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A Very Short Interview by Lucifera

1.What inspired your latest album A Deeper Kind Of Slumber? Tell us a little about each song.
Basically, every song is dealing with some subject, which is dying. Not really death, but more slow death, dying a bit from everything you see around you. Becoming numb and realizing that everything is just gonna get worse for everyday inspired the songwriting a lot.

2.Since you've developed musically into something other than metal, what do you consider your musical style? Do you still enjoy metal and do you still consider yourselves part of the metal genre?
I have no clue about what to call our music and I am really not interested in it either. I listen to music that sounds good in my ears. I really don't give a fuck about the labels.

3. How did the members of Tiamat come into agreement about your new look? What significance does it have for you? It seems rather tribal yet modern.
It was the result of some wall paint lying around. It has no meaning at all.

4.How did the fans react to you at Holland's Dynamo Festival?
It looked like 80,000 really liked it, 100 started a riot in the tent area and 20 journalists puked over it in the magazines.

5.Why did you guys swap bass players? It would be interesting to see you and Sundown tour together in the USA and swap bassists live.
Music is like soccer. Sometimes you change team.

6.Will you play songs from your older albums live? Can you imagine the diversity of your crowds if you play live in the USA!?
We still play older songs because we know that the people in the audience very often have different favorite songs. But to please ourselves we fuck them up a lot and make them sound really far away from the original.

7.My fanzines main theme is women of the underground scene. Can you recommend any female performers, artists, etc.? What do you think of bands such as Theater of Tragedy in comparison with Demonic Christ?
I have not heard the bands you're asking about. I'm at the moment doing a remix for Lacrimosa from Germany, mainly because I liked the vocals of the woman. Apart from that, I honestly don't know too much about it.

8.How do you feel about the Church of Satan in the USA and the death of it's founder Anton LaVey?
I think he was just a smart playboy abusing the name of Satan for his own greed. His views of Satanism always annoyed me big times and I think it is disgusting to see that his stupid church got so many followers. Devil worshiping has nothing to do with cocktail parties. Lucifer was the desolate one and therefore I don't think LaVey had a clue about real Satanism. (Ouch!-L)

9.What's your philosophical view of life?
To keep some things for myself.

10.Any last deep words?