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Lack of Goth

Article by Tara Lavey

College music is a very sketchy genre. If you attend a city school, then your college music is the top 40 hits of today. However, for people stuck in school in upstate NY, like yours truly, college music gets a little hair.

The lack of gothic and industrial music in the college music system is overwhelming. When I attended the College Music Journal Conference back in October, I was appalled to see that out of all of the venues and shows being put on for us, there was only one gothic/industrial event and one metal event along with a metal party where they promoted new and upcoming metal bands.

Now back at my school, Alfred University, I am president of a musical diversity group to promote obscure genres (well here these are obscure) such as hard rock, metal, gothic, and industrial. Out of 300 students that I polled, only three people checked off the gothic/industrial box. But not as in current listeners or fans of the music, just to want to know more. I could only imagine how sheltered are these children that go here. Out of 2,000 students including grad students, I can only point out a group of 5 students that dress in the likes of Goth or metal. When approaching these students, it turns out they don’t even know what industrial is let alone Goth.

So what should we do? Students in other colleges like mine, Goths, metal heads, industrial heads…I encourage all of you to seek out others like you. There is comfort in knowing that there is someone there to talk with about an alternative life style especially so far away from civilization as I am. so go out, make a group, get a radio program, or just talk it up…but at least give me some comfort in knowing that it is only my school that are a bunch of narrow minded kiddies from white suburbia…and that there are some goth friendly people out there.