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Interview with Laura Christine of Warface
by Lucifera Elena

1. WARFACE! the band that says, "Show me Yours," I'm almost reluctant to ask. Show you what? hahaha. much as I'd like to keep that statement open... I have to admit, it's referring to your WARFACE! And I think we're going to start phasing out that statement. Is that statement in response to something you have read? No.

2. Tell us a little about Warface. Warface is a very unique and Extreme/Death metal three piece based out of Southern California. We have formed with the intention to pioneer metal forward as well as uphold and add to its traditions. We are influenced by a ton of bands everything from Slayer to Suffocation. The band is currently working on a new full length album to follow up the self titled WARFACE EP released in 2001. How and where did you guys meet and what made you decide to call yourselves Warface? Dave and I met years ago when I tried out for his old band. We met our drummer, Scott when he used to work at the studio we rehearse at. Our vocalist/bassist, Dave Smith came up with the band name. He had titled one of our songs, "Mask of Battle." And when asked what he meant by "Mask of Battle" he answered, "It's your WARFACE." And in that moment, the idea came to him to name the band Warface.

3. You are also nicknamed Smoke? Can you tell us a little about that? Does it have to do with your guitar playing style? Dave started calling me 'Smoke' years ago and it just stuck... actually, it didn't have to do with my guitar playing style.

4. Did you train as a guitarist or are you self-taught? Self-taught. What is your favorite guitar to play? I have two favorite guitars... my custom KXK Warface V and my neck thru nj series Warlock. I noticed you have your own custom line of KXK WARFACE V Guitars . How did this come about? KXK Guitars contacted me and one thing led to another.

5. What inspired you to pick up the guitar as opposed to any other instrument? I was kicking back in my bedroom one day listening to one of my parents records that had some guitar playing that really stood out and it totally grabbed me and in that instant I felt possesed the feeling that I must play guitar (and here I am almost fifteen years later still feeling possesed to play the guitar)!!

6. What bands did you grow up listening to? Actually, I grew up listening to just about every genre of music except metal. It wasn't until I was a senior in high school that I started becoming exposed to metal and I found it to be the most powerful music I'd ever heard. And which ones do you presently enjoy? I pretty much still enjoy and listen to All the bands that I grew up on.

7. You released a self-titled debut EP which is available on your website. What is you favorite song from that album and why? That's a tough one, because I absolutely love all the songs on that album. I'd probably have to go with "Mask of Battle" or "The Hunted" because of the type of emotions they evoke within me when I play them. Describe your musical style for those who haven't heard it... Our music has a lot of technical riffing and blasts, but never to the point that the music becomes indistinguisable or sterile feeling. We allow brutal chunk and grooves to flow and steam roll through. Each song is carefully written and crafted to ensure every aspect and detail of the music remains intensely powerful and moving to the metal audience and us. Kind of an old Sepultura/Slayer meets Cannibal Corpse/Morbid Angel style. ...and what do you feel distinguishes your style from other bands? On stage we interface with our audience on a personal level. We are able to deliver a powerful and raw energy that gets the metal audience off. We have a style of writing and playing that gives our music a very unique distinct sound. And it is not super common that you see a female pulling off all the guitar work in a death metal band.

8. Are you working on anything new, if so can we expect the same extreme metal style? Yes. We're currently writing on our new album and we're really excited about the new material... it is our same extreme metal style...just much more evolved and brutal!

9. You have played several shows in the California area. Any plans to tour the states? We plan on touring the states after our new album is out. What bands would you love to tour with? There are so many killer death/extreme metal bands out there that we would love to tour with.... Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel, Cannibal name only a few of so many.

10. There is a strong presence of women into metal in California. Do you find that encouraging? Absolutely! 11. Do you see a difference in the amount of women in the metal scene compared to when you started listening to metal? Yes. I definitely see a lot more women in extreme metal today then I did ten years ago. Do you see any different treatment towards women in metal? Only that I see women tend to get more attention at times or draw more attention to the band that they're in because they are a woman playing extreme metal.

12. Aside from Warface what do Dave, Scott and you do for fun? What other dark hobbies do you have? All of us are into a ton of different shit, however, we don't have much time outside of the music.

13. You have been part of the metal scene for thirteen years according to your biography. Did you try out for or were you in other bands? Yes, we all have a bit of history and come from other bands.

14. How does it make you feel when some guys say that women shouldn't play metal because it diminishes it. And how do would you feel hearing that from women too? My immediate thought and feeling would be that I would love for them to roll out to a Warface show!

15. Do you see a lot of women in the moshpit or headbanging at your shows? Yes! More and More.

16. What other merchandise can Endemoniada readers obtain at your website? Cds, Shirts, hats, & stickers.

17. You have a really kewl logo. Who designed it for you? Thank you. Scott, our drummer, drew the logo.

18. Any last words;) Thank you very much for the interview and support, Lucifera Elena and ENDEMONIADA WEBZINE!!! We really appreciate it! :) \m/