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welcome to final fantasy vii world :: gold edition


Last update: 02.13.01


You are Cloud Strife, mercenary and ex-member of SOLDIER, just hired by rebel group AVALANCHE, to help fight against your former company, Shin-Ra, Inc. With your new team of rag-tag warriors, you must try and stop Shin-Ra from using their Mako Reactors to suck the life of the Ancients right out of the planet.

Before long, however, your struggle against the corperation becomes much more, with the return of Sephiroth, the strongest and most powerful member of SOLDIER that ever lived. A new enemy resurrected from the dead through Jenova, Sephiroth has set out to find the promised land of supreme happiness. But willing to share it with no one but his mother, Jenova, Sephiroth decides that the only way to keep anyone else from getting it is to destroy the planet and everything in it..


This site is best viewed at screen size 600x800 and 16+bit color. Please modify if needed.


welcome to the new gold edition of final fantasy vii world. first things first. i would like to dedicate this gold edition site to all the final fantasy fans who have come and will come to this site. before you leave, please sign the guestbook so that you can become a part of one of the biggest final fantasy vii information sites on the web. in this new gold publication of final fantasy vii world, a few aspects have been added. some of these sectoins require contributions from the final fantasy fans themselves, and i ask that you give a little towards our additions. we have a new fan art section, a new awards section,an improved chatting system, and a message board system, so you can ask and answer questions among yourselves.


vote for me into any of these final fantasy top site lists. i really appreciate your support!!


i will only really ask one other thing of you, the viewer. that is to please not vandalize the public areas, like the chat room, the message board and the guestbook. i'm not the only one who sees these things, and many people find it offensive and disturbing, so keep it clean.


tell me how you like the new site!! comments and questions go here. or just sign the guestbook with your commentary...


yeah, yeah, i know. it's a pain to type, let alone memorize the address to thi site. ( so, here's something memorizable. (and not so long to type) . that's it. easy to remember, easy to type. sends you directly here...


NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS!!! dedicated only to final fantasy vii, not to personal stuff as well. all email, whether it is a question, or fan art, or even html help for your site, send them to FFMaster77. all questions comments, etc are welcomed.


if you have a site, and would like to become affiliated to final fantasy vii world, send your request here. your site will be reviewed, graded, and if it qualifies, (which most sites do) i will add it to the affiliations list. even if you are just starting the game, you can still at least begin a site in your free time, and improve as you progress in your journey. (building a site is a long learning process, however, so don't get discouraged) besides, i'm sort of in need for more affiliations, anyway. just send me your url, (or a link to your site) and your email address, and i'll get back to you in about a week, unless further notified.


if you have sent me an email over a week ago (from 11.24.00) then please send me another. my mailbox got deleted, and i don't have copies of all your email addresses. sorry about the inconvenience.


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