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Tragic Black

interview by SinKitten

Tragic Black is a death rock band based out of Salt Lake City. They have been around for four years, and as with any band, have had their fair share of troubles and better times. Here I got to ask Vision their singer a few questions to share with people who may have yet to hear of their music what Tragic Black is all about.

Can you give us a little bit of history about the band, members past and members present?
Vyle and I formed the band in 2000. We've been through a couple line up changes since then. It took some time and expierence looking for the right people to work with to make this band what it has grown to be now.
We released our first CD "Articulate Lacerations" in may of 2002. We also released a CD "Vatican Demonica" which had 7 tracks off articualte, 2 being exlusive versions.
We created those CD's under a different line up than we are in now, that line up was; Vision, Vyle and Toni. After it's release we added Stich to the band, and after going through some difficult times we removed Toni, and have since then created all new music. We're releasing "The Sixx Premonitions" e.p. July 11th, which will contain new songs featured in our upcoming full length album, and a new remix of one of our older songs.
This e.p. CD will be limited to 500 copies, as it is intended to be a premonition of the greater vision into our next full length album. We have 2 local CD Release shows scheduled for this e.p., along with a CD Release show at Release the Bats in Long Beach California, check our website for details.

How do you feel the line up has affected the music?
It's liberated us. We're creating music now in a more open enviorment so we feel a lot more comfortable expressing our ideas, and making our music sound how we want it to.
In the past we expierecend conflicts of intrest, which did give the songs diversity- which is good, but not when the enviorment it's created in is negative or stagnant.
Thats why we feel really positive when we leave the recording studio or practice space now, because we are able to write without anything holding us back!

Recently you played at Drop Dead LA and introduced some new songs, how do you feel was the crowds response to it?
It went really well, although our sound wasn't what it should of been. We didn't get a sound check so the first two songs got a bit distorted. When we played our new music at the Vampire Bizaar it was recieved well & sounded great, as well as our other recent shows in California have been. All of our fans have been telling us that they like the way we sound now as opposed to the way we sounded a year ago.

Without using labels, how would you describe your music?
It's a dark , energetic, thought provoking, political-spiritual, poetic, eclectic, decadent, imaginative, against the grain, psychoactive, artistic expressive soundscape.

Are CD's available now?
Not currently. Our first CD's are our of print. Although we are featured on several compilations you can purchase Now; New Dark Age Vol.1 & The Dark Arts Festival 2002 compilation, both can be purchased through via the music section of our website.

How has the support been amongst your scene?
The support has been pretty nice, we have fans worldwide who let us know they enjoy our music. It's really great to be appreciated and able to communicate with great people in this worldwide scene. We get offers and demands to play shows quite regularly, so I think our scene has been treating us quite well so far.

Whats in the future for Tragic Black?
After our e.p. comes out we're looking to release the full length CD on a record label, and start playing more shows here in the US, and start playing shows in Europe!

Any last words for the readers?
Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Be sure to check out Tragic Black's website, and download some of the available music.