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All Female Tribute Bands

Female Cover Bands taking over!

By Lucifera Endemoniada (1/4/08)

There's a growing popularity of female rock and metal bands and among this uprising of female musicians we also find a group of gals who wanted to pay tribute to their those musicians they see as their heroes.

The best known of these bands: The Iron Maidens, they sound great, they look great…and yes…are they amazing…you bet!

Here is a brief description of a few all-female tribute bands. Enjoy and catch them live for a fun experience.

AC/DShe—Female Fronted AC/DC cover band from Melbourne, Australia. Their frontwoman calls herself Bonnie Scott.

AC/DShe-(1997/California, USA)-Yes there are two bands with the same name. The first ever all-girl AC/DC tribute band from. They cover Bon Scott-Era songs.
Members: Nici Riff Williams (bass), Agnes Young (lead guitar), Bonny Scott-Amelia Ward (lead vocals), Mallory Young (rhythm guitar), and Phyllis Rudd-Clementine (drums).

Black Diamond-(1997/Ohio, USA) The all female tribute to KISS, Kiss trademark make-up, costumes and all. Of course, Kiss is probably the most fun old school band to cover;)
Members: Goddess of Thunder (bass), Lady Starchild Shannon(guitar), Jendell (guitar), and Catwoman Tonya (drums)

Bathorlord—female-fronted tribute to BATHORY from Germany. Ms. Dark Desires, Jeanette has decided to pay tribute to a legend of the darker side of the metal scene.

Bitchfits—all-female Misfits tribute band from California (USA). They've got the looks and they make the Misfits sound so sensually sexy haha.

Cheap Chicks—from California (USA) the world's only all-female tribute to Cheap Tricks.

Girls, Girls, Girls (New York/USA)—The world's first all female Motley Crue cover band. How can I possibly not add this;) Motley Crue being an old favorite, I was surprised and happy to see some girls paying tribute to the Crue and keeping the sleaziness in their style.
Members are: Nikita Seis (bass), Vixen Neil (vocals), Tawny Lee (drums) and Mistress Mars (guitar).

Harptallica—from Louisiana (USA) two female harpists showing their own unique tribute to Metallica

Heartbreaker—Tribute to Pat Benatar from California (USA)

Holy Divah!—female-fronted tribute from California (USA) to Ronnie James Dio.

The Iron Maidens-from California (USA) world's only all-female Iron Maiden cover band

Judith Priest—female-fronted tribute to Judas Priest from Texas (USA)

Kisses—all female Kiss tribute band from California (USA)

Ladysmith—from California (USA) all girl tribute to Aerosmith

Lez Zeppelin—"all girls, all zeppelin", that's their headline this all-female Led Zeppelin cover band is from New York (USA).

The Little Dolls— from California (USA) All female Ozzy Osbourne cover band. This band Features members of Phantom Blue and the Iron Maidens.

Malice Cooper—female fronted tribute from Canada to Alice Cooper.

Mistress of Reality—from California (USA) world's only all-female tribute to Black Sabbath.

Queen Diamond-from Pennsylvania (USA) all-female tribute to King Diamond.

The Ramonas—from California (USA) four gals playing tribute to the Ramones.

SheRuption- from Georgia (USA) all-female tribute band to Van Halen

Thundherstruck—from California where else (USA) all-girl tribute to AC/DC.

Slaywhore—from New York (USA) an all-female Slayer tribute band. It's only natural that we get ladies covering heavier bands as time goes on.

Whole Lotta Rosies—from California (USA) all female AC/DC tribute band (yes, AC/DC has it good).

Zepparella—from California (USA) all-female Led Zepplin cover band. They don't try to dress like the band, they simply perform to their hearts content.