with the Yankees bat and logo on the side. It is a fitted cap and Justin slides it on. He smiles in approval and then throws on his sunglasses and grabs his fielding gloves, batting gloves, and bat. He smiles at El Duque who is sitting at his locker getting dressed himself and then waves to the trainer. Justin walks out the door and heads up the same hallyway as the previously mentioned greats. He looks ahead and sees a light that he has waited for. Justin begins to jog and walks through the light into the dugout. He places his bat in the proper holder and his batting gloves in his back pocket. He slides on his glove and walks up the steps. He breathes in slowly and smiles. He is greeted by Tino Martinez.}---

[Tino Martinez]- Hey Justin. You finally made it. It's only ---{Looks at watch}--- 12:00. You are like 3 hours late.

[Justin]- Calm down man. It's cool. It's not like I am trying out or anything.

[Tino Martinez]- Skip ain't gonna be hapy.

[Justin]- Skip this, skip that. Calm down man. You know if I was trying out, you'd be in trouble.

[Tino Martinez]- Yea...right. I taught you everything you know, and believe me it wasn't everything I know. So just cool down before your ego gets too big for the field.

[Justin]- Ok, ok. Anyways. Where is everyone? Where's Coney and Rog? Where's Derek and Bernie?

[Tino Martinez]- Well, Roger and Coney are over on the practice mound warming up with Jorge. As far as Derek and Bernie go, they are talking to the media. Joe [Torre] just finished and should be out here soon. They'll be out here before you know it.

[Justin]- Cool. Well, what do you want to do first? Woudl you rather me belt one out of the park and embarass you, or outrun you on the basepaths?

[Tino Martinez]- Outrun me? Yea right. You are on...Hey, Nick, Alf, clear out. Our friend here thinks he can outrun me.

[Justin]- Think? I KNOW that I can outrun you. So don't get your hopes up Senior.

---{Justin and Tino have a laugh and then each line up on oppostie sides of home plate. Justin is facing third and Tino is facing first. Alfonso[ALF] and Nick move into the shallow outfield and watch. Roger Celemns and David COne finish warming up and walk over to home plate. David decides he'll say go. Roger laughs. David stand on home plat and suddenly yells GO. Justin and Tino dart off. Justin rounds third and Tino turns first. Justin passes second and and passes Tino a little past second. Tino passes second and gets to third before Justin gets to first. Justin turns on the jets and they race down the sideline heading for home. Justin barely makes it and beats out Tino. They gasp for air, but quickly recouperate as Roger and David laugh in amusement.}---

[Justin]- See, I told you...I am so much faster than you.

[Tino Martinez]- Faster?...You barely beat me, and I slowed down becuase I wanted to be ready for when I embarass you in the cages. You are just lucky I'm over 30.

[Justin]- Whatever. Later man...Later. You have to wait your turn. Where is Joe anyway?

[Tino Martinez]- I dunno. that him?

---{Just then a man strolls through the doorway. teh glare fromt he sun blocks the players views. He comes into view and the person is seen. It is not, Joe Torre, not Derek Jeter, but rather the most talented person ont he feild besides Justin. It is Lil Person.}---

[Justin]- Hey man. Look who it is. You missed all the fun.

[Lil Person]- Ahhh man. I always miss the good stuff. Anyways, lemme guess. You challenged Tino to a race and barely on claiming that you blew him away, while Tino said that he was saving for the cages later.

[Tino Martinez]- Is it really getting that old and predictable?

[Lil Person]- You guys do this every year. AT least come up with ONE thing original.

[Justin]- Ahh...who needs new. I like what we do just fine. Besides, I have gotten used to whooping Tino every year at everything. Especially embarassing him in the cages.

[Tino Martinez]- Yea, yea. Enjoy all you want becuase this year is going to be different. You won't get a single hit off my pitcher this year.

[Justin]- Tino, out of all the years you have done this, you still haven't got a hit off the pitchers that I have picked. It seems Coney just shuts you down every year. But this year, I think I am going to be different. I think I will pick an old friend. Not a yankee, but still, and old friend.

[Tino Martinez]- Hey, that ain't fair.

[Justin]- What, You scared Tino?

[Tino Martinez]- NO...! You bring him on. Any day of the week. Me and this mystery guy of yours.

[Lil Person]- Tino, man...don't you get it. You can't win. The only guy able to beat Justin is Derek and Bernie.

[Tino Martinez]- Did it ever occur to you that I got better? I mean, I did have an entire season to improve.

