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Interview by Xastur

1)What kind of training do you have, when it comes to your playing skills?
Iím a Julliard Art graduate violin virtuoso, graduated with honors, I was there for 6 years played at Carnegie Recital Hall, played international and all the U.S, won competitions all over the place, and after I decided that classical music was fucking dead, then I decided to update it through popular music, the most powerful popular music is metal, and thats why I went to metal. Combining the power and the viciousness of metal with the brilliance and the intellectual genius that is classical music. If you listen to one of my CDís say Guitar Goddess, its 7 fucking minutes of pure genius. Take does 7 minutes, I do more in 7 minutes than Mettalica has done on 30 CDís, o.k., thatís a fucking fact.

I am taking the power of brilliant composers like, Rossini, Beethoven, Wagner, Paginini, Iím taking these powerful brilliant composers and bringing them to idiots who donít listen to classical music, cause they thing classical music is fucking boring, o.k. CLASSICAL MUSIC ISNíT BORING, ITíS THOSE FUCKING COMPOSERS LIKE SERVINSKY, GLASS, CAGE THOSE KIND OF COMPOSERS THAT HAVE DECIDE THAT CLASSICAL MUSIC SHOULD BE MORE AND MORE BORING!!!

Back 200 years ago, it was a fucking entertainment , man. Two-hundred years ago Beethoven was trying to fucking entertain the shit out of the peole next door, just as much as I am. Now in my new music video Domanitrix which is out right now, and your readers out there, they can go to the website , they can download the video, theres a little clip of the video up on the website, they can also check out a lot of other goodies on the web site with tons of stuff. Theres a guest book where you get to go up and view and sign the guest book and interact with other Kat slaves around the world.......The music of the 21st century is gonna be fast its gonna be short, its gonna be powerful, its gonna be vicious, its gonna be cybergizing.

In one word its going to be CYBERSPEED. And not because the Great Kat says so, but because of one single thing, its called the computer. Its made my life faster, it will make yours. When you get on the computer your fucking thinking will go faster your business will go faster, everything will improve because people are on the information super highway. This is why the music in the year 2020 will be Cyberspeed.

2)If you could go back in time would you consider yourself a virtuoso of the Classical or the Romantic Period?
I would consider myself a virtuoso of the Cyberspeed period, because if I lived in that time Iíd be updating their fucking, slow moronic music as it was. See, the only really brilliant composers are the Classical and Romantic, say Classical Ė Mozart, say Romantic Ė Beethoven, say Baroque Ė Bach, see this people are all inovaters. Their the ones who established those rally strong art forms like Haydn, Mazart, Beethoven, Bach, o.k. their the ones. You have to be an innovator, its not just good enough to be a virtuoso.

3)Do you compare yourself to be like Paginini and Beethoven?
Well what I do is a combonation of Beethoven and Paginini in the way that Beethoven is because its powerful , its fuck you, its vicious, its rebellious and Paganini becuse its fast its virtuoso and its very technical. So its basically a combonation of both. Paganini was the first violin virtuoso to go from guitar to violin. Iím the first violin virtuoso to go from violin to guitar. And if you know anybody who can play as fast as the Great Kat, Iíd like to know. I dare them, cause their not going to do it. I play violin solos on the guitar, thats the difference. Thatís why anybody can pick up Saraset, violin waltz "Zigeunerweisen", first of all I blow you away on the guitar, second IíLL BLOW YOU AWAY ON THE VIOLIN!!

4)How you feel about women in the music scene?
The problem is, there are no women in the music scene. They wonít let one fucking powerful female come through. Once that powerful female comes through then the rest can follow. Thatís what Iíve been doing. Now after a couple of years that the assholes realized that the Great Kat is not going away, that I can actually kick their fucking little dickless ass, their getting upset because I wonít go away. Now theyíre giving in. Once that happens, then all the females can come by and start kicking ass.

5)Why did it take so long for your return? When did the CD rom come out?
The CD Rom came out two years ago. Iíve been waiting for these idiots to understand it because its too, the Bethoven on speed is 20 years ahead of them. Now that Iíve given them time, I donít have time anymore. NOW I WANT TO WAKE THEM UP!!! Iím only going to be doing one big show a year. This year Iím going to be headlinening in the Metal Fest in Chicago on Halloween. Itís gonna be fucking sick. There will be a live video of it by the way, released soon afterwards. (Available now)

6)Besides bein the worlds fastest female guitarist, what else do you like to do? (Big mistake)
Did you say female? WAKE UP!! Go ahead give me a guy, fuck the females they canít play sor shit, get me a fucking guy over here and if he can play faster then me Iíd like to see it. It wonít happen. I AM THE FASTEST GUITARRIST PERIOD!! Besides that you know what I do CYBERSIZE MY GREATNESS AND MY GENIUS ALL DAY LONG!!

7)What types of slaves are you looking for?
They have to have certain qualities: A) be a genius, B) want to get into the 21st Century, C) WANT TO ENERGIZE THEIR BRAIN AND WANT TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL, succesful people in the world. If they donít want that, donít bother.

8)Any last words?

Beethoven On Speed
Worship Me Or Die!
Guitar Goddess

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