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Interview by Blacky

1. Who are the members of Wormhole and what do they play?

Deb's the vocalist, but also plays guitar, Filthy rich bastard…yes, I'm kidding…plays drums. Mary is the bassist, and Bud plays guitar.
Gee, can you guess whose picture is here? Oh come on, I know you guessed Wormhole!

2. If your not already, do you plan on signing on any labels?

Right now, we put out all our own material through Ripe Records, which is Debbie's label. We've been sending a lot of tapes out hoping someone will be interested in doing something with us. Personally, I wouldn't want to do anything with a major label but a good independent label, that's down to earth and in touch with the underground scene would be cool.

3.When was the band formed and by whom?

We'd all been familiar with one another for quite some time, through former bands. All of our old bands split up around the same time. So the four of us, eventually, teamed up in the summer of 1992, which was when Wormhole was formed officially.

4. What things of the music scene in PA do you dislike the most?

We don't really play in Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh too much, so I really don't know what it's like. We play most of our shows out of town like New York, Ohio, Chicago, West Virginia. But as far as Pittsburgh goes I think there is a lot more likes than dislikes. I think it's a very strong and friendly scene.

5.What do you like to do when not dealing with the band?

I work at Photo Lab which is pretty cool. If you have to have a full time job, it may as well be one you like! Other than that, I print shirts for local bands cheap, to help them out. Debbie takes care of the Ripe Records thing, which keeps her pretty busy on top of her other 2 jobs.

6. Describe the kind of music Wormhole plays?


I would, personally, like to thank Richie for this crazy interview! -Blacky