[Justin]- Yea, well looking at the pre season so far and your stats last season, you haven't improved much.

[David Cone]- Hey man...that was low.

[Roger Clemens]- Yea Justin...Just becuase Tino couldn't outran a wounded cow and couldn't hit a broadside of a barn, doesn't mean you have to make fun of his pitifully low average.

[Tino Martinez]- Roger...I would keep quiet...your record wasn't too great last year either.

---{Justin and the group joke around some more and punch each other in the arm until a "round" man enters the field with some notes. He is Joe Torre. All the players straighten up as he walks over to them.}---

[Joe Torre]- Did I tell you ladies that you could joke around?

[Justin]- Joe.

[Joe Torre]- The correct answer is, "No, Skip sir!."

[Justin]- O...No, Skip Sir!

[Joe Torre]- I am just kidding around. Just calm down, Justin. So how's BWO treating ya?

[Justin]- It's good. I finally came back after a long absence.

[Tino Martinez]- That fits you perfectly. Skip...Is He ok to go?

[Joe Torre]- Huh?...O...Yea, he's good. In fact this will probably be fun for him. He doesn't know the magnitude of this rilvalry. I had Derek tell him to throw his best stuff. I want to see someoen finally stop this monster.

[Justin]- See Joe, I told you that you should have picked me up. But had to take Bernie Williams! Ha, I could beat him in my sleep.

[David Cone]- Yea, exactly. In your dreams.

[Roger Clemens]- So when's he getting out here? I'm getting impatient.

[Joe Torre]- He'll be out in 20 minutes or so. Let's see you bat against Justin's guy now. ready?

[David Cone]- You didn't hear? Justin's got a surprise for all of us.

[Justin]- Yep, and here he comes now.

---{Just then a very heavy set man appears int he doorway. Tino rolls his eyes and smiles. David and Roger in a pleasing type of shock. Joe Torre lights up. Justin and Lil Person just stand there and smile. He walks out into the light and the camera catches him. He is wearing Yankee pinstripes, the full jersey with his jersey open down two buttons with the jersey hanging open. He smiles and speaks.}---

[David Wells]- Hey, how come my locker ain't there anymore? You forgot about me already?

[Joe Torre]- DAVID! It's great to see you. I can't believe you are here.

[David Wells]- Well, ya know, Justin called me and told me he needed someone to shut down Tino again. I gladly accepted.

[Tino Martinez]- How come everyone is ragging on me today?

[Roger Clemens]- Well, strange to see you in the same uniform. Sorry it was you who had to go.

[David Wells]- O, no hard feelings. Don't worry about it. This is a buisness. I get to see you guys during Spring Training and the offseason and during road trips to New York.

[Justin]- Ok, ok. Enough chatter. I want to see Tino in action.

[David Wells]- This will be a piece of cake. You never could hit me during practice.

---{Justin and everyone have a good laugh as Tino walks to the batter's box and the cage is wheeled in. David walks up to the mound and is tossed a ball. He gets ready and they go at it as Justin speaks on his oppurtunity.}---

[Justin]- Well, well, well, finally, I, The Franchise, has come back to the BWO. Let's see last time I was here Berg had just returned and Fission was fired. It was interesting. Now, Faze is back, and Berg is in control after losing his Industry. Right now, The Lost Soul holds the World Title, Maelstrom holds the US Title, Scott Linx holds the IC Title, Stuck holds the Hardcore Title, and the Tag Titles are now vacant. The BWO seems to be up and running, but in my mind, it could still use a little nudge from The Franchise to get it going.

---{Justin stops to look up. Tino stops wand walks back and cleans his cleats. Justin asks how many and Coney tells him 5 out of 16. Justin smiles.}---

[Justin]- Is that the best you can do Tino? You are dead. Just like all who oppose me. Cuz you see, when The Franchise left BWO, he was a different man, a dark man. Now he is a new man. A perfect man. He is THE FRANCHISE. And all who dare throw caution into my face, shall face the consequences. Simply becuase...


---{Justin stops as Tino yells out 14 out of 50. Justin lauhgs. Tino then yells for his man to come out. El Duque steps out of the dugout and Justin smirks. Justn walks over to go get his bat. He stops and is handed it by Derek Jeter. Justin smiles and remarks "I'll get you later." Derek smiles and Justin puts ona helmet and then his gloves. He steps into the box and gets set. El Duque signals he is ready and Justin tells him to bring it on. El Duque delivers the first pitch and Justin smacks it out of the park. The cmarea fades as Tino is heard remarking "O SHIT. Here we go again..."}---

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