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Woman Beast

Interview by Lucifera

1.Tell us about yourself and why you chose the name WOMAN BEAST.
I am a Student of Occultism. A Satanist. A Psychic and Ceremonial Magician. I write to narrate Occult themes, (articles and stories), on audio cassettes. I am WOMAN BEAST.
"Woman Beast" implies that I’m part WOMAN and part BEAST. Woman Beast is a name that best expresses the dark side of my nature.

2.Tell us about your zine DARK AFFILIATE NEWSLETTER.
DARK AFFILIATE NEWSLETTER is predominately Satanic, although I’d print various other dark occult topics. The very ‘darkness’ within me is what inspired the birth of this project.

3.What was your motive behind the SATANIC SEX MAGICK tape and do you work alone on your projects?
I created SATANIC SEX MAGICK because many people in the Occult are interested in Sex Magick. ‘Satanic’ Sex Magic is but one small fragment of the many different types of Sex Magick in the Occult. Yes, all my audio recordings are both written and narrated by myself.

4.Which is your favorite audio project and why?
PROGRAMMING YOUR SPIRIT: USE YOUR DYNAMIC POWER! is my favorite, because it’s instruction is taking complete control of one’s own life and self.

5. What do you think of those who consider Satanism ‘weak’ and what would you tell them?
NONCONFORMITY. Those who view the Path as ‘weak’ have never walked it, know nothing of it, are not supposed to have the knowledge of it, and should really stop flapping their jaws about it.

6.What advice would you give others to advance in the Left Hand Path?
Self as Superior. If you don’t take control of your lives, someone else will. An increasing degree of intelligence balanced with self discipline.

7.Do you think there are few women of the Left Hand Path and which do you find the most honorable?
There are a lot of strong female leaders in the Left Hand Path Occultism. I’ll particularly give honor here to Blanche Barton; High Priestess of the Church of Satan. Not only for her own brilliant talent as a writer and authoritative Satanic voice, but for the many years she has stood along side the great Anton LaVey; High Priest of the Church of Satan.

8.What other hobbies hold your interest?
Communicating with other devilish people like Lucifera

9.Any last beastly words?
Be what you are. Not what others want you to be.